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48 Buses With Militants And Their Families Left Syria’s Al-Quneitra Province: State Media


48 Buses With Militants And Their Families Left Syria's Al-Quneitra Province: State Media

A second batch of militants and their families, which includes 48 buses, has left the southern Syrian province of al-Quneitra under a deal with the Damascus government, the Syrian state media says.

Militants surrendered their heavy and medium weapons, including military equipment, before they were allowed to withdraw to the militant-held part of Idlib province.

“SANA’s reporter from Jaba corridor said that 48 buses headed for northern Syria on Saturday evening with hundreds of terrorists on board along with their families in implementation of the agreement which stipulates for ending the existence of terrorists in the villages and towns in Quneitra countryside.

The agreement which was reached on Friday stipulates for the return of the Syrian Arab Army to pre 2011 positions and the exit of terrorists who reject the settlement to Idleb, in addition to settling the status of those who are willing to stay,” Syria’s news agency SANA said in its report on the issue.

According to SANA, Syrian forces found and seized explosive belts and Israeli-made weapons which the militants were trying to smuggle on board the buses.

Should the evacuation of a radical part of the militants be finished, the rest of members of armed groups will have a chance to settle their legal status with the government.



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