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JUNE 2023

80% of Poles Age 18-24 Support the  Return of EU Internal Border Controls

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A research, conducted by daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita shows that the majority of Poles aged 18 to 24  believe that the inter-EU border control should be imposed again and that the country should not accept refugees from the Middle East.

80% of Poles Age 18-24 Support the  Return of EU Internal Border Controls

The poll, conducted by Rzeczpospolita shows that 80% of the Poles aged 18 to 24 support the idea to return the inter-EU border control. Even more- around 84% of the asked believe that the accepting of refugees from the Middle East is a wrong policy.

On the whole, when asked whether the inter-EU control should be restored, 50% of the asked responded positively, 47% opposed. The survey conducted by the IBRiS polling agency found that the young generation from 18 to 34 are supporting the border control most actively.

Another survey, conducted by Onet.pl, Poland’s largest internet portal, earlies this year shows that 73% of the asked people believe that Poland should not accept any refugees in their country. Another 78% said that the fear of terrorism explains their reluctance towards the refugees.

This survey was conducted before the recent attacks in Bussels. Anti-refugee sentiment grew by 10 percentage points after the November 2015 Paris attacks, and is similarly expected to rise in the wake of Brussels, Onet.pl suggested.

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