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7-Hour Firefight In Moscow Suburbs (Videos)

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7-Hour Firefight In Moscow Suburbs (Videos)

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On March 30th, an armed man took a hostage inside his house in the Moscow suburbs and opened fire at security officers when they were trying to catch him on Tuesday.

According to the reports, a 61-year-old former businessman Vladimir Bardanov was suspected of possessing illegal weapons. When the security forces came to inspect the house, he opened fire. The man fought on his own with the special forces for 7 hours.

When the police entered the house and showed the documents to Bordanov’s wife, he immediately opened fire. According to local source, the shooter blew up the stairs to the second floor in his house so that the security forces would not get to him. He used various firearms and fired about 20 grenades.

The servicemen of various special forces of the Russian Rapid Deployment Police Task Force and Moscow police force Special Purpose Police Unit (former OMON ) were deployed. 7-hours battle against one man was conducted by the police Specialized Designation forces up to a company in total.

By an interesting coincidence, despite the Vladimir’s fierce defense, none of the law enforcement officers were killed. Probably the shooter deliberately did not seek to kill, and his actions were motivated by hopelessness and the fact that he decided not to surrender alive. Only one officer of the special forces was wounded in his leg during the assault on the building.

Thus, as the shooter did not seek to kill, but by his actions indicated his ultimate commitment to defense, the Russian special police forces tried to convince him to surrender to the last. His son was invited for negotiations, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

After the police failed assault attempts, they fired several shots from a grenade launcher at the house. After that he was proposed to surrender being in burning house, he refused. Later the shooter’s body was found dead.

The shooter’s house was like a small castle with its own zoo.

A tragedy that broke out in Moscow once again revealed the current problems of Russian society. This phenomenon used to be typical for the turbulent period of the post-Soviet 90s in Russia, when there was a widespread of illegal firearms and a low psychological barrier to its use. However, this incident is of a different nature than gangfights or regular shootings in US supermarkets or streets. Vladimir’s action is similar to behavior of the Dostoevsky’s characters, that is a mixture of rage and hopelessness, together with a peculiar unwillingness to irrevocably cross his own moral red lines.


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Potato Man

RT, “Russian man suspected of arms trafficking traps family inside house & opens fire on cops after police come to search property”
“Moscow region police. “At that moment, from the window of the house, the man opened fire with an automatic weapon and threw two grenades.”
“TASS news agency revealed that the man set off an explosion, starting a fire inside the property.”



Frankly, Russia is now #1 CIA and NATO destabilization target. Bill Burns the new CIA head who is a self described “expert” at finding Russian weaknesses has openly said the “we will fight Russia on its on soil”. Ukraine, Turkey and Poland are now the main staging areas for Russian destabilization and terrorism. The “opposition” in Russia is now being armed to wage a terror campaign. They failed in China and Iran as they are more homogeneous, but the US thinks that Russia is weak and vulnerable as there is massive Jew infestation, so the money and guns are being channeled via the Jew oligarchs and 5th column. The FSM really needs to vet the Jews in Russia and also the NGO, western businessmen, academics, students, journalists and every type of cover you can think off.

Band Itkoitko

Interesting thought. However, “For they sow wind, and they harvest a storm.” My observations confirm that anticipation of a storm these days.

Best of luck to every delusional person who sees that as Russian weakness. The fight will not be on Russian soil.


this might be a premature terrorist attack and with premature i mean that this guy might have had not enough time which is better than him having had the time to do serious damage


this is why russia should cooperate with iran and china against plots of the west to counter these threats before they are festering in russia and now its really up to see who this person was connected to and which intelligence service tried to bloody its hands on russia


russia should be immensely discrete on its investigations

Fog of War

comment image

Fog of War

” The man fought on his own with the special forces for 7 hours. ”

Who was he freaking Rambo ?

Frank G

police were negotiating and he had hostages, not unusual.

