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6 Russian Private Military Contractors Died In Deir Ezzor Province: Russian Opposition Media

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6 Russian Private Military Contractors Died In Deir Ezzor Province: Russian Opposition Media

A photo of the ISIS Hunters of the 5th Assault Corps

11 people, including 6 Russian private military contractors, died as a result of explosion in a former building of Syrian police in the province of Deir Ezzor on November 4, the Russian media outlet Novayagazeta reported on November 5 citing “own source”. According to the report, the five other persons killed in the incident are members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Novayagazeta also stated “citing own source” that units of the SAA’s 5th Assault Corps are deplyoed in the same place but failed to provide an exact location or further details of the incident.

The speculations released by Novayagazeta are the continuation of the story started last weekend when a number of Syrian pro-miltiant media outlets claimed that the blast hit a “HQ” of the Russian military near the Panorama checkpoint southwest of Deir Ezzor city killing at least 5 Russian fighters. The aforementioned “HQ” was reportedly located near barracks of the 5th Assault Corps, units of which are deployed there.

It’s interesting to note that Novayagazeta argued that the incident took place on November 4. This is the date when reports about the alleged explosion surfaced, but not the date when the alleged incident took place according to initial version. So, most likely, Novayagazeta just repeated these rumors claiming that it has some “source” in an attempt to make the report more “solid”.

In both cases, the main argument designed to confirm “Russian casualties” were that the 5th Assault Corps is well known to be a Russian-backed formation. it’s worth to note that pro-governemnt sources say that there was not blast near any “HQ” and that the SAA just detonated IEDs, which had been earlier removed from the liberated areas.

In any case, the developing story is another example how rumors are being spreaded by media, which refer various “anonymous informed sources” to make them more reliable.

Another story of this kind started in February 2018 and involved “hundreeds” of Russian casualties, which have appeared to be never confirmed.

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John Whitehot

darn, all these inkwasters that were there for the casualties.
they were so eager to get into “afghanistan ’80” narratives.

now it’s time to invent them (the casualties), otherwise all those zionist/ragheaded sheiks that put their money into the business are going to be disappointed.

and evil Putin not acknowledging invented casualties. gosh, darn.

Brother Ma

Only real quagmires I know were Vietnam,Iraq ,Libya,Afghanistan2000s and Syria. When will Uncle Sam learn? I know ? Never! Because the puppeteers simply do not care and do not wear the costs.

John Whitehot

where o’ where is John Rambo when you need him !!??

Rob G

When i see news like this… I see the NWO/GWO jus getting crushed!

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that right. Happy to see that.

The Interrogator

Syria should issue emergency travel documents to The Interrogator, enabling him to investigate and report on this and other subjects; the American public will only believe a report, such-as-this, from an American.


If you are serious, contact ’21CenturyWire’, they have two female reporters on staff, both have been there and back several times. One is British, the other Canadian, they might give you some info.


He is joking.

H Eccles

This is payback from Israel for supplying Syria with the S300..

Manuel Flores Escobar

This is fake news!..could be some PMC Wagner death in east Homs as consecuence of clashed vs ISIS…but not IED attacks inside Deir ezzor!


Most likely contractors hit by a US airstrike supporting the headchoppers. US and its terrorist proxies are facing real problems in Eastern Euphrates valley as Iraqi popular mobilization forces are sealing off the pocket from the east and SAA advancing on a broad front from Palmyra.US and Zionists are desperate for their pet headchoppers to survive. Russia needs to start a major ground missile and air campaign in the Dier Azzor region.

Hisham Saber

Yes, you are right. U.S. , British, French Special Forces and their bases, along with their lackeys, the Kurds, are essentially caught in a giant double envelopment maneuver, or should I say ‘ pincer ‘ . It is the genius of Iranian IRGC Quds Force Gen. Suleimani, who is behind this. They even brought in 25-30 thousand Afghan volunteers who are stationed around Deir Ezzor. Not to mention the many, many Chechen volunteers and Chechens working directly for the Russian MoD.

If all hell breaks loose, and it will when the U.S. et al push too far, and overstay their occupation, they will be effectively annihilated or taken prisoner.

The Arab tribes around the region of Raqqa, Hasaka, and Deir Ezzor are already preparing themselves for the coming battle. They will start their own insurgency to complicate matters further yet for the occupiers.

