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JUNE 2021

8,467 People, Including 3,283 Militants, Left Southerh Damascus Pocket Under Deal With Government

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8,467 People, Including 3,283 Militants, Left Southerh Damascus Pocket Under Deal With Government


8,467 people, including 3,283 members of militant groups, left the districts of Yelda, Babila, Sidi Mikdat and Beit Sahm in southern Damascus in the period between May 3 and May 10 in the framework of a reconsiliation agreement reached between the opposition and the Syrian government, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

According to the statement, the rest 5,184 people were members of the militants’ families.

The Russian Center added that Russian sappers had recently demined 19 houses in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta and four buildigs in the town of Rukheiba in eastern Qalamoun.

12 tones of humanitarian aid were delivered to Kafr Batna in the province of Rif Damascus and 2 tones of bread to people in the settlements of Deir Kak and Sheikh Fars in the province of Aleppo.

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Aheebwa patrick

So the God of Israel allows extra judicial killings, so who are the jews to be so special than any other creations of earth, let God come and explain this to the world that, the jews are free to kill anyone with out questions, am sick and tired of seeing people being killed by stupid thieves at the guise of self protection why? Tell me


The God of israel is Hitler-like. Torah is the Constitution and Talmud is the laws. israel is created like an ultra nationalist country. That’s why it works. Nazism works.

That’s why, israel hates nationalist countries : because in nationalist countries, jews can’t spread out and take over the country.

That’s why when Macron went to USA, he said that the ennemies are nationalists.

That’s why israel is the only country which can be ultra nationalist.

Jim E Swatton

Bravo you are right sir.


Of course, if Syrians were nationalists, it will have been impossible for USA and israel to put a finger in Syria. But, these syrians are fucking islamists and kurds are not syrians. So, no suprise.

I always laugh when people try to fighht zionism with so-called kindness, humanity, christianity or islam. It will never work because it has the reverse effect. Only nationalism and patriotism can fight zionism.


The Russians have helped Syria get a bunch of wins just by operating as a fairly trusted guarantor for deals. It would have been really hard for the Syrian government on its own to do anything but root out every single pocket the hard way, at the cost of lots of casualties and destruction.
And I’d be willing to bet that quite a few of the ones that go to Idlib have actually had enough and somehow never show up to join the fighters there.


So, what is the future ? Assad is denigrated in the media and have no weapons. Half of Syria is in hands of psycopatic murderers. Putin is old and will leave.

You can see. No future.


You’re not Serious! (Checks handle–oh, apparently you are)


President Erdogan slammed Trump’s warnings of sanctions on purchase of S-400 Air defence systems from Russia.

On the other hand Pakistan have detained the US diplomat the Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall in man slaughtering case. The Trump regime pressurized Pakistani government to release him but in vain. Today the US special aeroplane returned bake to Qatar after four hour wait at the Pakistan Noor Khan airport for taking Col. Joseph to Qatar. The Col. Joseph name is now on watch list because he is criminal in case of murder of Pakistani citizen.
The Pakistani government authority FIA have confiscated his Passport.

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