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60 Azerbaijani ISIS Members Return from Syria to fight in Karabakh – Report

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About 60 militants have reportedly returned to Azerbaijan through Turkey.

60 Azerbaijani ISIS Members Return from Syria to fight in Karabakh - Report

50-70 ISIS members, Azerbaijani nationals, have leaved the ISIS-controlled Syrian city of Raqqa in order to participate in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Russian TV-channel Lifenews reported on April 4 citing an anonymous military source.

The report argues that the militants arrived in Azerbaijan through Turkey.

According to the Azerbaijani government, some 100 citizens of the country have died during the war in Syria.

We remember on April 2, the Azerbaijani forces started military actions against the self-proclamed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (indeed, a province of Armenia).

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Ferhad Aliyev

What the stupid fucker writed this article? i laughing at loud. İSİD? Azerbijan? are you fucking kiddin me? :D with armenians are fighting only 18-23 age soliders wich where i army service actually. Azerbaijan not even assembled his forces in reserve. Your armenian forces are just sucks that is why you are losing))


1. Before you try to talk down on someone else I would highly recommend learning proper grammar so you are not making an ass out of yourself, and are able to clearly communicate your thoughts.

2. Those 18-23yr old soldiers while completely blindsided by the attack and were able to shoot down combat helicopters, several tanks and drones.

3. Azerbaijan had to agree to a ceasefire in 1994 because they were loosing the war and were unable to continue with the battle. 4. This is the largest attack Azerbaijan has done in the past 22 years and they were only able to breach a few meters in only two small regions, lost more resources and took more casualties. All of the statements above completely discredit your theory that Karabakh is losing so if I was you I would not be “laughing at loud” just yet. Also just a side note considering you are from Azerbaijan- your countryman are dying trying to regain land that belongs to and completely inhabited by Armenians and was only given to Azerbaijan by Stalin for his own selfish agenda.


Indeed. Azerbaijan gained nothing. They are in the process of hiding casualties from the public but that cannot last.


100% true

Ferhad Aliyev

1. This article is not so important and serious that i have to be follow the rules of grammar. so i am writing as whatever i want 2. That is war. Everybody loose something maybe you have been desinformated by your goverement so you can watch the videos on youtube. What u have besides one shooted helicopter? 3. Azerbaijan was defeated by russian army in 1994 so do not take over their actions (the army that do it in Baku 20 january of 1990). Everybody knows that even 6 year old child. 4. This is a largest attack in past 22 years because of we agreeded to a ceasefire due this time. But this was over last month. so if our country not come to one point of solving the problem by peace as it goes to war. And please listen to yours generals reports. This was not a combat reconnoitre. I know you have not imagine what that is.)) so if will be fully attack all your forces would be downed by the bombing due few days without a pause.

About your last comment. Read the history not only writed in your books which is more fantastic than Harry Potters life)) We are not dying we already approved that this lands in Council of Europe, NATO, UN and others international organisations and they have desicions that Armenians have to leave Azerbaijan lands what your goverement dont want to do. So if we cant resolve this problem with peace we will go with army on you. and all world countrys would be in our side what you sawed last days. Your govrement choosed to bring your nation death and we will do that not only bring back our lands but revenge to Xodjali, Kalbadjar and other genochides that you did. Good luck to you. You will need that.

Dale Alberts

Can’t resolve with peace, then go to war? I hope the U.S. doesn’t give a red cent of my hard earned money to you. Many in America support the use of nukes to stop the Nazi’s in Ukraine/Azerbaijan and the islamic barbarians, do you understand that? The elites will use Azerbaijan and throw her to the floor like a used condom, watch what you wish for Ferhad.


Last war Azerbedjan hired 3000 Afghan Mujadheen and 300 Chechen grey wolves also 350 turkish officers. Most of them died, just remember everytime your society tells you you won that war, explain me why we are in charge and holidin Nagorno? I just received information from deep web and shadow web that Azerbedjan lost 2000 men 25 tanks 2 heli’s and 14 drones also 5 AFV… Armenia lost 29 soldiers and 28 are captured and 14 tanks. So don’t laugh to soon, this time our target is baku.


Hey pig your name is aliyev can u at least be a little discreet so at least can come across as unbiased. What a deushe. Lol


Lol those armenian 18 or 23 years old soldiers fuck azeries freaking asses. You mother fuckers are in dream I guess, Wake up. And remember, we are one of the the most peaceful nations in the world if not the first and still, we will manage to fuck ur asses. Like we always do. ;)


The timing of the heavy attacks on the Republic of Nakorno-Karabakh which has claimed the lives of innocent civilians coincides with many issues in the domestic politics of Azerbaijan. Such crimes reflect nothing but the brutal dictator Ilham Aliyev’s hunger for power. This oil-loving dictator has multibillion dollar accounts in offshore territories as befits any notorious dictator.


Serious issue and can be a game changer. Not only is there the NK conflict, but Armenia is 100% Christian nation.

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Random guy

“anonymous military source”? ok.

Random guy

“anonymous military source”?

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