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400 Militants to Leave Qodsiyeh Town in Damascus in Next 3 Days

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Over 400 militants and members of their families will be transferred from Qodsiyeh town in Western Ghouta region to Hama and Idlib provinces in the next three days.

400 Militants to Leave Qodsiyeh Town in Damascus in Next 3 Days

Over 400 militants and members of their families are planned to be transferred to Hama and Idlib provinces from the key town of Qodsiyeh in Western Ghouta region in the province of Damascus in the next three days.

According to sources in the peace committee in the town of Qodsiya, militants, who are not going to lay down their arms, will leave the town, while others, who intend to stay in Qodsiya, will surrender their weapons and be pardoned.

The sources also noted that while a list of militants and their families, who seek to leave Qodsiyeh and Elhameh towns was being prepared by national reconciliation committees, clashes between the Syrian Army and militants has started in Elhameh, in particular at the Beirut old road and in the area of Jamraya village.

On Sunday, about 6,000 civilians took to the streets of Qodsiyeh town and called on militants to leave the inhabited locality.

“The major part of people in the town of Qodsiyeh poured into the streets to call on those militants, who have not joined the peace agreement with the Syrian government, to leave their town immediately,” the Fars news agency quoted a local source.

As the source noted, some militants opened fire on the civilians, however, the latter managed to seize militants’ weapons during a fighting with them.

On Saturday, a member of the peace committee announced that tens of terrorists in Elhameh  and Qodsiyeh towns in the western countryside of Damascus city were getting ready to surrender to the government and be evacuated to other cities across the country.

The source noted that some points of the peaceful agreement with the government give a chance “to leave the towns with light arms and be relocated to other militant-held regions” to those militants, who do not want to surrender. He also added that leaders of militants in Elhameh and Qodsiyeh towns are currently preparing a list of fighters, who intend to lay down their arms and join the “peace plan with the government.”

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Gary Sellars

They should simply kill these evil foat-guckers… no mercy for Wahabbi terrorist filth.


+1 I’m usually supportive of peace agreements but these monsters in Qodsiyeh are some of the most inhumane anthropomorphic creatures I’ve ever heard of. They massacred,mutilated, raped, extorted and oppressed with such viciousness uncomparable even to isis. And at times when the fighting died down they deliberately assaulted army murdering soldiers just to reignite fighting and make matters even more appaling for civilians than they already were. I say – Napalm these beasts of no nation as soon as they cross into Idlib!

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