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47 Syrian Soldiers, 51 Civilians Killed In Last Three Days: Russian MoD


47 Syrian Soldiers, 51 Civilians Killed In Last Three Days: Russian MoD

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98 Syrian service members and civilians were killed in militants attacks in the last three days, the commander of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria revealed.

“Since January 16 of this year, as a result of attacks and shelling of militants, 47 Syrian servicemen were killed and 77 were wounded, 51 civilians were killed and 116 injured,” Maj. Gen. Yuri Borenkov said in an official statement released on January 19.

The Russian commander added that militants launched dozens of attacks in the last few days, noting that they were using regular ammunition and weapons from NATO countries.

Earlier this week, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) shared photos of the remains of a Turkish-made 122 mm rocket that was used in an attack on Aleppo’s city center. The attack claimed the lives of seven civilians and injured eighteen others, including children.

Militants began launching attacks following a ceasefire agreement on Greater Idlib that was brokered by Russia and Turkey.

Pro-government activists claim that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will soon launch ground attacks in southeast Idlib and southwest Aleppo. However, these claims remain highly-unconfirmed as for now.

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