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58% Of Rape Attacks In Sweden Carried Out By Foreign-Born Persons: SVT Nyheter

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58% Of Rape Attacks In Sweden Carried Out By Foreign-Born Persons: SVT Nyheter


About 58% of persons convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad, SVT Nyheter reported adding that it had counted all court convictions to present a complete picture of the situation. According to the data provided, 40% of them were from the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, in cases of heavy violence and collective rapes, the proportion of migrants is 84%. In 2017, there were 190,000 complaints of sexual assaults. 6,715 of them were rape attacks. 142 of them were found guilty.

On August 25, the pro-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) will hold a major rally in the city of Stockholm. Police gave the group permission to gather in the central Kungsholm borough. However, it promised to contribute additional security measrues to prevent provocations during the rally.

The NMR does not hold any seats in the Swedish parliament yet. Nonetheless, it is preparing to run in the upcoming election, which will take place on September 9, in at least three municipalities: Kungalv, Ludvika and Boden.

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You can call me Al

So let’s quickly clarify this article :

1. It states “About 58% of persons convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the past five years were born abroad” ………….. PLEASE NOTE THE WORD CONVICTED.

2. It states “In 2017, there were 190,000 complaints of sexual assaults. 6,715 of them were rape attacks. 142 of them were found guilty.” …………….. so out of 196,715 sexual crimes, 142 bastard scum were convicted, 82 being imigrants.

Can you see what they have one here ? – absolutely useless article, more PC lunacy, saying little or nothing.

al quaida

I need clarification.
So is 58% incorrect?

Tom Tom

perhaps research is better conducted not by asking the question on a comment board.

al quaida

I googled without any joy.
I honestly don’t know why the 58% is considered misleading.

You can call me Al

It is incorrect as they state it, but as the conviction rate is so low; it means nothing and it is trying to drastically lower the rape rate / percentage of immigrants.


Sounds like blaming the victims here but if they were suddenly hiked in numbers without serious countermeasure taken then they are really have problems in their public security overall.
Selective measures against migrants and refugees is just as ineffective as selective measures against Muslims.
In example there’s nothing to stop wahhabi radicals to pretend to be a jews or Christian to bypass such measures and committed the crime granted that what they needed still easily obtainable locally.

You can call me Al

Stop trying to be clever; you know exactly what I mean.


“Furthermore, in cases of heavy violence and collective rapes, the proportion of migrants is 84%.”
The real number is 84% because in Sweden a torn condom also rates as rape if the woman feels like it.


true, i even heard many stories of people having sex with a woman and next day being blackmailed by the women. the law in Sweden is strongly biased to women and the weakest in court are migrants who are unfortunate enough to fall for it… there are real rape cases btw cant deny it, but most cases sexcual acts never occured

You can call me Al

Must agree with you there; the World has gone mad.

Prince Teutonic

And other 42% are Domestic-Born Foreigners…


Nah, just a very very broad definition of rape in swedish justice.


For the women though travel safely and be vigilant towards your surrounding since if the rape can happen without serious security personnel can quickly get to come to your aid then the local men too can also do so.
It’s what can happen originally.

Then again i agree if the security personnel can’t keep track of the foreigners and these had recurring then they shouldn’t let foreigners roam free inside the vulnerable citizens neighborhood.


And then there are the children of migrants born in Sweden and treated as “Swedes”.

Sweden needs a radical and dramatic shift to the right in order to defend Swedish culture and its survival as a nation.


people are insane if they keep on letting Uncivilized savages in

svenne svensk

Its more because People that have got the Swedish zitizenship after 2years are registerd as Swedish. The real number 89

Afghan and African people overrepresented

Tom Tom

Ya, ve not like Wikings any more.

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