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74th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War – the Eastern Front Of World War 2




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  • antoun


    • Boris Kazlov

      Words of Russian national anthem: be glorious, our country.
      You are the light of the world.

  • peter mcloughlin

    The Russian people fought bravely and victoriously. Pray they do not see the like again. But ominously, the pattern of history predicts another world war in continental Europe.

    • Barba_Papa

      It was the Soviet people who fought bravely. Russia was only part of that army. Lets not forget the sacrifices of the peoples of all the other former Soviet republics as well.

      • Boris Kazlov

        Answer from Putin to question: would the war had been won without the contribution of non-Russian soviet people?.
        Yes, we are a nation of victors.
        Present military doctrine states that no more wars will be fought on Russian territory.
        My salute to Anatoly Kozlov, hero of the Soviet Union, pride of my family.

        • Barba_Papa

          Well, I for one am very grateful for the sacrifices of the Soviet people, without whom the Nazi’s would never have been beaten. Other then through nuclear assault.

  • paul ( original )

    In this piece they use the both the words Germany and Nazis in a sort of interchangeable way. Personally I prefer the word Germany is used There is a big tendency, in operation for years, to push the ‘blame’ away from the Germans onto just a subgroup and then to push the blame onto just one person.
    Also it has to be said that there were a lot of other nationalities fighting on the Eastern Front in addition to Germans.

  • erplus

    SF should have stressed the july41-sep41 smolensk red army “defeat” that slowed down by two months and de facto strategically defeated the wehrmacht.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Cringe and bluepilled.

  • paul ( original )

    It was a great victory and nothing should detract from that. But how well was the peace handled ? I personally have some doubts . For what its worth I think Stalin was far too trusting of the Western allies. Agreeing that Berlin should be administered by all four powers was a big mistake. Remember Berlin was deep in Soviet conquered territory. Berlin proved to be a constant thorn in the USSR’s side. Again for what it’s worth I think Berlin was the Achilles heel which many decades later was to be the initial fracture point which lead to the collapse of the USSR.

  • Marshalldoc

    Any chance of a transcript coming soon?