Brother Ma

Hisham. The Chechens fought a bloody war with the Russians as we all know. Why have so many Chechens also volunteered to fight against ISIS and FUKUSTURK on behalf of the Russians? Did they suddenly see the light of reason or were the cruel headchoppers of Chechnya of yesteryear only a small minority of the people?

Hisham Saber

There were indeed two conflict in the 90’s due to rebellion in the Chechen region of the Russian Federation. The first one ended in disaster for the Russian government and military. The second one, the Russian government and military were very effective in succeeding in putting down the internal rebellion , that was a brutal affair. Largely due to a change in leadership in the Republic of Chechnya and Vladimir Putin’s strategy of diplomacy with the Chechen leadership.

Today, Mr. Khadyrov, who’s father was the leader during the first rebellion, is a very popular man in Russia , a personal friend of Putin’s, very loyal to Russia. Inreturn, Putin promised to rebuild Grozny, and raise the living standard of the Chechen people. If you Google earth Grozny today, you will see a very vibrant, well structured city. For couples that are going to get married, they get a free apartment. Rural acres saw development too. Framers got new equipment and things are rather stable and prosperous in the Republic of Chechnya.

The rebellions were instigated, designed and launched, both militarily and diplomatically by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia’s intelligence and religious zealots, the CIA, Mi6 and of course, as like in the Georgia conflict, the ever present Mossad. Just like in Syria and Iraq, fighters and weapons poured in and after the road had been paved for the rebellion to take hold. Supposed religious scholars and scholarships of Saudi citizens, were in fact religious indoctrination into a very dangerous subverted fringe in the Islamic world, Wahhabism, started by Mohamed Abdel-Wahab in the 19th century along with British intelligence and meddling with the Saud clan.

Soon the rebellion was launched and the conflict started. Everything is fully resolved now and stabilized and the Chechen’s reverted back to mainstream Islam. Actually a model many Islamic countries should take example of. Its a very good outcome.

Chechen’s have otherwise been friendly, and their is a comradery with their Slavic countrymen. Chechen battalions fought at Stalingrad, where they were used as shock troops. Chechen units of the Soviet army were among the first to enter Berlin. In the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, battalions known as the ‘ Muslim Battalions, whom were Spetznaz Special Forces, took part. Some units were ordered to seize the Presidential compound, and they were successful with minimal casualties. The President and his son were killed in a gunfight. Kabul airport was seized by units of these battalions that consisted of mostly Chechens.

Anyways, one example of Chechen Muslim and Slavic Orthodox Christian fellowship and comradery is that when the Ukrainian Maidan coup by a Jewish junta, the Donbass region of Ukraine rose in rebellion. They were mostly Russian speaking and ethnic Russians. Well, the Ukrainian junta called for military action on the breakaway provinces of the Donbass. They mobilized their military and proceeded to brutally suppress and gain back control of the breakaway provinces. After horrid accounts of sheer ethnic cleansing etc., the people of the Donbass quickly formed inexperienced militias and began to fight back. But they were initially disorganized and were taking a beating. This was in 2014, fast forward to 2015 and one can see a rather quick reversal of fortunes. The Ukrainian military was suffering horrendous loses. This is because Mr. Khadyrov, of the Chechen Republic sent some of his Special Forces battalions and equipment, light weapons mostly, to assist the weakening resistance in the Donbass. As soon as they arrived, they quickly organized the militias and started even training them in urban and rural warfare, hit and run attacks etc. The Chechens were ready for the Ukrainian Division when it tried to seize Donetsk Airport. A rather horrific, brutal and bloody battle commenced, now known as the Battle of Donetsk Airport. The Ukrainian military didn’t know what hell they were walking into. It was annihilation and resulted in a complete rout. With serious losses. The Chechens followed up with hit and run attacks and very accurate artillery fire wrecking more devastation on the Ukrainian army. Then, later that year, the Ukrainians decided they would try another strategy, and that resulted in the Battle for Debaletsevo, where entire armored columns of Ukrainian tanks,armored vehicles and troop carriers, were annihilated by the Chechens and militia’s. Again, very accurate artillery fire, and spotters, wreaked the Ukrainians.

