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MARCH 2021

4th Division Service Member Assassinated In Syria’s Daraa


4th Division Service Member Assassinated In Syria’s Daraa

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On May 31, unidentified gunmen assassinated a soldier of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Daraa’s city center, in the country’s southern region.

Hassan Fahd Najm al-Khaldi was shot and killed near the National Hospital in the northern part of Daraa city, commonly referred to as “Daraa al-Mahata.” Pro-government sources said al-Khaldi’s body received a large number of gunshots.

Al-Khaldi, originally from the town of Tell Shihab in northwest Daraa, was reportedly serving in the ranks of the SAA’s 4th Division.

In a separate incident, the dead bodies of two relatives, Taha Mousa al-Sa’di and Hail Mohamad al-Sa’idi, were found near the town of Nawa in northern Daraa. The two men were tortured and then executed by unidentified gunmen.

A series of attacks targeted Syrian service members and ex-rebels in Daraa during the last few months. ISIS claimed responsibility for some of them.

The SAA is reportedly preparing to carry out a large-scale security operation in Daraa, possibly in cooperation with ex-rebels. Two days ago, the 4th Division established several checkpoints in the northeastern countryside as part of the ongoing preparations for the operation.




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