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4,000 Locals Of Eastern Ghouta Joined Syrian Army

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4,000 Locals Of Eastern Ghouta Joined Syrian Army

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More than 4,000 locals of the Eastern Ghouta region joined the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and several pro-government armed groups during the last few weeks, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Damascus Voice reported on May 9.

The Damascus Voice said that a majority of the locals had voluntarily joined the Russian-backed Palestinian group Liwa al-Quds, while few dozens had chosen to join the Tiger Forces. A third part of the locals went to serve in the SAA, mainly in the Republican Guard.

According to the report, the SAA has deployed some units of these groups in southern Damascus to secure the rear of SAA units, which are currently attacking the besieged fighters of ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp and the al-Hajar al-Aswad district.

The evacuation agreement between Jaysh al-Islam and Damascus gave 18-42 y.o. men there a six-month period to reconcile and join the SAA, if they have not completed their mandatory service. However, the Damascus Voice said that the majority of locals had joined the SAA and pro-government forces before the end of this period.

A similar situation occurred in the newly liberated region of Eastern Qalamun, where thousands of locals joined the SAA and Russian-backed forces recently, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

Local observers believe that these new recruits will play a key role in the upcoming military operations of the SAA against ISIS and the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

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jo johns


Joe Dirt

Terrorist, you should be reported to the feds

Concrete Mike

Report me too then zio boot licker

You can call me Al

I’ll come with you as an Aryan Brit.


Write your Congressman, talk to your neighbors, bring the truth out into the daylight.


Finally, these people have decided to defend their country. Congratulation, good news for your country and the future of your children.

Pavel Pavlovich

This is the main issue here: had the townsfolk stayed to fight from the onset… I need not bring this sentence to any conclusion.

You can call me Al

“defend their country” – with both a revenge and hatred.


If any country want to become ally with US and NATO then first of all they must dismantle their all nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons, missiles, fighter jets and other weapons then they will think about their inclusion as an ally otherwise not. This is US and NATO condition. Then these countries will request to US for defense, for which they will pay contribution. This is called military deprivation of a country.

US and NATO have done this with UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. With US you are not allowed to enjoy real freedom. There will be complete ban on research and development and such kind of education on these countries. Now the dismantling process is continue in North Korea.

Concrete Mike

They did it to canada too…avro arrow look it up

You can call me Al

I absolutely agree with you.

Iran, North Korea and Cuba – the 3 remaining Countries without Rothschild central bank …..https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/there-are-only-3-countries-in-the-world-without-a-rothschild-owned-central-bank/

Feudalism Victory

Yeah finally. What have these military aged men been doing for all these years that they can immediately be used as soldiers?!?!?

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I’m puzzled each time news like this show up. How it is possible that someone once called terrorist (by official government) becomes integral part of government force, even worse: to keep them concentrated in a unit and trust them guarding SAA’s back. It sounds crazy. Now, since people in real life are not crazy that much, I assume we are missing huge part of the complete picture (i.e. combining all sources I’ve consumed – from MSM to alt-media portals – the information all together seems to be 5% of reality). “Fortunately” I have our own experience during Yugoslavian wars, to help me grasping now brutally disconnected is reality from “reporting”.


The US and NATO pigs had held them hostage for 7 years. Now they know the value of freedom.



Jasminko Grdic

With all this fighting groups(FSA, HTS, Zinky, IS,SDF….around 100.000 and more) in Syria , Israel will be done in few weeks…but these are idiots and nothing more

Smith Ricky

Letssss Goo !!! Syria 4 ever !

أبو ياسر

We want only our own state nothing more and nothing less… https://youtu.be/LSPXpzqrP8o


you will all be wiped out, fake religion, fake state, fake ideology

أبو ياسر

Believe me brother, Islam is a true religion. And prophet Muhammad is the final messenger sent by God. Would you not fight the people who broke their oaths and determined to expel the Messenger, and they had begun to attack you first?

Amin is a Persian

Islam is the true religion and prophet Muhammad is the final messenger sent by God and you are the SUPPORTERS OF THE KILLERS OF HIS FAMILY AND HIS DESCENDANTS. This is what most non-Muslims do not know, unfortunately. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HALq707n-YE

You can call me Al

To you, he is a messenger, to me Jesus is…..

1 God, many prophets.

Jasminko Grdic

Why you talk about Islam, Muhammed and all this stuff and then work togheter with Israel. The state that have killed milions of Muslim ppl, who take muslim land and kill muslims every day.

GO there is Tel Aviv and clean this land for your IS clean this shit out of space and Earth. and you will have your land. None other Muslim state will ever atack you or anything else.


You Daesh Wahhabi-Cuntz are Nothing but Devilworshippers and Sons of Whores of IsraHell


Friend of yours?


I hope you soon will run Burning in the desert Screaming for Mercy to put a cap in your head and put an end to your Misery…Daesh-Wahhabi-Demon… you will meet your 72 Male Virgins soon…

Concrete Mike

Your doing Israel’s bidding you pig headed morron.

You and your wahhabi kind are an insult to your prophet.

How do you sleep at night???


I see, having your own state so you can chop heads for the CIA, seems reasonable, put this guy on a bus to Idlib!

Jozsef Osztronkovics

It is great that so many Syrian people joined the SAA because the war was not finished -there is great danger a head


How many of them are jihadists?