Many of these Chechens remain in the Donbass today should any hostilities break out, others have been recalled for work in Syria. Mr. Khadyrov is very sympathetic to the Syrian people and government. After Aleppo was liberated from the Wahhabi’s zealots, Chechen’s working directly for the Russian Mod have taken the role of bring stability to the city. They also were in East Ghouta, southern Damascus, Deir Ezzor, Palmyra and have been active everywhere pretty much. Alongside these professional Chechens are multitudes of Chechen volunteers with much experience. These guys have been active in battles all over Syria, sometimes linking up with Hezbollah units and the Syrian Tiger Forces, as well as the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Arab Army. The volunteers will also participate in whatever Iranian IRGC Quds Force Gen. Soleimani has in store, as he leads an array of forces I like to call the axis of resistance. From Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, all the way to Afghanistan, Gen. Soleimani has under his command. And he answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei. Even the Iraqi military, the Hashd Al-Shaabi is under his control and are only loyal to him. He is a genius strategist.

Im absolutely confident that the bond between Slavic Orthodox peoples and moderate Muslims the world over will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

The world has been watching, especially the Islamic world, of 1.6 billion people. Russia has many Muslims and they are happy.

The interest now is that the same nefarious group, the Saudi Wahhabi’s, CIA, Mi6 and Mossad (and the Turks, until they stopped doing so after condemnation from Iran and China and Russia) , are now plotting to cause instability to China, in its northwest region where the Uighur Muslims live. China should be wise and approach it like Russia approached its Muslims with benefits economically and culturally. And not fall into a trap. Also China needs to identify the threat and quietly take care of it.

Brother Ma

Excellent informative answer . Bravo! I am glad the Chechens have returned to normalcy and so remember when some Chechen Russian Military police units arrived in Syria to monitor deconfliction zones.

I also saw the video of where the Chechen President personally commanded the rescue of Christians in the cathedral of grozny a few months ago. The Christians were kept hostage by headchoppers .
I was very impressed.


Yeah right – Israeli’s somehow snuck into the heavily militarized, and furthermost, eastern governate of Syria – without any of local combatants SAA/SDF/ISIS noticing – and then proceeded, again, to somehow enter and booby trap an SAA/Russian adviser localized HQ building, of no particular strategic significance to Israel?! Dude, small minds fantasize about small deeds.


In Deir Ezzor, you will find the US and SDF

AM Hants

Wasn’t the US spy drone involved? RIP and deepest sympathies to their families and loved ones.

The last time something similar happened, this was the alleged response.

East Ghouta, Syria. Report of Chinese analysts examined by Russian leading Middle East expert

Tudor Miron

Ruzionic elites (that own 90% of media here) are doing their usual job – dancing on the bones and trying to gain something.
Novayagazeta is a rats nest – nothing but lies and distortions coming from their side. Guess which nationality owns it.

Hisham Saber

Many news outlets in Russia are owned, operated by miserable, traitorous Jews. They are the fathers of all lies, deceit and subversion. Just like their father, the Devil.

John 8 : 44 – New Testament, International Version. It pretty much says it all right there.

Miroslav Beran


Brother Ma

Is that true? If so why has Putin not strangled them as he did with the Oligarchs who were mostly Jews. I do not mean liquidate all Jewish media owners’ interests but why has he not jailed or chased many of them out of the business to allow native Russians in?


Ruzionic elites

kill them, you armchairwarrior!


This is the third major attack by US sponsored terrorists on Russian units and contractors attached to SAA and part of US and Zionist attempts to “make Russia and its allies pay” as the fat idiot Pompeo openly stated in Yerevan in an attempt to scare Armenia and to stop its support for Syrian government. Russia needs to take the gloves off in the region as US criminal occupation forces are far more exposed from Afghanistan to Syria. Russia also needs to strengthen its military alliances, particularly with Iran, its only real ally with some gravitas and tenacity.

Zionism = EVIL

Time to make the lardass Americunt losers pay in the region.

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

This is Russian Opposition propaganda. It said so in the headline!

R Trojson

Fake news designed to divide not unite. ISIS will probably take credit since killing Russians gives them a boost.


Why is it so hard to clean up Daesh/ISIS from the Deir-ez-Zor desert area?

Brother Ma

Because they are FUKISISTUR-protected rats!

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