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5 Turkish Soldiers Were Killed, 9 Injured As Result Of ISIS Suicide Bombing Near Al-Bab

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5 Turkish Soldiers Were Killed, 9 Injured As Result Of ISIS Suicide Bombing Near Al-Bab

Source: aa.com.tr

Five Turkish soldiers were killed and nine more injured as result of an ISIS suicide bombing near the Syrian city of al-Bab.

The attack took place in Suflaniyah that Turkish forces had failed to seize from the terrorist group earlier today.

The Turkish General Staff confirmed the incident and added that some 23 ISIS terrorists were killed during the last 24 hours.

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One can only hope that these islamo fascist groups, one a state and the other a wannabe state, inflict as much damage on eachother as possible.

They deserve eachother and have been mutually supportive up until very recently, joined in a mutual hatred of all kurds.

'Sup Bruh!

Nobody has a beef with Kurds. We have a beef with PKK terrorist organisation and its Syria branch YPG.


The only problem with this statement is that according to Erdogan all kurds are PKK if they want to be kurds. As for IS, there are no kurds IS likes, not even the few who fight with IS.

Trustin Judeau

Al Bab will be liberated by the big S.Turks wont take the city.


There are reports that the SDF released 74 Turkish/FSA prisoners this afternoon and that Turkey has ceased Turkey’s attack on Al-Bab and is going to allow the SAA to try and take Al-Bab.

Rodney Loder

I read that report with much relief, Turkey has got no business going after IS and IS has got no fight with Turkey, a brave move by Erdogan if true, think of it this way there is going to be a lot of IS fighters that will not be able to live in Syria, and Turkey doesn’t need to make excuses to attack YPG in Syria, it’s an open house do as you please anything goes, SDF are the only ones inviting the Crusaders, FSA is all but withered away as a media asset in the USA, Turkey is welcome to them.


Would not be a particularly ‘brave move by Erdogan’ to halt attacks on Al-Bab at all, in reality, Turkish military have been struggling there for weeks without much to show for it, as such, it would be a pragmatic move to stem the damage to his own reputation and that of Turkish military.

Rodney Loder

Agreed their heart isn’t in it, al-Bab was the last ebb of the GCC sponsored creating a safe haven for armed opposition, about which they couldn’t get Obama to commit, one tactict was for Erdogan to directly attack IS expecting success and acolades, which didn’t happen, probably the SAA won’t waste resources on al-Bab so TSK will take a hard hit in Turkish jingoism. Erdogan didn’t have to allow that to happen, the US and Russia would bomb al-Bab to death if he persisted, even if Trump pulls out Russia couldn’t let him lose face if he demanded and pushed back to the GCC, a lot of innocence lives have been saved by Erdogan on this occasion if it is true and he really does pull back from al-Bab.

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