Frank G

arms dealers are in most all countries, the author is trying to blame russia for this or that is unique to only russia


Frankly, we think alike Frank. Russia is now considered a vulnerable prime target for CIA and NATO destabilization. The Jews in Russia are the 5th column. There is a whole Russian “democratization center” located at a US base on the outskirts of Warsaw now. Believe me, they are not printing how to vote cards there.

Rhodium 10

Senile dementia and weapons = explosive coctail.


Are you talking about Biden?

Rhodium 10


Ivan Freely

I take the police did not know the mental state of this guy. If they did then the police should have waited and arrested him while he was outside.

Diana Cornwell


Keep painting Putin’s drab anti-Christian dictatorship as a paradise to be embraced with open arms.

Putin is islamizing Russia whilst pretending to be a champion for Christianity. Putin just had thousands of Christians murdered in Armenia and gave away their lands to the vile Turkish Muslim terrorists.

I’ve seen many Russians who emigrated to America. Never seen the opposite occur.

Enough said.

Potato Man

Why Russia had to send their soldiers in frontline to fight for the people of Armenia that doesn’t want any Russian in their country?
Did you forgot all about anti-Russian protest in Armenia…
Armenia/Pashinyan shake hands of EU/NATO in hope for better life and what EU did to help Armenia? Fuk all and they still don’t want to help Armenia but guess which country help Armenia again…

Stop bitching about Russia…when your country did nothing to help them, not a fuking word even the whole time.

Diana Cornwell

You are lying.

No one asked for Russian soldiers to fight.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

How is the Global Britain power projection going Diana without a viable army, air force or navy? (relying upon fairy tales still)

Diana Cornwell

Some idiots still think that there are different sides?

It’s the ruling classes the world over against their own peoples, troll.

The only casualty in this war is the truth.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Did I ever suggest I was on the side of the Westablishment, Trollope?

Diana Cornwell

There is only ONE establishment and you work for them.

R Gfy

Not the World just the WEST

Potato Man

“No one asked for Russian soldiers to fight.”
Pashinyan asked Putin to stop Azer and it was Russia that broke the ceasefire/s between Azer and Arme. If it wasn’t for Russia there wouldn’t be country could Armenia as Turkey+Zion+EU+Azer were looking for new place to send their terrorists groups to be near Russia.
Also they are still Russia soldiers in N-K stopping Azer doing anything stupid.

Please go on and tell me what the fuk EU and NATO did?
Where are all Pashinyan gay friends from EU?
None of them help him, Armenia used Russia and attacked Russia and Russian still help Armenia not getting….
You know what troll go away.

Diana Cornwell

Did Russians sell fighter jets to Azerbaijan WITHOUT missiles, like they did to Armenia which is supposed to be their ally?

Case closed.

R Gfy

Feeling righteous? Long ago the USA was a Christian nation now it is a Banana Republic without free elections. ONLY 3 nations in the world allow the murder of babies at nine months of gestation. It’s not Russia, Iran or Syria. It is the good old USA killing their own children. Is that goods work?
You’re a Hypocrite.


You are wrong on one point. The U.S.A. was NEVER a Christian nation. Also our Constitution did not create a free state.

Democracy does not mean freedom, which should be evident to any thinking person who looks at the U.S today. And the 1st Amendment plainly eliminates God from government and that is why the fruit that the U.S. is bearing today is so totally rotten.

Judge the tree by it’s fruit. We were sold bad seed, a lie, a deception.

R Gfy

Armenia was attacked with Israeli weapons not Russian weapons.

Sol Invictus


You are the only troll here, a lame loser spamming random russophobic nonsense for months, with fake name and flag, zillion fake accounts, fake nationality and even fake gender (actually, you are a transgender).

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Just imagine the problems America will have when they attempt to seize weapons…
Perhaps this was a timely live simulation of what might be and to come inside of America under the Biden-Harris national socialist junta?

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