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70 ISIS Targets Destroyed Near Syria’s Jarablus by Turkish Battle Tanks

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Turkish battle tanks hit 70 ISIS targets in the vicinity of Jarablus, shooting over 200 projectiles.

70 ISIS Targets Destroyed Near Syria's Jarablus by Turkish Battle Tanks

An intensive offensive on the Islamic State (IS) terrorists is being carried out by Turkish battle tanks and the Air Force in the area of the Syrian city of Jarablus.

According to CNN Turk, citing military officials, over 200 projectiles were shot by Turkish battle tanks, hitting some 70 IS targets in the vicinity of Jarablus.

At the same time, 11 terrorist targets were struck by the Turkish Air Force’s F-16 jets. A group of Turkish special task forces had entered the Syrian territory earlier. According to military sources, the main purpose of the operation is to allow ‘moderate opposition’ to enter the area in order to free it from terrorists, as well as to ensure border security.

Earlier, Turkish authorities announced that the Turkish forces and US-led coalition aircraft have started a military operation to clear the Syrian border town of the Islamic State terrorists.

Shelling of the Islamic State positions in northern Syria close to Jarablus, near Aleppo, as well as shelling of positions of the Kurdish YPG were begun by the Turkish military on Monday. According to Turkey, the shelling of IS-controlled areas became a response to mortar fire from Jarablus, which was landed in the town of Karkamis in Gaziantep Province.

Turkish authorities have informed Russia on carrying out the operation to liberate the city of Jarablus of the terrorist organization, Turkish media reported. According to media, the operation may last 14 days.

As it was earlier reported, the Turkish Special Forces arrived in Syria during the operation aimed to liberate Jarablus. It was noted that the Turkish Army with the support of the international coalition has launched a military operation ‘to clean’ Jarablus of IS terrorists.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish Security Forces shelled facilities, controlled by IS terrorists, in the area of the city of Jarablus. Kurdish militias, who are based near the Syrian city of Manbij, also were under the blows of howitzers.

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I’ve never seen before in the history of the world an invasion of another country where the defending country was so helpless it could not even kill one invader. Wow.
Even when Stalin and the Soviet Beast invaded Iran and conquered the Iranian people.
Three Iranians defending the only bridge into Iran for days holding off two entire Soviet divisions and inflicting casualties among the Communist who invaded them before the Iranian defenders were killed.
The Communist were so moved by the Iranian Nationalist willing to die for their country, that the Soviet solders built a monument to them on the other side of the bridge after they had killed the Iranian Nationalist.

Brandon Thompson

SouthFront, so did the coalition take part or not?

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