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48-Hour Long Truce To Start In Daraa. Syrian Border Guards To Return To Border With Jordan

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies announced a 48-hour ceasefire in Daraa city starting at 12 pm Damascus time on Saturday.

According to pro-government sources, there have been Jordanian-Syrian negotiations during the past few days.

As a result the sides agreed to return the Syrian border guard’s patrols to the Syrian-Jordanian border in the Suweida province. Negotiations continue with the aim of reopening a border crossing between Syria and Jordan in Suweida as well. Some sources argue that Russian military servicemen will be involved in the effort.

From its side, the operations room of Al-Bunian al-Marsous, which belongs to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and includes most of the groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Daraa, hasn’t declared its commitment to the ceasefire formally.

However, clashes in Daraa have significantly decreased since the ceasefire effort was declared.

The HTS alliance has claimed that it managed to destroy 7 tanks, two bmp-1 vehicles, two Shilka vehicles and two bulldozers of the SAA during the last days of clashes in the area.

48-Hour Long Truce To Start In Daraa. Syrian Border Guards To Return To Border With Jordan 48-Hour Long Truce To Start In Daraa. Syrian Border Guards To Return To Border With Jordan 48-Hour Long Truce To Start In Daraa. Syrian Border Guards To Return To Border With Jordan

From its side, pro-government sources claimed that MiG-23ML fighters of the Syrian Air Force had downed on 15 and 14 June two drones of the Jordanian Air Force over Daraa using an R-23 rockets.

It seems that the Syrian Ministry of Defense hasn’t publicly announced this fact because of the ongoing Jordanian-Syrian negotiations.

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Solomon Krupacek

repeated mistake


Thats you when you were born


If it is true that Jordan is becoming more reluctant, as far as its participation in this war is concerned, then perhaps that is a good thing,…


Jordan is starting to think twice about the losing US/FSA mission in South Syria.


Suspect Jordan is starting to think about dangers of ‘FSA’ and ‘HTS’ mercenaries and Islamists being pushed back up to border around Daraa – and with no where else to go entering into Jordan. Jordanian leadership does not want the very armed militant factions they have supported inside Syria, crossing over, and forming uncontrolled and competing enclaves inside Jordan – it only means future problems, criminality and armed confrontations.
At this point in conflict, as SAA have initiative, is far better from Jordanian point of view, to have militant factions around Darra sealed off and contained inside of Syria to be dealt with by SAA – rather than having to deal with the consequences of these armed factions entering Jordan. Once these FSA and HTS mercenaries and Islamists are no longer useful to their foreign sponsors they can expect to be deemed expendable and left to their fate.


Sounds like jordan is finally “seeing the light” and rejecting saudi/quatar/US foolishness…

Justin Ryan

Qatar has already seen the light! Jordan starting to see it!


Not really, Qatar was hung out to dry by their buddies.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Saudis have always coveted Qatar for its ports and its shared gas with Iran and the Saudis/US has always intended this as a back up plan to annex the area. This is one of the other plans to get to Iran,Saudi can then make a claim of dispute and then have a legitimate reason to escalate the situation . The chess pieces are always interchangeable , Jordan thought they were going to get expanded territories , that is off the table leaving them empty handed for their investment . The bast way to recoup the loss would be to open trade with Syria since the GCC is falling apart and there is no telling who will be targeted next .


lol, have you even looked at a map?
Careful, I’ve actually been to doha… and abu dhabi… dubai… some place in the gulf of oman…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been disputing for years and annexing it is the back up , Jordan was being offered a piece of Syria with more Sunnis and they are worried of fighting Saudi Arabia and the US if they stepped wrong. Then you know where Chevron keeps it private yacht on the other side .


The Saudi shift the blame to Qatar move , was obviously a failed coup attempt, no one expected Iran to offer permission to use their air space . The Qatari 700 billion dollar trust fund , would have been sweet icing on the cake .
Qatar royal family are lucky to be alive . Jordan has moved back to neutral on that issue , wisely .

Justin Ryan

Bet your bottom dollar that Bahrain will be next! look out for a civilian uprising (probably enabled by Iran). They are 70 to 80 % shia population yet sunni ruled! US 5th fleet is based there! If Saudi get involved im sure this will also escalate. give it 6 to 12 months and we will see this happen! i am certain of this!

Justin Ryan

There was actual evidence that Qatar was quitting their funding of ISIS. Both Qatar and Glencore both bought a 20% share of the Russian energy company Rosneft! This happened in late 2016. This gains them a share in the profits of the Russian energy market to Europe. (which is what Qatar was trying to steal away from Russia in the first place)
Also the writing on the wall was that Russia and Syria were winning the war so Qatar thought better to ally with Iran since they both share the same gas wells, therefore gaining the Chinese and Indian market via iran (new pipes to be built). So its win/win for Qatar!
I dont think Qatar are good but compared to Saudi Arabia they are much better!
So yeah, i stand by my comment, “Qatar has already seen the light”.


Problem is if Syrian tanks and vehicles are destroyed by HTS, there is always a replacement. if HTS tanks and vehicles are are destroyed…they have nothing but negotiate with their sponsors who are now slowly getting tired of them.

Daniel Castro

Soldier casualties can’t be replaced though…

eric zweistein

Jordan as a vassal state of Zion has to do it the Iraqi way – saying “Yes, sir!” all day long to all British, American, Israeli, NATO, EU fat cats while clandestinely doing the right things behind their backs. Good job, Jordanians!


Jordan the zio puppet regime under pressure to deny the Axis of Terror yank, uk, norway, isis to prevail…….the terrorists and their handlers are doomed to failure and defeat….so be it.

Free man

This is realpolitik from Syria and Jordan.

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