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45 Syrian Army Troops Died In Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush In Ayn Tarma East Of Damascus (Photos)

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45 Syrian Army troops have been killed in an explosion of undeground bomb and the following atttack of Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush in Ayn Tarma district in the Eastern Ghouta region east of Damascus city.

According to reports, 19 soldiers were killed in the initial explosion and 25 others died in the clashes with militants.

On Wednesday, clashes intensified in Ayn Tarma distcrict between government forces and militants leading to a de-facto collapse of the de-escalation agreement in the area.

45 Syrian Army Troops Died In Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush In Ayn Tarma East Of Damascus (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

45 Syrian Army Troops Died In Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush In Ayn Tarma East Of Damascus (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

45 Syrian Army Troops Died In Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush In Ayn Tarma East Of Damascus (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

45 Syrian Army Troops Died In Faylaq al-Rahman Ambush In Ayn Tarma East Of Damascus (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

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Behold a Pale Horse

Reminds me of the footage of the twin towers. But then it would, we all know it was explosives that brought them down.


I distinctly remember seeing 2 aircraft flying into them. But why settle for something as simple as US government incompetency when there’s complicated conspiracy theories to be had.

As for the blast, it reminds me of WWI, the 1917 battle of Messines, when the British detonated 19 of these mines underneath German lines.


No one is saying aircrafts didn’t fly into the twin towers ..but did that bring them down? Thats what he is saying….and tower 7???? was there a 3rd aircraft you didnt see?



George King

BBC broadcast that announced the collapse of the third tower 20 minutes before it came down. Although Google has removed the live video it can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltP2t9nq9fI

“simple as US government incompetency”, not……………

Behold a Pale Horse

I am saying no planes. Just bombs. With a squirt of CGI


September Clues looks at the smoking gun videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/simonshack/videos?view=0


Graeme Rymill

World Trade Center 7 Report Puts 9/11 Conspiracy Theory to Rest


full report (130 pages): http://ws680.nist.gov/publication/get_pdf.cfm?pub_id=861610


I will not waste my time..Man grow the F up… Do you have a 130 page report on the US finally getting WMDs in Iraq too?

Graeme Rymill

if I could have found a two paragraph report for you to read i would have given the link to that…..I know you have trouble with big words…


“big words”..

You sound like a 2 year old


We all know the delayed nist report about wtc7, and we all know the questionmarks it left. So the truthers let the university of alaska review that study – the findings are brand-new (so you may have overseen them this summer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMV8E_83NiI

John Whitehot

I also distinctly remember that two towers don’t come down in controlled fashion after aircraft flew into them

Gabriel Hollows

This. You could even see the molten steel from the nanotermite used to melt the beams. And all the incompetent military officers that got suspiciously promoted after allowing it all to happen.

Graeme Rymill

Nanotermite? Damn those pesky critters!


When you shit gets debunked you focus on spelling mistakes…

Graeme Rymill

Hey it was funny spelling mistake!

Graeme Rymill

9/11 and the Science of Controlled Demolitions https://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/11-09-07/#feature

Behold a Pale Horse

Aint no planes bro. Just CGI.


omg what a simple mind

Man Dagang

Its not explosives its usa drones


lol explosives? Yeah try and rig the twin towers with explosives :D !!


Any building can be demolished by explosives.What exactly is your point?

Tudor Miron

BS as usual. I never saw a valid point from this zio troll.

Daniel Castro

It seems US is back with full support for ISIS, russians should double their resolve, increase 4x the number of fighter planes and start carpet bombing all opposition, it’s high time for this.


As somebody says you find one lie – not a mistake, a deliberate lie – and the rest of the story becomes a crock. The first lie was the accused hijackers . The second as that Bin Laden told them what to do. The Third is that Afghanistan was to blame and the fourth big lie was about Saddam Hussein.

That’s three more than is needed.




“killed in an explosion of underground bomb”..

You see what they have been using the lull in fighting to do..

John Whitehot

that’s the job of rats. let’s see what happen as soon as they stick their heads out of the sewers.


