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He Did Incite “Racial Hatred”!?

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He Did Incite "Racial Hatred"!?

Last week, on Wednesday night, Matthew Doyle, 46, was arrested in Croydon on suspicion of inciting racial hatred via social media.

London man was arrested after posting a tweet.

The tweet read: “I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘Nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply.”

The tweet is puzzling, but the arrest of Mr. Doyle is puzzling at a double rate. Does this arrest indicate that the same sayings meant skepticism or critical perception or only talking nonsense are under criminal prosecution in Britain? Has the situation been escalated in the UK to such an extent that the usual stupidity causes such a reaction of the authorities?

Police would not confirm whether the arrest relates to the tweet which went viral or to other statements on social media posted by the same user.

Later,  said Mr Doyle had been taken to hospital “as a precaution”, after he “expressed concerns for his health”.

He Did Incite "Racial Hatred"!?

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Elaine Ossipov

~~whoa~~ no wonder twitter is getting quiet.


Anyone who does even the least thing to thwart the globalist plan for the destruction of all culture must pay the price, and stand as an example to others who would foolishly block the way of “progress”.


What an duchebag.
If I walked up to an white christian and screamed about children been slaughtered with drones, “smart bombs”, terrorgroups spouncored by your gov, land layed in ruins and people sent back to the stone age, children burned alive, by your airforce, and christian soilders have killed millions, millions upon millions, no other religion is even close.

What would the answer be, huh.
This is the acts of an mentaly retard person whom prodjects His perverted reality upon others and political coward to. aka an fullblown creep.

I have asked for any truth, anything that is genuine in the teachings of Allah where He sayes its Ok to headchopp anyone if you think so
Anyone, come on.

Of course not, but the propaganda, and whats been “cutted and paisted” to fitt some obscure freeks perspetions is been hammered upon an people that is preocupyed with pron and beer.
Yea, what could possibly go wrong, and Google of course, their best propaganda tool ever.
Il have to admitt that.

Why on earth sould I apologize for what OTHERS do, so far I havent induced in any way, intentional, and why on earth is an muslim, whom lives in another country oblige to aplologize.
Whe have debated the cause, the fundament and the eftermath of the creation of the kingdom of the Saudis, if you dont understand that You have a propblem, and the western powers incestious relation ship with an insane gov.
And on topp of it, mekka and medina.



If you did that, nobody would lock you up because of that. Things are really biased in favour of minorities.


He makes great points…why ignore that ?


I am not ignoring anything. Come anywhere to western europe and see it yourself. The indigenous population have less rights than invaders.


Oh sure..


Oh sure? Do some google search if you can’t afford travelling. Islimic invaders can commit crime freely in Europe.

One of the terrorsits who commited the Brussels attack robbed a bank, shot a policeman with an AK-47. That was in 2010. In less than six years, he was out of prison, planned and executed a terror attack.

In Sweden, an Islamist immigrant who raped and brutally beaten a young woman, got 6 months community service.

I could carry on with endless cases like this. If you are interested just google the matter. But I know you won’t do it, because that would break apart your dream world of vulnerable refugees who just want a better life :D


Blah blah blah…..more hype and nonsense…..


Great points….?


Go ahead eat some mnms candys

Monte George Jr

If 10% of Jews are Zionist extremists (Chabad, Lubavitcher, etc), should we restrict immigration of Jews? Just asking.

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