61 ISIS Members Killed In Clashes In Philippines’ Marawi (Photos, Videos)


Philippines troops, backed by warplanes and attack helicopters, have continued struggling to retake the city of Marawi seized by ISIS terrorists earlier this month.

According to a statement from the Armed Forces, some 61 terrorists have been killed in clashes with the army so far. The military added that 15 servicemen (army and police) have been killed and 39 others have been wounded.

Furthermore, according to media reports, over 120 civilians have been killed as result of the ongoing clashes.

A vehicle with alleged bodies of the killed soldiers:

An army helicopter in the area:

Photos show an alleged aftermath of the airstrikes:

61 ISIS Members Killed In Clashes In Philippines' Marawi (Photos, Videos) 61 ISIS Members Killed In Clashes In Philippines' Marawi (Photos, Videos) 61 ISIS Members Killed In Clashes In Philippines' Marawi (Photos, Videos)



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  • Russell A Wilson

    New business enterprise for US navy running a ferry service from Syria and Iraq to Phillipines ISIS are first class passengers. Any Ideas how else they got here in such numberss to take over a city with a population of over 200,000. 7 seven US military installations in the Philpines and there is a problem with ISIS there!!!. I suppose the US media will say it is Russia who brought there when the Phillipines was visited by a Russian warship recently.

    • MeMadMax

      We haven’t had a military presence in the Philippines since 1992…

      • svenne svensk

        This country like manny other also has a Muslim population and it is the way that some Muslim country’s preach that is the way how to create isis or others with the same mind of Islam. You have the Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, Somalia, Libya and manny more. What needs to be done is to forbidden the whabbism that is a way how to preach the Islam and is an old way from the year 700 and it is to extreme and violent the sharia laws are also in this way of preaching. We have reform our christian religion think if we would live after the same rules and punishment like the first testament bible.

      • Russell A Wilson

        Get your head out of the sand and remove your rose coloured glasses

        • MeMadMax


  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    This is the Philippines fault. First thousands of their citizens go to Syria to rape pillage and plunder the Syrian people, and the Philippines never once said I am sorry, or delivered advanced weapons to the SAA to fight them, or send 1,000 Filipino solders to go help the Syrian people.
    Now the devil has returned home to roost and nest.
    The Philippines watched and did nothing, now they will eat their own support of Zionism. It is a deadly poison, they have taken it, and now it will take its rightful toll.

    • Ilies Bekhtaoui

      Isis memebers are from every country in the world . Why don t you take arms abs go kill your part you little hypocrite. Isis philipinos arent philipins problem . But a serten religion is

    • Rodger

      This is exactly what they want. Finally they have an internationally accepted reason to crush the Islamists there. I’m sure they will take their time rooting it out and generate a refugee wave towards Malaysia and Indonesia.