My heart is saddened to see this, The Syrians&allied forces are being dragged around putting out fires everywhere.

Iran&proxies and Russia are doing their bit, however this will drag on for a while yet.

F$$K ISRAHELL, THE U.S AND NATO FOR THE BIGGEST CRIME IN THE 21ST Century, something to cheer us all up. https://youtu.be/uhWhtJjlVQE

Gabriel Hollows

That’s why you don’t make peace deals with vermin, you fumigate them.


Exactly, east ghouta probably has a huge network of tunnels to shift supplies and troops around. Naturally they’ve built tunnels all over Damascus, ready to fill with explosives.

Tunnel detection equipment is still unreliable except for very large tunnels.

Borna Artuković

Eastern Ghouta is cemetery for saa . they trying to do something there for months now .every time the same story .failed offensive hundreds of lost soldiers .but how jihadist gets so many supplies in besieged area i ask my self ?! so sad .. r.i.p

John Whitehot

troll alarm


Ghouta was the area of the Jihadist chemical attack of 2013.The jihadist in that area are worst than ISIS.Any means possible should be used to defeat these scum..

MD Ranix

is this a false flag reported by zio terrorists to boost their losers’ image?

John Whitehot

look how the moderates in several parts of Syria coordinate terrorist acts with ISIS so that their propaganda means can report that the SAA is taking casualties all around the country.

These weeks the ragheads got their asses handed to them like never before since Aleppo, of course we had to expect some response on the shitmouths that give them voice.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

That has always been the weak point of my beloved Russia, trying to reason with animal falses moderates terrorists without reasons, creating de-escalation zone instead of using all their power to annihilate them from the face of the earth and leaving that way the damn American double moral and allies, without their puppets tools in all Syria.

John Whitehot

“That has always been the weak point of my beloved Russia”

You really treat Love bad. I’ve never heard you speak a single word in favor of Russia.

As for the rest: It’s called winning the peace. The politics of devastation and usage of maximum military power are typically American, and they are at the base of the whole current situation in ME.

Russia uses minimum military power, the amount needed to eliminate terrorism. Military power is just a small part of the entire Russian effort in Syria.

Many people, especially west, need to understand that military power is just one tool in geopolitical diatribes, and is the tool that needs the most restrain, in order not to create abominations like ISIS


I partly disagree with you..Had Russia not used maximum firepower in Chechnya, Saudi backed rats would still be seiging theatres and killing little kids in places like Beslan…

John Whitehot

Chechnya is another thing. You can’t compare the two conflicts, except that saying that they are two conflicts.

Brad Isherwood

Today’s geostrategic is not the same as WW 1 or WW 2. USA emerge as only World power, …they make sure they keep that.MIC,Banking, extortion for resources,…..This is USA… Who say Democracy,Peace. ..security. They manage Chaos….other nations comply with the agenda.

My problem with Putin/Russia…is the ass kiss Israel,Saudi,UEA …Erdogan . Is Putin blowing away Kurd/ISUS? As mentioned in several posts this forum over past year. The Masonic game is forced upon Nations…. Russia is not spending coin and life as others are… Saudi/UAE are sick power….waste the money on war, …send 10,000s to their Kook Takfiri Sunni deaths.

Iran contracts to have Boeing build fleets carrier aircraft, …as Israel kick Iran in the balls and US sanctions them …..treat them like @t! . Iran still eats the crap sandwich..

USA robs nations of their Dignity… Far to many grovel and cower. Every now and then a storm knocks America to the ground. Evil gets humbled in hours.


The US is essentially a banking and finance economy – less and less of real substance in produced and the traditional need for resources is changing too – oil is on its way out as a consideration for the US – precious metals and resources or value that feed the consumer market – food, clean water , high tech etc – they’re what America’s after.

The dumb part is that they seem to have forgotten all the positive parts of ‘free trade’ and have reverted to empire and exploitation.


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Terence Silvestre Jr.

