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JUNE 2023

412 Sudanese Soldiers Killed In Ongoing Yemeni Conflict

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412 Sudanese Soldiers Killed In Ongoing Yemeni Conflict

AFP 2017/ Ashraf Shazly

On September 27, Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces commander, General Mohamad Hamdan Dalqu, revealed in an interview with the Sudanese newspaper al-Jareeda that 412 service members of the Sundanese Army including 14 officers have been killed in Yemen by the Houthis since March 26, 2015.

Gen. Dalqu also announced that the Sundanese Army Rapid Support Forces participated in battles against the Houthis on 40 different fronts in Yemen. Moreover, Gen. Dalqu claimed that the Sudanese forces helped the Saudi-led collation to capture many areas in Yemen.

The Sudanese Army is the third largest force in the Saudi-led collation in Yemen after the Saudi Army and the UAE Army. However, unlike what Gen. Dalqu claimed the achievement of the Sudanese Army in Yemen is very limited.

The Sudanese Army Rapid Support Forces are mainly deployed around the Houthis-held Yemeni capital Sana’a. So far, the Houthis have repelled dozens of attacks of the Sudanese Army and pro-Hadi forces around Sana’a, and it’s believed that most Sudanese casualties were around Sana’a.

On September 26, Houthi snipers killed 3 fighters of the Saudi-led collation in Nihm district of Sana’a governorate. An example of the effective Houthi presence around Sana’a.

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Brother Ma

Good riddance! Who told you to go there? Stay home and fix your own country first,lapdogs of the sauds!


The power of Empire-mongering nations such as the US, the Saudis, the Israelis, is that they can coerce other weakened nations into fighting and dying for their empire fights.

John Whitehot

I can only imagine how well the people of Sudan are faring and how much they need to conduct military operations away from home.

There’s probably some influx of petrodollars for the Sudanese governement from Saudia, although countries will soon realize that being owners of US debt is going to bring more problems rather than improve the economy.


Sudanese mercenaries fighting for Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Pakistan used to provide mercenaries to S. Arabia, until they got smart. Let the pathetic Saudis fight their own wars…if they have the fortitude to fight them!


And again? The power of Empire-mongering nations such as the US, the Saudis, the Israelis, is that they can coerce other weakened nations into fighting and dying for their empire fights.

The whole Kuridistan creation game is like a repeat of the UK’s Israel creation. Get an ethno-sectarian identity subgroup to rile up the entire region while barely lifting your own little finger. And the US is trying to make it seem ‘we’ aren’t happy that the promise to post-Hussein Iraq to keep its border integrity (and of course the threats to enemies/frenemies Syria, Turkey and Iran!) will be broken and war will break out everywhere with this one Kurdish key. The US/Israel/NATO believes completely in Divide-and-Conquer. Destroy sovereignty and pillage all the wealth/labor.

The US state is getting exactly what the military-industrial (deep state) complex wants. No one should ever trust our corrupt US back-stabbing support.

Man Dagang

Why dont Assad remove all iranian, iraqi & russian militias from syria to end the war in a month time


Why does not US and Israel and the rest of the axis of evil get out of Syria themselves, and call on their proxies armies to surrender before your statement would have any validity. Syria was invaded by hundreds of thousand jihadi terrorists from all over the world supported by the axis of evil. Why don’t you look at actual history, instead of your revisionist none sense?

You can call me Al

Sweet. Well played Houthies.

Paul Barbara

Why on earth don’t these ‘silly-born- bas*ards realise they are being played for c*nts by the West and Israel? Take for instance, Henry Kissinger’s quote: ‘“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ― Henry Kissinger Leave me out, some silly prats reckon they will get 72 virgins on Martyrdom? Really? And just how long will they last as ‘virgins’, over eternity? And then what? So the Jihadis can shag themselves silly, to the greater glory of Allah? Are you kidding me?


I think those ’72 virgins’ are like that virgin-made vampire on the TV show “True Blood” that became a virgin all over again every night and had to go through the pain anew every time any of these supposed holy men effed them. Over and over and over again. Talk about dark bloody magic!


Good riddance. Now the rest of you – GO HOME – stop making like Americunts – and tell the Saudis to do their own murdering of children!

Solomon Krupacek

this is only for preventing of overpopulation of africa :))

Sam Cru

Negros are very ineffective at organized violence especially when they go up against non-blacks.

John Whitehot

a laugh will bury you.

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