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5.06.2015 Crisis News

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This video is realized due to: Chantal, Alan, Ronny, Adrien, Moreno, Marko, Ilya, Yan Erik, Chris, Michael, Bernard, Pierre and many other people.

Dozens of people have been killed and dozens more injured after two separate bomb explosions ripped through the violence-plagued northeastern part of Nigeria, as the West African nation is battling the militancy waged by Islamic State West Africa Province, former Boko Haram, terrorists. Eight soldiers lost their lives when an assailant detonated his explosives-laden car as government forces were checking it near the gates of the Brigadier Maimalari Barracks in the city of Maiduguri on Thursday evening. Hours later, a second bomb went off close to the main market in the city of Yola, which is the capital city of Adamawa State. Reports said at least 25 people were killed and many more injured in the blast.

The CyberBerkut hacktivist group claims to have hacked the emails of Major-General Andrey Taran, Chief of the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination in Ukraine. The correspondence contained satellite images proving multiple violations of the Minsk peace agreements between Kiev and the rebels by the Ukrainian military, they said. The pictures, dating March, April and May 2015, showed Kiev’s heavy artillery and MLRSes stationed less than 20 kilometers away from the contact line. According to the Minsk ceasefire agreement, both sides were to pull-out of all heavy weapons and create a security zone from 50 to 140 kilometers. The CyberBerkut stressed that Washington knew of the violations by Kiev as the hacked emails came from a staff member of the US Embassy in Ukraine, Tetyana Podobinska-Shtyk.

The Parliament of Ukraine has adopted the law which allows deployment of a foreign military commitment on the territory of Ukraine for keeping so-called “peace and security” in the country. The decision was supported by 240 MPs out of 327 registered in the session hall on Thuesday, June 4. Furthermore, the new Ukrainian law law is established that foreign carriers of nuclear weapons and other types of mass destruction are allowed for short-term accommodation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the United States is considering the deployment of ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe in order to counter Russia’s measures in Ukraine, the Associated Press reported on Thursday. Also, Washignton is planning to expand military exercises and beef up military assistance to other countries in the region. Thus, it becomes clear that Washington and its Kiev puppets are roughly pushing for a nuclear war. Indeed, the U.S. prefers to involve Europe and Russia in the war and just get the bloody revenue as result of it. Ukraine Crisis is a simply tool in this strategy.

At least 34 people have been killed in a US drone strike on a funeral ceremony in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost today. The new wave of rage from international community is coming to the United States.

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5.06.2015 Crisis News   5.06.2015 Crisis News   5.06.2015 Crisis News   5.06.2015 Crisis News   5.06.2015 Crisis News

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