Are you sure that we are commenting the same, my beloved friend? Because apart from commenting a lot of inconsistencies that has nothing to do with what you quote from my comment, you sound very angry and confused my dear friend. I suggest you take a deep breath and better formulate your next comment so that we all can understand you better, please my friend.

John Whitehot

you can be really meh at times. State what does sound inconsistent and we’ll talk.

Also, since you seem to type from the world of the opposites, I reckon that sounding angry and confused means I sound calm and focused, which is good xD.

I’d also be grate if you’d avoid the “pleasantries”.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Even when you sound rather contradictory and even more confused and depressed than in your previous comment, if responding to my comments makes you feel better, go ahead my beloved friend, I will not object to anything. Answer and continue to write whatever you think even if it has nothing to do with what we are dealing with here, it will always be ok for me. I wish you to feel better soon, in whatever it is you are afflicted my dear friend,

John Whitehot

you still haven’t cited the inconsistencies.


”John Whitehot” shut up.loco. The man is right about you. writing a lot of shit in all your comments, insulting everyone like crazy,. Come on. Calm down men

Terence Silvestre Jr.

So I’m not the only one thinking the same thing here.


You should get Zan’s number. Perhaps he want’s to be your “beloved friend”?

Terence Silvestre Jr.

And you too my friend if you realy wish it. I hope.

John Whitehot


John Whitehot

you seem to have low tolerance for insults. if I really wanted to insult somebody you’d be calling the cops.

Also – I never start beefs, and it’s very evident here.


Ghouta has been a really tough nut to crack since day one. It’s a clan war and dates back to the time Assad Sr. ‘did’ the Moslem Brotherhood in Syria. He wasn’t gentle and the survivors remember.

Gary Sellars

“He wasn’t gentle and the survivors remember.”

Whatever Papa Hafez did back in the day will be NOTHING compared to the world of fucking hurt that will descend on these filthy cockroaches. The Syrian state needs to ensure that the word “Ghouta” becomes an international byword for the folly of terrorism and the retribution that it will inevitably bring.


You can’t not report it. That would be covering up bad news – worse than lying about good..

You can call me Al

Wait for the pay back – that is sweet.


Both this site and Al Masdar have very depressing news about the SAA today..Ghouta, Al Sholah and East Dier Zor. Hope the tides turn soon. The hatred I have for terrorist in Syria and their backers is just overwhelming.I need the F**king drink…


Sometimes we see days like this where the SAA gets a beating on different fronts. Overal the syrian army makes progress but there are setbacks too and most times the SAA will overcome them.


Where do they find all this explosive after 6 years of war?!?


this baffles me man…

Gabriel Hollows

US support :)


SAA troops are defecting in masses allover syria right now and alot of them refused to be deployed to Idlib. The war goes on for 7th year and most of them have seen the truth amongst the SAA… It’s simple ”Certain death”..

The Turks themselves was supposed to enter Idlib but kinda declined in the last minute due to the potential of to many loss of lives on both sides.

The place is over mined, deep trenches plus tunnel systems allover the place..

They are not defecting to join other groups but just fleeing the country. Nobodies life is more on the line then them. They are getting paid peanuts for this horrible job


They were going to walk over Afrin too, for months now.

Propaganda war, just like arriving silently in the night (in KRG, Northern Syria, the moon?).

I think tyey (TSK) will go silently into the valley of the night, never to return.


Another news out couple of hours ago.. the Pro-Assad government is arresting over 40 years old males in Aleppo for service? They are hiring them for military service by force.


I guess they ran out of military age forces. This war is hitting a comical level. At this point all these military age male civilians have to flee even tho if they are pro-assad. They will get arrested at gun point and put into a 99% ratio chance of getting killed frontlines.

Arresting over 40 year old males for military service is red flag


two old idiots spreading fake news.


Whatever happened, the pics are spectacular,


They should do it in your country, you will like it even more.


hope its not true


Impressive urban renewal. Wouldn’t want to be near it. RIP


There’s a world of hurt coming to whoever has started fighting again in Ghouta. Watch for the human rights infringements.


RIP you are martyrs already !

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