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40 Tons Of Chemical Weapons Found In Areas Liberated From Militants In Syria

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Chemical weapon production facilities and 40 tons of poisonous substances have been found in areas liberated from militants in Syria.

“The Syrian Foreign Ministry pointed out that more than 40 tons of poisonous substances were found on the territories, liberated from terrorists,” Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces, said on March 21.

Kirillov made his comment during a press conference in Moscow concerning the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. The U.K. and some Western states accuse Russia of being behind the incident.

Kirillovrecalled the case of Khan Shaykhun (Syria) and said that said the UK and Western states are prepared to use any means necessary to discredit Russia.

The alleged chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun took place on April 4, 2017 in an area controlled by militant groups, mostly Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Up to 100 civilians were allegeldy killed by sarin gas.

The US-led block accused Damascus of the attack [according to this version, the gas was released in an airstrike by governmetn forces] and fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat Airbase. Washington claimed that the Shayrat Airbase had been the very compound from which jets allegedly armed with the chemical took off.

Meanwhile, no real inveistigation of the Khan Shaykhun incident took place. Some experts believe that the chemical attack was staged by militants in order to blame the Syrian government.

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Zainab Ali

stuff them in the zio satanic terrorists’ mouths for their lies and deceptions

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

this wont get into msm


Washington is doing a very dirty war against Muslim world to take their natural resources and land. The Muslim world should ask from their leadership that why they are so much loyal to Washington. Are they Washington puppets?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

fk islam






Promitheas Apollonious



Film it, document it, bring in OPCW team (kicking and screaming if need be) and conduct a proper by the book investigation. Without it this info will be easily dismissed as “fake news” and both Russia and Syria lose credibility…

Promitheas Apollonious

Lose credibility where exactly? Is there any thinking person that dont know what is happening and why? The time of reasoning is well passed my friend. It is obvious dont you think so?


Battle for Syria and indeed for the shape of the World our grandchildren will live in is not conducted only on the front lines. It’s also a propaganda battle for the public opinion and conscience of the World. Mere fact that 1000s of people from all 4 corners every day read Southfront, comment the news and clearly don’t buy into MSM crap is proving my point. Credibility in the international arena will decide the victor as much as weapons and blood. And truth is a WMD in the class of it’s own…

You can call me Al

I knew it, I damn well knew it, you are a flat earther lol.


Exactly when i talk to people about what going on in syria .All they know is what American msm says .They think america is fighting isis and Syrian dictator is killing hundreds of thousands .Nothing else


Syrians done and still doing a great thing for the World, I hope the whole World will open their eyes soon….Syria made many Hidden things Visible….by shining a Light on the Cockroaches that attacked them….It was their blood that was shed, their suffering, their fighting….but it gave Evil a Face and Exposed them for what they are…. Demons… I thank The Syrian People & Their Allies for that….

Icarus Tanović

Thats right.


OPCW have blatantly politicized like it’s Olympic body. What else ? UNSC ? they let their mandate slide when US launch barrage of tomahawks into Syria.

You can call me Al

What Olympic body, WADA ?


Well OPCW can’t claim that a bunch of freshly mixed sarin is fabric softener. When you squeeze them in the corner and pile on the evidence, they’ll have to confirm the obvious . Don’t forget that they already confirmed that 2013 Ghouta sarin attack was rebel organized. Some of the people working there have professional and personal integrity.


It’s 2018. OPCW last official statement about the gassing is implying that the Government forces responsible while whitewashing the militants responsibility in it.


OPCW is politicized and they can BS about “moderate activists reports” all they like, because there’s no factual evidence to confirm of debunk their BS. 40 tons of lethal chemical substances are hard to ignore – psychically or politically. Especially if Russia and Syria insist on the matter to the point of being boring. The truth would eventually come out if not through MSM then with the help of alt-media. And next time Nikki Haley starts BSing about “Assad gassing his own people” – you’ll have 400 tons of evidence that says she’s a lying piece of crap. Now that’s enough to stop even her…

AM Hants

There is a section of the UN OPCW – Joint Intelligence Mechanism, that is funded by the EU and 12 other nations, that want the natural assets of Syria. I do believe it is the JIM sector, that sides with those that pay the wages and their is more independence in the OPCW, or there used to be.

