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78 Migrants and Crew Stranded On Cargo Vessel In Mediterranean

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78 Migrants and Crew Stranded On Cargo Vessel In Mediterranean

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On May 4th, several vessels took part in an operation, coordinated by the MRCC (Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre) of Italy, to rescue 121 migrants, heading towards the coast of Italy on several boats.

Among the migrants are citizens of Bangladesh, Morocco, Chad, Libya, Sudan.

Some of the migrants on the boat reached the shore, accompanied by the Pyxis Epsilon tanker.

Another 78 people were taken aboard the container ship Marina. Among the crew there are citizens of Ukraine. The Marina is a small vessel with just a 670 TEU capacity and a crew of 13.

In this regard, the stocks of food and water on board the vessel are coming to an end. To save money, the crew uses air conditioning condensate for technical purposes.

Predictably, Malta and Italy refuse to let the ship in and disembark rescued migrants, who may become violent towards crew any time. Crew of course, is absolutely unprepared to handle such kind of situation, such an extremity.

As such, there’s now a relatively large number of individuals from different countries stranded on a container ship, together with the crew, with supplies running low.

On May 6th it was reported that a knife fight broke out between migrant groups, with the crew taking no part in it.

As of midday on May 6th, Marina was drifting south off Lampedusa. Italy or Malta may at least send a Navy or Coast Guard ship, to control migrants and to provide most necessary items, such as food and water. However, nothing conclusive has been admitted.

According to the crew, the situation on board the ship has become critical, and it might descend into chaos with the knife fight, tensions running even higher, added by the fact that food and water supplies are running short.

A lawyer representing the ship’s owner told local media in Malta of the knife fight and the situation:

“The master advises that the situation is serious. There are only 13 crew members who are not experienced in search and rescue and 77 migrants. They do not have enough food and water to get them past the next 24 hours and six of the migrants require urgent medical attention. Neither do the crew have sufficient personal protective equipment for the migrants and the situation on board is now very difficult,” counsel Ann Fenech told Times of Malta.


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cechas vodobenikov

the consequences of US imperialism —destablizing civilized societies and then creating migrant crises that Europe is expected to solve

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Lesson learned? Sink the “migrant” invaders along with the “rescue” vessels.

Pave Way IV

“Please! No more knife fights onboard between rival gangs until you’re settled in Europe. Are you people savages?”

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