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450 Members Of Turkish-Trained ‘Syrian Police’ Deploy To Jarabulus


450 Members Of Turkish-Trained 'Syrian Police' Deploy To Jarabulus

A logo of the Turkish-backed police

Some 450 members of “police units” trained, backed and supplied by Turkey have been deployed to the Syrian border town of Jarabulus, controlled by pro-Turkish militant groups and the Turkish Armed Forces.

General Abdel Razaq Aslan, a defector from the Syrian Army is a commander of the Turkey-led police in the  town.

The logo of the so-called “Jarablus police” includes the word “police” written in Turkish.

450 Members Of Turkish-Trained 'Syrian Police' Deploy To Jarabulus

Abdel Razaq Aslan

In 2016, reports appeared that Turkey was recruiting Syrian refugees (males aged between 20 and 35 years) in order to create police and security units in the Turkish-controlled area in northern Syria. The deployment of police units to Jarabulus is the first public result of this effort.

Turkish-trained policmen:



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