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JULY 2020

‘7YO Girl Blogger from Aleppo’ Has Nothing to Do with Her Tweets (Video)


A video of an interview with Bana Alabed, the so-called ‘7 year old Twitter blogger from Aleppo’, has once again proved the fact that the girl has nothing to do with her Tweets.

‘7YO Girl Blogger from Aleppo’ Has Nothing to Do with Her Tweets (Video)

Bana Alabed, the so-called ‘7 year old Twitter blogger from Aleppo’ (Photo: twitter.com / walid970721)

Bana Alabed, the so-called ‘7 year old Twitter blogger from Aleppo’, who was spreading a pro-militant propaganda about the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, gave an interview to the Turkish Anadolu news agency. A video of the interview was published online.

The video shows Bana, sitting on the lap of her mother and telling about ‘terrible atrocities’ of Syrian soldiers, who, according to the girl, kill children in the city, and the Russian Aerospace Forces, bombing innocent civilians there. However, the footage clearly shows that in the most cases, Bana just does not know what to answer the questions of a journalist. The girl looks at her mother and the latter whispers ‘right answers’ in her ear. However, this fact did not prevent the news agency to publish the interview and tell its readers about ‘war crimes’ of the regime’s forces and Russians.

This fact just once again proves that the girl has nothing to do with her Tweets, which obviously was written by her mother, linked with local militants, who used her daughter like a tool of the propaganda.

Earlier, SouthFront told about the meeting of Bana and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who allegedly sent a special representative to Syria to take Bana and her family to Turkey.



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  • Vasiliy Bigusov

    where is the video?

    • VGA

      The video is there

  • Doom Sternz

    They were never in Aleppo, its quite obvious, they would of been in Turkey in the studio next to the white helmets.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The terrorists are losing the propaganda war too.

    • John Whitehot

      when propaganda loses, it’s because it faces the truth.

  • Cerys Davis

    Russia = Terrorism

    Its a double edge sword…that plane carrying the military band was probably brought down

    • John Whitehot

      lol sure.

    • LZT1

      Fuck off terrorist supporter

    • Bob

      Clueless idiot go back to CNN

  • John

    Why is this not a surprize?

  • mark123456

    LOL well that was subtle!!!!

  • goingbrokes

    The family get paid handsomely for each appearance. They do their best. As propaganda it is ridiculous, and psychological abuse of a child.

    • igybundy

      She was not in Aleppo and only came down for the shoots.

    • John Whitehot

      it’s enough for allahakbaring arabs and brainwashed westerners. Sometimes propaganda just needs to give people an excuse to stay ignorant, and children are the top subject in that logic.

  • Gary Sellars

    This shouldn’t be considered as “news”, simply a final confirmation of the fucking obvious. Her tweets were written by jihadi propagandists and distributed with her images. Western MSM pressitutes are no doubt aware of the truth (they are not actually stupid despite appearances) yet the feckless lying bastards don’t care and use her agitprop regardless.

  • naveen54

    And the oscar goes to…..

    • LZT1

      anyone other than Bana and family! :)

  • Hanny Benny
  • Sasha Smirnoff

    So, this is how Erdogan reconciles with Russia, by churning out yet more stories of Russian bombs and “regime” forces slaughtering children? Can not wait to see his duplicitous head removed from his carcass.

  • LZT1

    They were never in East Aleppo!

  • Joseph Scott

    These same Western governments who pay these people, run by the same Freemasons, used propaganda exactly this flimsy as ‘evidence’ in war crimes trials of SS officers at the end of the Second Qworld War, as a number of Allied military attorneys and at least one judge, along with Senator Joseph McCarthy (not the bad guy you’ve been told he was), bitterly complained about. Same old tricks, endlessly repeated, just like The Saker has noted repeatedly.