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50 LNA Fighters Killed Or Injured In Clashes With ISIS In Southern Libya: ISIS Claims


50 LNA Fighters Killed Or Injured In Clashes With ISIS In Southern Libya: ISIS Claims

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) launched a surprise attack on ISIS hideouts in the Haruj mountain chain in southern Libya on June 12.

Within 48 hours, the army killed 12 fighters of the terrorist group and destroyed 6 vehicles armed with heavy machine guns.

“These elements, which are using Haruj mountains as a base for their terrorist attacks, were behind the repeated attacks on the areas of the fuqaha’, Tarqun and Ghadwa,” the LNA’s media office said in a press release on June 14.

The office also revealed that the army’s Khalid Bin Walid Battalion, the Martyrs Of Fuqaha’ Company and the Security Concentrations force are leading the ongoing attack.

The ISIS news agency Amaq confirmed that the Haruj mountain chain is witnessing heavy clashes between the terrorist group’s fighters and the LNA. The agency claimed that more than 50 LNA service members have been killed or injured in the clashes, so far.

“Haftar’s [LNA Commander-in-Chief] militia sustained heavy losses in Haruj mountains near the town of Tamsa to the east of the city of Sabha,” a source in the terrorist group told Amaq on June 15.

LNA forces came under several attacks by ISIS cells in southern Libya over the last two months. The army’s ongoing attack on the Haruj mountain chain could help put an end to these repeated attacks.

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  • You can call me Al

    You could not make this up.

    I smell a fat Yank and a hooked nosed sweaty slimy twat.

  • Ed

    I love how Southfront chooses Deash’s claim of ‘killing 50 LNA soldiers’ as the headline for this article even though the claim maybe either bullshit or over exaggerated once again! Whose side are you on SouthFront?! !

    • Ronald

      “The ISIS news agency Amaq ……….claimed that more than 50 LNA service members .. ..have been killed … so far”. SF is clearly quoting.

  • Shy Talk

    strange how isis can pop up anywhere

    • AM Hants

      Only if there is an US military base close by, to refresh stocks.

      • Ronald

        Yes the Yanks are just south of the border in Nigeria and Mali.
        The Wahhabi are backing the MB. Keeping the chaos going

        • AM Hants

          Meanwhile, the sane, professional, intelligent world leaders, got together and celebrated the birthday of President Xi Jinping. Happy in each other’s company and fully respectful of their nations. Oh, why can we not have similar representatives over in the West?

          I guess it must be something to do with the GM free ice cream, they crave.

          A cake, a vase and… a BOX of ice cream: Putin’s birthday gifts that blew Xi Jinping away (PHOTOS)… https://www.rt.com/news/461952-putin-xi-ice-cream-birthday/

          Xi Jinping, Putin cruise Neva River in Putin’s hometown St Petersburg… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USO5dlaAjF0

          Simple, sweet and refreshingly calming, where world peace in concerned.

  • omrizkiblog

    Go LNA! Kill all those Zionist-rat daesh!… ☕