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JULY 2020

59 Turkish Soldiers Were Killed In Idlib During Last Month: Erdogan


59 Turkish Soldiers Were Killed In Idlib During Last Month: Erdogan


As Turksih media and officials continue making exaggerated statements about ‘victories’ during the recent Operation Spring Shield in Syria, the time has come to admit some casualties.

On March 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that during the last month 59 Turkish soldiers had been killed in Syira’s Idlib.

He also indirectly claimed that the Damascus government supports ‘terrorism’ (in the eyes of Turkey) by saying that “the Syrian regime’s direction of all its forces towards Idlib at a time when one-third of its territories is under occupation by the YPG reveals other goals and objectives.”

“Our main goal is to create a suitable environment for the safe return of 3.6 million Syrians, who live on our lands, and 1.5 million Syrians existing in Idlib on our borders to their homes safely,” Erdogan claimed.

Therefore, Erdogan have no problems with al-Qaeda-linked groups in Idlib, but is very concerned by Kurdish militias operating in northwestern Syria.




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  • Horace Lacondeta

    Only 59 dead and the whole Turkey is upside down.
    Turks are not what they used to be anymore. They are still capitalising on a reputation they acquired 500 years ago but they became a new Saoudi Arabia, full of nababs, pashas and internet trolls.

    • Barba_Papa

      It’s easier to act tough online then to actually go out there and be tough. Although in all fairness the same applies to us as well. There’s a lot of armchair generals and admirals out there who want this or that and forget there are some poor unlucky sods who actually have to go out there and do all that crazy shit.

      • FlorianGeyer

        The Turkish casualties are ALL the result of Erdo ordering his army to invade and Syria and brandishing Tutkish guns on Syrian soil.

        That’s the reality.

      • Horace Lacondeta

        Well some of us may write from a frontline, somewhere in the region… But yes, there is much more armchair generals. Still 59 dead in a month is a low number but Turkish public opinion find it hard to swallow. And this is unexpected to me who is writing from a place with high probability of confrontation with Turkey, sooner or later.

        • Barba_Papa

          It’s low because the Turks have probably mostly operated in a support role, letting their Jihadi Orcs bear the brunt of SAA fire while giving them fire support with artillery, drones and tanks, and with special forces acting as advisors, just like the Russians do. For the true kill ratio in this war we would have put the total number of SAA casualties against the total number of Turkish casualties plus dead Jihadi Orcs. Then we would get the real kill ratio. And chances are it would probably be very much infavorable in the Turkish + Orcs side. Which would explain why the human dung beatle Erdogan (no insults against human dung beatles intended) came crawling towards Putin for a cease fire.

  • Wegan

    Syria lost 150 solidiers and Turkey claime that it killed 3327. 22 times more.
    So if they say 59 then it’s fair to say it’s more than that. I won’t multiply by 22, but let’s say by 10. 590 Turks killed!!

    • Barba_Papa

      If the Turks actually had inflicted a 100:1 kill ration in regards to the SAA then by all logic they should have been in Damascus by now, not having that sack of shit Erdogan (no insults to sacks of shit intended) go to Moscow to prostrate himself before Grand Master Putin and beg him for a ceasefire. It would have been the other way around.

      • Wegan

        Absolutely right. Indeed, if the kill ratio was that high. But since they lost land, then the kill ratio is actually in favour of the SAA.

  • nyomarek

    There has to come a point in the near future, when the Turkish Tranny Troops commandeered into Syria by Erdogan’s generals will mutiny en masse and personally seek Erdogander’s head.

  • Chen Chie Chua

    Erdogan just exposed it himself, he meant to say 59 killed in the February 27 airstrike alone last month.

  • Tim Williams

    If just there were just 59 KIA’S … then why does the madman continue to arrest journalist from reporting the true numbers ?



    • Informbiro

      Not even Kurds trust that phony twitter account.

  • Tim Williams
    • You can call me Al

      I have a feeling that these vermin will turn on Erdy soon.

  • Tim Williams
  • <>

    Erdogan ruined Turkey like Bibi ruined Israel, 2 shitheads leaders that stop their armies from winning. Turkey should put a true Kamalist man in power.

    • Tudor Miron

      How brain dead can one be? Do you really suggest that Turkey had to go all out invading Sovereign Syria and going to full out war with Russia? How old are you?
      Even what they did already is a sure way for collapse of Turkey territorial integrity – and this is them who actually initiated it and have no other to blame other than their own stupidity.

  • You can call me Al

    I would not trust Erdy as far as I could throw him.

  • klove and light

    if 59 were killed…the number of injured turkish pricks is close to 590!!!

    that is in most Military conflicts the Ration of dead versus injured 10 to 1

    ps. we are not Talking About a headache or a broken ankle……injuries from modern Military conflict are massive, from serious brain injuries to arms and legs blown off etc…. and that is due to the better medical Treatment nowadys to opposed medical teramnet 40 or 50 years ago.

    lol… so in short, we have 59 motherfuckers who cant rape small Kids or goats anymore….could be worse lolol