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41 ISIS Members Arrested Following Terrorist Attacks In Tehran

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41 ISIS Members Arrested Following Terrorist Attacks In Tehran


41 ISIS members have been arrested following two terrorist attacks in Tehran that took place earlier this week, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said in a statement on June 9.

The terrorists were detained in the provinces of Kermanshah, Kordestan, West Azarbaijan and Tehran. Iranian security forces reported seize d a high number of of documents and equipment from terrorists.

Earlier this week, ISIS terrorists attacked the Iranian parliament and the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum. 12 people were killed.

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i hope they treat them kindly, as they do to prisoners.


Si son ISIS, entonces son enviados por patrones de Riad


Excellent Iran!!!!

Gabriel Hollows

Funny how Iran is apparently the only country able to capture them alive.

Solomon Krupacek

cause they are not terroristst, but civils with opposite opinions.


Probably. It takes lots of slow deliberate investigation to unravel any crime or terrorist wing. Whenever the authorities claim to do so in a matter of hours after an attack, chances are they are basically rounding up the usual suspects.

Even more since apparently the Iranians were caught with their pants down with these attacks. And then suddenly they uncover and arrest an entire ISIS operation overnight?

Solomon Krupacek

you nicely described my thoughts :)

Real Anti-Racist Action

What happened was the arrest two of the attackers, and advanced interrogations (torture) brought forth information fast that Iran acted on.
So the two rated to stop the pain, and that is how Iran moved so rapidly.
Also, elected officials in Parliament were taking selfies during the attack to mock ISIS. They were not scared, and ISIS never made it into the Parliament floor room where many elected officials actually were. ISIS was defeated before they could hit the true center of Iranian democracy!


I don’t have much faith in torture. It only produces the results you want to hear and its mostly used to intimidate a population then to really extract information. That’s why Abu Grayb was such a big scandal in the Middle East. Because while most Americans think, ‘yeah, its not nice, but we do it to get information’ almost every Arab thought ‘you see, the Americans are just like Saddam and every dictator, they use torture to intimidate us too’. Even for gathering information its a process that still takes a long time to really break a person’s will. Certainly not within a day.

Far more likely that Iran just rounded up the usual suspects to show to its people that its doing something. Just like we do in the West. In the aftermath of the UK attacks, there were also dozens of immediate arrests. Who have now all been released. However the arrests were frontpage news, the releases only backpage mentionings.


They are talking!

Solomon Krupacek

i wonder, how many of them are only normal people?


Oh, they are “talking” and they are going to tell “everything”. No western human rights for the jihadists.

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