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5 Types Of Personal Loans

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5 Types Of Personal Loans

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When you have a sudden need to make a large purchase or expense, you might need to take out a loan to make ends meet. In the event that you need adaptability, you may want to choose a type of revolving credit, like a line of credit or credit card.

However, if you need cash on a one-time basis, it’s a better idea to get a personal loan. With this installment loan, you pay off the loan every month. Some banks do not offer this type of loan, and those banks that offer personal loans tend to reject applicants with a fair or bad credit score, even those without a credit score.

Even so, it does not automatically mean that personal loans are difficult to find. Many online lenders and credit unions offer different types of personal loans. Read on to know more!

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured personal loans are installment loans that are repaid in monthly increments over a set period of time. And because it is not secured by collateral, unsecured personal loans can be painless to obtain if you have good credit.

The amount a person can borrow depends on his or her credit score. Typically, creditors offer 1500 loan or as much as 100,000 dollar loans to debtors with superb credit. What’s more, loan terms generally range between 1 to 6 years. If you’re residing in Texas, you can apply for a personal loan in Texas even if you have fair credit. But be wary of the interest rate.

Additionally, interest rates usually range between 5% and 36%, relying upon your credit score. Because the creditor takes a risk with unsecured loans, they might impose higher interest rates. Moreover, this type of loan can be an excellent option for borrowers with stellar credit who wants an unvarying monthly payment.

However, there are still adverse outcomes. For instance, if you fail to repay the loan or go default, it can significantly hurt your credit. What’s worse is that your personal loan account could hurt your credit score in the process and go into collections.

Cosigned Loans

Cosigned loans are secured or unsecured loans that at least one party underwriting repayment. If the borrower has no or low credit history, lenders might ask you to have a cosigner.

A cosigner will pay and assume the loan if the borrower defaults. From a lender’s perspective, cosigners are their insurance. Having a cosigner might boost the chances of getting approved plus offer better loan terms.

The edge or trump card of taking out cosigned loans go to those who can qualify for better terms or more money. It is crucial to keep in mind that the cosigner has drawbacks, as well. The cosigned loan will be shown on their credit reports, and late or missed payments can adversely affect their credit score.

With that said, deliberately consider cosigned loans and know that the risks correlated with it have the possibility to wreck your relationship.

Secured Loans

Secured loans are installment loans that are secured by collateral, like a savings account, car, real estate property, or another asset. If the debtor fails to pay the loan, the creditor can take away the asset to cover a portion of the loan or all of it.

What’s more, a secured loan is less risky for creditors, plus they can offer low rates. Thus, making this type of loan one of the most affordable personal loans available. Aside from that, creditors might be more adjustable about their credit score requirements, meaning secured personal loans can be one of the best loans for borrowers with bad credit.

Personal Line Of Credit

Another type of personal loan is a personal line of credit. This personal loan is like a credit card. Unlike installment loans that take in a lump sum paid off in monthly payments, borrowers have access to a line of credit up to a particular loan amount that can be borrowed.

Additionally, interest is only charged on the pending balance. Personal lines of credit can be used to cover sudden expenses for changes in income or emergency personal loans. Some creditors might offer a secured option secured by an asset, while others permit you to build a line of credit that’s linked to your checking account to cover deficits.

Debt Consolidation Loans

This type of personal loan merges different debts into a single monthly payment and loan. Borrowers can use debt consolidation loans to pay off payday loans, medical bills, and whatnot.

This loan can help you cut down your overall monthly expenses into one inexpensive payment. However, one hazard most borrowers can deal with after taking out this type of loan is the desire to run balances on other loans.


Before deciding on getting a personal loan, make sure to explore other options. Also, do your research before applying to avoid making any general or common mistakes. Know your options and what you are signing.

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