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5 More Villages Fall Into Hands Of ISIS In Syria’s Northeastern Hama (Map)


ISIS terrorists have further expanded their zone of influence in the northeastern countryside of the Syrian city of Hama and captured the villages of Rasm Sakkaf, Mu’siwan, ‘Atshanah, Shayhat Hamra and Abu ’Ajwah.

Earlier this month, ISIS cells captured a number of villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the area. Since then, the terrorist group has been successfully expaninng in the “opposition-held” part of the Hama province.

5 More Villages Fall Into Hands Of ISIS In Syria's Northeastern Hama (Map)

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  • Zainab Ali

    with ameritards’ help no doubt – temporary and soon to be sent to hell

  • eric zweistein

    Zion C&C has decided to protect its HTS by creating an ISIS buffer between its most expensive mercenary army and the SAA. Good plan, but not good enough. HTS will be eradicated in the coming weeks and months.

    • jason sixx

      I like your thinkinng and hate zio pigs as much as any other but thats as far as reaching can get. Isis are trying expanding elsewhere, and hts already beat them
      Back first time in rahjan. Legitimate inter jihadist war since isis lost homs and dez provinces now. Btw theres a lot of is troops that left quraytayn about exactly a month ago here, in addition to all the ones left from the akerbat pocket. Lurking around. But who cares isis or hts lol, land is land to be taken back just the same. The syrian army will finish off east bank dez and homs deserr pocket and then they’ll come for hama and idlib.

      • Dawn

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  • Thegr8rambino

    What the fuck.how are they doing this all of a sudden??? FUCK EM UP SAA/RUSSIA!!!

    • Bill Wilson

      The best SAA units are doing the fighting. The rest acting as rear guards aren’t worth a flip

      • Thegr8rambino

        Do not say such mean things they could be reading your comment and it would further demoralize them!!!

  • VGA

    Are HTS going to attack them or not?

    • Thegr8rambino

      hopefully, it will be hte best thing they do with their lives loool