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JUNE 2021

Over 41,000 Militants, Their Family Members Leave Southern Part Of Eastern Ghouta

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Over 41,000 Militants, Their Family Members Leave Southern Part Of Eastern Ghouta


Over 41,000 members of Faylaq al-Rahman and their family members have left four the southern part of the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta, according to the Russian military.

“A total of 41,126 militants and their family members left the settlements of Erbin, Jobar, Ein Tarma and Zamalka,” the head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria, Maj. Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko said. “All of them, accompanied by vehicles of security services of the Syrian Arab Republic, ambulance vehicles of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Russian military police officers were taken to the Qalaat al-Madiq settlement in the Idlib de-escalation zone.”

Yevtushenko noted that the successful operation on the withdrawal of Ahrar al-Sham and Faylaq al-Rahman militants from Eastern Ghouta showed the viability of efforts to persuade Jaysh al-Islam, which still controls Douma, to accept a reconciliation agreement.

The Russian official also added that 34 hostages were released in a large-scale operation in Eastern Ghouta.

“During an operation unprecedented in its scale, 34 hostages held by illegal armed groups were released from captivity,” he said adding that a checkpoint allowing Douma locals to withdraw from the militant-held area still works.

“All necessary facilities to help them have been deployed there. Today, a total of 128 civilians left via this corridor. In total, 29,230 people have left Douma via the humanitarian corridor from February 28,” he said.

According to the Russian military, 153,140 civilians have been evacuated from Eastern Ghouta since the start of humanitarian pauses in the area.

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The inhuman barstewards who organised this war on Syria & its people will be hating this month & the great achievements of Syrians & their brave allies.
The same UK/U$/EU/ZioNazi barstewards & their Gulf Cooperation Cuntries organised the wars on Afghanistan, Libya & Iraq.

These are wars FOR oil, power & profit, yes, but they are primarily wars AGAINST people.
As the great journalist John Pilger has said, with each war, the numbers & proportions of civilians killed rises, as schools, hospitals & all civilian infrastructures are destroyed.

These are depopulation wars.

The Banksters have decided that human beings, especially babies & women of child bearing years are surplus to requirements. Because their Rothschild Central Bankster Money Created As Debt Empire is going bankrupt. Since 1913 the U$ dollar has degraded in value to less than 5 cents.
This is why China has started the PetroYuan & why the U$Yankers are sh1tting themselves.

http://www.c3headlines.com & click on Quotes.
The agendas of the global warming/climate change scam are also depopulation, de-industrialisation & a totalitarian world govt.

A Syrian Victory is a Victory for Humanity.

John Doran.

Acko Manah

Thanks for an absolutely uninformative rant.

Frank Smith

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41,000 Syrians going to populate Afrin.

svenne svensk

41000! That’s to manny terrorist that will stay alive. This matter they will have to take care of otherwise they just move the problems


Actually, there are 4 billions terrorists on the planet. They all worship the terrorist Abraham. The root is rotten. Too big to fall.

Acko Manah

Yeah it doesn’t make sense. The numbers don’t work. Something is not right here.


Reset the world. Go back in time and kill Abraham !!


41000 is a lot. I can’t see how it is in Syria’s interests to turn Idlib into a hotbed of radicals. The goal should be the reintegration of people in society.

In that light it was a bit disappointing to read about the treatment of those who do stay behind. We know that they are enlisted into the army. But why are the sent into battle with hardly any training so that their death toll is very high?

John Brown

They will kill each other there and the left overs won’t have any human shields to hide behind.

Acko Manah

Does the death of their families turn you on? Does it give you pleasure? Sick

John Brown

It is they who are the killers. I agree they should be let go to Idlib, spare their lives. If they want to be peaceful there, they will not die there, but we all know the head chopping, heart eating, servants of satanic Israel, don’t want peace, so they will likely all die there by their own hands for this reason. The wages of serving Satan are death. Almost all those sent to Idlib in such deals end up fighting and killing each other. If they are all innocent and peaceful, why do they kill each other there? Tell us.!

Acko Manah

Did you read what I said? They go with families. It means kids. How is a kid guilty because the parents are morons?

John Brown

It is their parents choice. I believe in free will. If they choose to torture, murder, rape and kill etc. and this gets their kids killed, it is their fault and on one else. They have had the chance and the choice to surrender once already. They said no. What do you expect the SAA to do??? Tell us your solution when they refuse to surrender and choose to take their kids and families with them into combat, start shooting at you, murdering and killing??

Acko Manah

I know people are angry. Who wouldn’t be. I am not even sure if Idlib is a good idea because it leaves them armed. But there is something odd when there is 40,000 of them. Who are they?

John Brown

I like that they won’t be able to torture, rape and murder any more innocent women and children there.

Acko Manah

No argument

Acko Manah

Who are all these people? It is more than just a handful. Please spare me the rhetoric. 40,000 is a lot. Are these Syrians? Are they not? …


Big move.

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