50 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Syrian Air Force’s Air Raids near Deir Ezzor


50 ISIS Terrorists Killed in Syrian Air Force's Air Raids near Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Air Force has conducted a series of air strikes on ISIS terrorists near the city of Deir Ezzor, pro-government sources reported on Sunday.

The air strikes allegedly took place near the Panorama checkpoint and the Deir Ezzor military airport and resulted in killing of 50 ISIS terrorists.

The areas of  Panorama checkpoint and Deir Ezzor military airport have recently been a place of heavy clashes between the Syrian army and the ISIS terrorist group. However, any side has been able to achieve significant gains.



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  • Paciullo


  • Brad Isherwood

    When Russian night attack Helicopters begin operating in this region the ISIS will be afraid
    Russian Su 30 Su 35 flying escort for larger Syrian Airforce strikes in the East…as Empire
    Kick chairs accross the room in frustration : )

  • Ronald

    Has the mountain that the USAF bombed the SAA on , been retaken , or is that in the area between the airport and the Panorama checkpoint ? Those helicopters playing over in Egypt would be useful right now , and a few of the Iranian floating bridges !