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JUNE 2023

60 ISIS Terrorists Eliminated In Iraqi Airstrikes On Hamrin Mountains

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60 ISIS Terrorists Eliminated In Iraqi Airstrikes On Hamrin Mountains

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On April 7, the Iraqi military announced that 60 terrorists of ISIS were eliminated in a recent wave of airstrikes on the country’s northern region.

The airstrikes were carried out by F-16 warplanes of the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) on March 25. The airstrikes destroyed a network of tunnels and dens in the Hamrin Mountains, which are located along the administrative border between the provinces of Saladin and Kirkuk.

According to a spokesman for the Iraqi Commander-in-Chief, ISIS cells used the targeted tunnels and dens in Hamrin as hideouts.

The spokesman, Yehia al-Rasool, said that information provided by the military’s Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) was behind the successful airstrikes. CTS units tracked ISIS terrorists in the Hamrin Mountains for a while which led to the discovery of the hideouts.

“Today we confirm that these airstrikes resulted in the killing of 60 terrorists of ISIS remnants,” al-Rasool said in a statement.

Hamrin Mountains is a known stronghold of ISIS cells. From there, the terrorists launch attacks in Saladin, Kirkuk and other parts of northern Iraq.

The IQAF stepped up its combat operations against ISIS cells in the last few weeks. Heavy losses were inflicted on the terrorist group. Nevertheless, the group’s cells are still operating in the northern and western regions of Iraq.


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klove and light

Nevertheless, the group’s cells are still operating in the northern and western regions of Iraq.

sweet zionist propaganda…… there never was a so called ISIS “terror group”………

it is a british/zionist operation from A to Z.

and as I wrote here often already…….”ISIS” operations will end, the day when iraqi occupation ends. And that day will NEVER COME….unless the iraqis beat them at warfare.-see vietnam…

everything else is just the usual british zionist propaganda……..as proven with the worthless iraqi parlament vote in 2020 that ALL foreign troops must leave…..well why didint they? because nobody made them to leave…….. the same also counts 100% in syria…….. as long as the syrian armed forces are not prepared to fight AGAINST the invaders and occupiers, nothing will change..absolutley nothing ….as proven in the last years in syria…..the invading and occupation forces of NATO-foremost turkey and USA, have ALL the time and FREEDOM to do as they please.Absolutley ridiculous and pathetic………just try to think as an american soldier or a turkish soldier…..this invasion adn occupation is more like a picknick than warfare for these occupying forces…….and who fights?

the dummies…….HTS block with the backing of turkey against SAA

turkish islamist block with the backing of turkey gainst SDF

and the OWNER of the country..the SAA (syrian arab army)……

it wont attack HTS in idlib or afrin it wont attack SDF it wont attack TAF (turkish armed forces) it wont attack US forces

well boys….maybe nobody told you yet….. but you aint gonna win a war and kick the invading and occupying forces out unless you fight them.

and this brings me to my favorite treacherous zionist pig. PUTIN. and i think the following phrase/sentence from myself captures the ridiculous path of putins actions in syria perfectly and most important truthfully.

ONLY a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous zionist pig could come up with the idea and to the conclusion, that an invasion and occupation of syrian land by their arch enemy turkey would benefit the legitimate government of assad.

putin you treachebgt5fv4rous zionist pig!


The US has announced that its withdrawing all combat forces from Iraq. So by default Syrian NE too. Check the news.


What makes you think russia can’t,soros proud? Get of the gender change tabs rant,either way you and all your fake mates are doomed if anything because each time you got bitchslapped by the truth,makes you comment rant even more pathedic than ever been,putin it mildly, optics are the relevance not lieing+sin!

Cia/soros fascist nazi trolls got no place to go,may run but the truth will catch up with you and then devour towards self exztinctions in awake,next time trollops lie about the more prudent orthodoxy statesmen,get off fekn sex change gender tabs truth assasins: Puns not intentional,however I will defend the righteous man when not present:

Have a nice day:

Cheryl Brandon


Jens Holm

None will blame the Russians for it, if its true.

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