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57 Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syria Clashes This Month: Monitoring Group

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57 Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syria Clashes This Month: Monitoring Group

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Central Syria is still witnessing clashes between ISIS terrorists and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), which is conducting a combing operation in the region.

On September 10, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in its report that the combing operation, which began earlier this month, is still ongoing with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces. Russian airstrikes are targeting ISIS cells in the central region on a daily basis.

“From its side, the Islamic State organization continues its operations against regime forces and the militants loyal to them, by setting up ambushes, planting bombs and mines, as well as by launching surprise attacks in separate areas of the Syrian Badiya,” the SOHR’s report reads.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the ongoing clashes have claimed the lives of 19 Syrian soldiers and 38 ISIS terrorists since the beginning of September.

ISIS terrorists are launching their attacks from the Homs desert, which lays between eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor.

The SAA’s operation and Russian airstrikes limited the activities of ISIS in the Homs desert. Nevertheless, the terrorist group is still present in the region. According to recent reports, the group is receiving support from U.S.-backed fighters in the nearby area of al-Tanaf.


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57 is good start….. but nothing like 300 you had in the last big action with bombings and everything…

Damien C

“57 is a good start”

NO it’s not when 19 of them are SAA.

Thankfully the report is from the SOHR which always over states SAA casualties

Jens Holm

I have partly changed. The only way to make peace in Syria seemes to be all killers kill each other. If all from ISIS are killed, the slowly outbalancing to 0 and stoneage as number one never will happen.

The real Syrians I like mainy are not even in Syria. I hope those will take over.

Hard to say if 19 does it. I think 25 might be better and a Russian General wife might even make me smile. I really do need to smile.

You cant even talk about peace. So why not talk about more death in a neutral way and give equal rights and responsabilities for that.

And no: I am not smiling unless someone put in a banana. comment image

Jens Holm

I kind of agree. 57 not even cover the birthrate. But rightwings in Europe probatly is crying.

Damien C

SOHR … Is NOT London based it is in Coventry (English midlands)

SOHR …. Is not a monitoring group it is one man (dry cleaner) who was part of the “Intrim Government plan for Syria£
He was in the delegation that went to 10 Downing Street to get military assistance for anti-Assad forces. This mans sources is Islamists and former FSA thugs

Jens Holm

Actually he is a modern hubcenter collecting a lot of sober information from mainly Syria. Whre are the lists for, he is wrong or less wrong then mopst of the sources from there. It does not exist.

Its about correct sources to us and the rest of the world and making it into Islamists as well as FSA thugs is very cheep. What You use is reliable information.

Much like You say Assads has to give information or SDF. I see Assads as highly reliable again and again and SDF at least not so far from SOHR.

Its a good site https://www.syriahr.com/en/about-us/

Naming him as dry cleaner for maybee 15 years ago, makes no sense, and we actually has clever dry cleaners here too. Sometimes people has jobs like that, because they need an income and by that fx can do this.

Your artificial version of a drycleaner cannot.

How do we describe You today or before this? Like that : comment image

Muslim Lion

The Islamic State is the name of the struggle for demand of Islam and full implementation of Sharia. Islamic state has deep roots in its faith. Its goal is an independent Islamic system according to the desire of AIIah. Islamic state in the light of Sharia respects good neighborhood between muslims, friendly relations and peaceful environment for life. It is very unfair and irrational to call a Islamic State terrorist organisation. Nobody has the right to do this and neither should anyone do it. There are clear commands of Allah almighty about sacred jihad against those who side infidels against Muslims.

Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:

And incline not toward those who do wrong, lest the Fire should touch you, and you have no protectors other than Allah, nor you would then be helped.

(Chapter 11, Verse: 113)


if you say so..


yeah,right..comment image

Jens Holm

Thats how You know Islam. comment image

Jens Holm
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