Dr. Pro Liv

You must ask Pentagon for that… I’m sure that they have their names and quantity of money they have spent on each one of them for training….. The tide has changed now they are “good guys” again….

Joe Dirt

You mean Iran….

Dr. Pro Liv


Joe Dirt

If you ask the Pentagon they would send you to Iranian embassy :D

Dr. Pro Liv

Why would I ask them when they publicly admitted of spending millions of dollars on training and not be able to keep them and control them as “moderate rebels”

Joe Dirt

Like i said they will send you to the Iranian embassy :D Iran is the only one funding terrorist


Don’t be a nitwit. The main cause of the takfiri Al Qaeda-like terrorist groups is anti-Shiite. Iran is the strongest Shiite country in the world and the only one run by Shiite clerics. Death to Iran is the terrorists’ creed. Imagining Iran funds these people is moronic. Especially when we know perfectly well who funds them–Saudi Arabia and the US.

Joe Dirt

Iran launched an attack on Israel — and it got badly beaten and internationally abandoned


Bill Wilson

I read about that and thought it was odd how a few of their rockets reached their targets while the rest fell short inside Syria. Guess the Iranians were shooting off old stock whose performance was questionable at best.

Joe Dirt

If anything a quick retaliation to deter any blitzkrieg

Bill Wilson

And Iran’s Shi’te clerics have shit for brains.

Promitheas Apollonious

stop comparing all based on your pitiful self. Stupidity as yours, always walk alone, so dont beg for company.

Dr. Pro Liv

EU is full of Syrians who want to “defend their country”….. It is only necessary that all of military age men are to be sent back home to Syria. To do their DUTY and not wait for Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah get killed ( instead of them ) in liberating Syria.

Jasminko Grdic

but in Syria they don+’t have a FREE Apartment, Food, Clouthes, Free money for fun…. why is no war in my country to get this all too for free


Many of them are Former Takfiri Jihadists that fled in 2015 because Russia stepped in…Europe would like to keep them for the use in Future False Flags..

Dr. Pro Liv

I can not believe that those people who decided to play with Takfiri fire can be that much stupid and expect they will not burn something down by accident… Or they really don’t give flying fuck if games like that burn whole Europe down. We will have new waves of refugees soon…people who facilitate those things targeting riots even small civil wars in Europe as result….. They will use them probably to introduce military type of rule over the society. We should say good bye to democracy and freedom…our future will be different.



This could be the plan… have Muslims & Westerners fight eachother… so that Elitists can continue their Ruling.. Divide & Conquer…


make the gojim kill each other of in a nuclear war between east and west…hence make the northern hemisphere utterly destroyed…..the one world government with jerusalem as its capital….jewish plan…jewish controlled Only 2 ways for israel to achieve.. 1. make israel bigger 2. make the world smaller

Thats the big picture on our planet for 2000 years


Sounds like a Great plan…perhaps it is a good idea if we screw it up for them a little bit…


I think you make a good point there.

US-Navy Revert Shia

I said to myself Mos. Ago GOD Forbid the [CIA/Mossad] Trained & Supported Salafi/Wahhabi [Head-choppers] Landed near The [LES] NYC-USA…. Boom-!!!! This ground is Watered with the blood of American Civilian Patriots No Ground would ever be gained Not 1″ The First Order of the day when freed is to respect the Government and ask for Military Grade Arms, I would Apply My Former US-Naval Training “Get In Where I Fit In” and IN SHA ALLAH Fight the Oppressor GOD Bless The Peole Of Syra All The People White Black Christian Of Non-Christian and Move On To Free The World & Syria-!!!!!!!! AHAD AHAD AHAD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e93be153ee2711a0e9b9b3db28174e44e8744e40425a1f97ea3c5de801814ec.jpg

Joe Dirt

They finally get tired of killing each other?


An article from 2014 quoted Bashar saying their were terrorists from 81 different countries in his jails. It is not so easy to judge when your own country spreads death and destruction around the world for centuries now. Our contribution, drink beer, watch football and play violent video games.

The young kids who have grown up watching their mothers and sisters tortured by godless devils will make fearless resolute soldiers. This was thrust upon them, how will we react when it comes to us? Get some Opioids and think about it? Our apathetic attitude towards our governments is part and parcel of the 3rd world hell, it’s our contribution to humanity.

Are you proud, I’m fuck’in NOT!


I suspect life under the FSA wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


Mass defection, the product of total demoralization and cynical necessity. I read about how such things happened a lot during the 30 Years War, but those were mercenaries while these Rebels are the product of chronic societal and government failures. I doubt these recruits will be used in any major offensive, they will only augment occupational forces while small, more loyal, and trusted units function as a sort of occupation force within an occupation force. At least until reconstruction is over.

Bill Wilson

They needed a job and the SAA was hiring.

Alexis Goldwasser

The SAA has been badly depleted after years of fighting in the civil war. Its troop numbers must constantly be replenished by hezbollah and iran; a few townsfolk lacking proper training and equipment isnt going to turn the tables on israel.

Dont even count on russia to defend syria, putin only pays lip service. Russian forces will NEVER engage the IDF


So much for the ‘Voluntairy’ part…. “Damascus gave 18-42 y.o. men there a six-month period to reconcile and join the SAA, if they have not completed their mandatory service.”

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