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MARCH 2021

63,740 Civilians Returned To Eastern Ghouta. Demining Is Ongoing In Douma


63,740 Civilians Returned To Eastern Ghouta. Demining Is Ongoing In Douma

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: AFP 2018 / Louai Beshara

64,740 civilians have returned to their homes in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta liberated from militants, according to the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria.

“Thanks to comprehensive efforts, 63,740 residents of Eastern Ghouta have returned to their homes from camps for refugees and temporarily displaced persons,” Major General Yuri Yevtushenko, the center’s chief, announced on May 2.

Major General Yevtushenko added that Russia is contributing efforts to improve the humanitarian situation and security in the liberated areas.

“Representatives of the Russian reconciliation center held a working meeting with the head and police chief of Nashabiya, listing housing facilities and road infrastructure which are to be rebuilt first,” he said.

Separately, the operation to clear the town of Douma from IEDs and land mines is also ongoing.

“Efforts to demine the city are underway. To date, Syrian sappers have found and deactivated 1,200 landmines, 1.5 tonnes of explosives and 4,000 improvised explosive devices. It will take up to three months to fully demine the city,” the center’s spokesman said in a statement on the same day.

According to the statement, Syrian sappers find 200-250 mines and IEDs every day. The center estimates that the demining operation in Douma will take up to 3 months.

The town of Douma has become widely known in the mainstream media because of the April 7 incident when a chemical attack allegedly took place there. The US, the UK and France used the incident to accuse the Syrian government and to justify a joint missile strike on Syria, which was carried out on April 14.

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