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8 Turkish Servicemen Killed, 13 Injured In Afrin In One Day (Videos)

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On March 1, fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) repelled an attack by the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on their positions in the village of Blailek in the Rajo district northwest of the city of Afrin, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

The ANHA said that YPG fighters had killed three servicemembers of the Turkish Police special forces and several Turkish Army soldiers.

The YPG press also announced that YPG fighters had destroyed two vehicles of the Turkish Army and its proxies with ATGMs in the villages of Ali Bakki and Kunda in the Rajo district.

The Turkish General Staff acknowledged in two separate statements that eight Turkish Army soldiers had been killed and thirteen others were injured during the clashes with the YPG in Afrin area on March 1.

In response to the YPG’s attacks, warplanes and attack helicopters of the Turkish Air Force (TAF) had targeted several position of the YPG and the pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF) in the northern and western parts of the Afrin area.

The Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV reported that the over 18 NDF fighters were killed and three others were injured in a TAF airstrike that targeted their positions in the Sharan district north of Afrin city. Syrian pro-government sources said that 19 other NDF fighters had gone missing after the airstrikes.

Earlier, the Turkish Army and its proxies were able to capture the villages of Ceinke, Haydar, Kharab Suluq Rajo district. The Turkish Anadolu Agency also revealed that Turkey had deployed special forces of the Turkish Police and Gendarmerie in the western part of Afrin to boost its operations there.

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Malith David Maluk

It seems that Zu-23 anti-aorcrat sounding in the background has been obliterated by Turkish airstrike.


NDF is very stupid to die for YPG.

Assad has no strategy.

Malith David Maluk

Yeah, they need a formidable anti-aircraft system if they really want to face up to Turkish air force.


Assad must get rid off kurds. Of course, if you always help your ennemies and backstappers, at the end, you loose.

Assad always gives but get nothing back unless crap.


Assad must be a Christian or I don’t know. Surely, he belives in this crap : “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them.”

That shows you also that Americans are not christians because USA never turn the other cheek but create conspiracies in other to kill you.


Americans are definitely not Christian, the American founding fathers were almost all Freemasons, and if you study Freemasonry you will realize that it is nothing more than Zionism with the ultimate goal of rebuilding the Solomon Temple in Jerusalem. America was established from the beginning by Jew bankers to act as a Freemasonic battering ram for international Jewish capital.

The flag of the US is simply the flag of the old British East India Company which was the biggest monopoly of its time and a terrorist enterprise owned by Jewish capital.


Those who founded USA were thieves, criminals, freemasons and religious christian fundamentalists. They were persecuted in Britain because they were christian extremists. So, all these people find a way to express their criminal behaviours in the “new world”.

After that, secular jewish free-masons joined them.

After that, the gulf sunnis emirs joined them as well.

So, you have the four terrorist forces (judaism, sunnism, protestantism and the religion of “human rights” (the religion of free masons)). All these people have created a gang to rob people and rule the planet.


And than you wake up and your bed is very wet…


Looks like you speak from experience.

javid soltani

womens rush somuch

Ariel Cohen

This is a misguided assumption of what Jesus said. He was not talking about outright evil aggressive enemies, who should be flattened, but was talking about some a**h*le who is just plain stupid and unreasonably antagonistic. You have to realize that Assad has his hands tied with attacks and battles on every section of his territory and he just lacks to power to fight on every front. But when he has taken back his territory completely, you will see a much more aggressive reaction to any future Turkish incursion. The Russians have a famous quote: “He who tries to defend everything, loses everything” . .

Rita Munson

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Ariel Cohen

F**K Off. We are not interested Google or whoever you are…


Anha and ANF report over 56 killed yesterday in the two main clashes around Rajo and Jinderes, inclusdng several of the special forces. They also report a group of those forces were encircled, outcome unknown to me.

Lossess on all sides risng rapidly



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