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JUNE 2021

8 Romanian Servicemembers Injured In Suicide Bombing In Afghanistan’s Kandahar

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Eight Romanian military officers were seriously injured in two explosions in Kandahar region, Afghanistan on April 30, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense reported.

The explosions targeted Romanian troops convoy that had been patrolling the area. All the injured troops are reportedly in stable condition. They were taken to Kandahar Airfield’s hospital for treatment.

According to the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, the troops were operating under NATO’s multi-national Resolute Support mission. In August 2018, Romanians must finish the mission and return home.

Additionally, 11 madrassa students were killed in the Kandahar explosion, the Afghan news agency TOLO News reported quoting Kandahar media office deputy spokesman Matiullah.

The group responsible for the Kandahar bombing has not been identified yet.

The attack comes amid a double suicide bombing in Kabul where at least 25 people were killed and 45 others injured.

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tell the folks at home why nato is good for romania, will you.
tell the parents why their sons are fighting an AZ war will you.
tell their wives and children why killing afghanis is necessary for the survival of romania.
but first tell them where afghanistan is on the map, will you.


Not even Hitler brought the Romanians so far to the East.
They are some poor useful idy0ts there, near other many European contingents, like all troops sent by VASSAL NATO countries in that BS called NATO.
NATO? That is just a “Western Warsaw-Pact”, where Moscow is called now Washington.

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