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JUNE 2021

41 Killed In Double-Tape Terrorist Attack In Libya’s Benghazi (Videos)

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On January 23, two booby-trapped cars exploded in the front of the Biya’at al-Ruduan mosque in the center of Libya’s Benghazi after the end of the night prayers, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. The outlet reported that at least 41 civilians were killed and more than 80 others were injured in the double-tape terrorist attack.

Spokesman for the Central Security Room in Benghazi Lieutenant Tarek al-Kharraz confirmed that Ahmed Ali al-Fitouri, a commander of the Special Arrest and Investigation Unit of the Libyan National Army (LNA), was killed in the attack. Lt. al-Kharraz also revealed that Brigadier General Mahdi al-Falah, a deputy head of the LNA intelligence service, was slightly injured in the attack.

An unnamed Libyan security source told al-Arabiya that the terrorist attack was planned colorfully to target several security and military commanders of the LNA.

In response to the attack, Major Mahmoud al-Warfali, a commander of the LNA’s Sa’ka forces, ordered to execute 10 prisoners of ISIS in front of the Biya’at al-Ruduan mosque on January 24. The UN condemned the public execution in a official statements few hours later.

41 Killed In Double-Tape Terrorist Attack In Libya's Benghazi (Videos)

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So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the brutal attack in Benghazi. However, Libyan sources believe that cells of ISIS or the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna could be behind the attack.

Benghazi was fully cleared from terrorists on December 28, when the LNA captured the Khreibish district, which had been the last position of the Shura Council of Mujahedeen Beinghazi [a coalition of different radical groups].

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Public execution is not the way to retaliate against them. Just making them feel more relevant.
Put them under the dirt destroy all of their symbolic signatures etc etc. Just put them on the league of just another psychotic terrorist to be remembered by deeds not identity.


No mate, that is what exactly is needed here so that Daesh knows if they come closer and they will be cut they will be executed, they must imply some fear to them, tell me what was Daesh doing to everyone, what EXECUTIONS.


Daesh craziest consisted of people that wanted to be relevant above all things. Take Them like they are serious threat is what they want.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The most radicalized of Muslims of Salafi and Wahhabi then mix in criminal gangs and you have a branch of the CIA.


This is Deash Signature. hah ,The UN condemned the public execution. really and where were you to condemn when Daesh was executing Syrians,Iraqis,Afghans,Iranians,Libyans, every fucking where in the fucking world you fucking UN where were you. You where quiet you bitches, eliminate all those Daesh no prisoners eye for an eye.


Thats the way you deal with daesh..


To think that Libya was the beacon of stability just a few years ago..

You can call me Al

Until of course they wanted to trade oil in AFRICAN GOLD DINARS.

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