You can call me Al

But first of all, investigate each batch /agent for it’s Country of origin. If there are 10 investigations to undertake, it’ll only take 50 mins i.e. less than an hour ………I know this as a fact, because that is what we did with the has-been spy bloke (UK).


Absolutely right. This is the only possible way !

Julian Clegg

The Khan Shaykhun chemical theatre, starring British terrorist “doctor” Shajul Islam.

Mario Ceva

But Russia do a ” chemical atack ” in Great Britain…..



Mario Ceva



The obssesion with this is so real that honestly nobody at this point believes in the chemical attack being other then Assad/Russia. Even a child would know this at this stage. They just went completely amature regarding this by spamming and talking about it zillions of times


Bullsheeet, Assad has very little reason to use Gas. Rebels use gas mainly as a false flag to discredit Syrian Government. To investigate for yourself, think “Who benefits” from each attack ?

Seán Murphy


neil barron

I take your statement at the value you put in to it, meaning that all points of interest, game Syria and Russia as perpetuators except the people that are paying attention. That would be me, you and few others here correct?


Yet for years Putin forced Assad to leave East Ghouta alone, and treat the rebels there as the ‘official opposition’. So why is Putin only now clearing out East Ghouta?

East Ghouta was one of the many ‘hearts’ of the wahhabi invasion- an invasion that was carried out after years of crafted local ‘fifth columnists’ via Syrian kids converted to the ’cause’ by the many Saudi wahhabi imams Assad allowed to flood into Syria after 9/11. But Putin is a MUCH better friend to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Israel than he ever is to Syria- in his own words.

Southfront uses the old propaganda trick of BOTTOM UP analysis and never TOP DOWN. You see, you can always find ‘happy’ stories on the ground if you use your magnifying glass carefully enough.

The REAL story is “why now?” and the NATO (Turkey) invasion of Syria and the growing number of America bases and the no-fly-zone the USA has imposed over its region of Syria. For our side the REAL news is bad and only growing worse.

And now we hear Putin has agreed to let Trump treat him as Trump treats the leader of N Korea. Dear lord.

Brad Isherwood

Ya….Maybe in this case, It’s better to have the crazy occur in Syria…. vs Chechnya 3.0

neil barron

I don’t take these comments with a grain of salt, but your line is correct Putin does not want these crazies in Chechnya or Russia itself look whats happening now in Russia more and more terrorist attacks.

Brad Isherwood

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company Notice All** The other Nations – East India company’s pillage and loot India.

The Military Industrial Complex of our day is the Corporation extension of the Old Masonic British East India company. Lord Palmerston (Mason). ..used Gunboat extortion on China during Opium wars. Notice that US are now 15+ years in Afghanistan. …moving the Opium.

Putin’s trapped in a world where War,Military sales,Narcotics and the geopolitical Is Gangster World. Putin knows if He/Russia does not go along with the game, …something worse follows. Russia is still entangled with the BIS /Rothschilds Central Banking system. The Jewish Oligarchs who took the keys away from Yeltsin and give Putin also Entangle Russia.

Iran is very much key to Syria breaking free of Empire menacing. Putin has to tell Netanyahu to hit the road,…and signal Iran to bring in the goodies. Israel is frightened of Iran who are maturing their military technical side.






First, poisonous substances =/= chemical weapons. Far, far, far, far not!!!!

Second, tons chemical weapons is enormous amount. This amount you can not produce in gareage labs.

Somn SF please correct this very incorrect title.

Moreover, i saw photoreportage on AMN some days ago. I saw only typical substances of chemical lab. Yes, some of them were poisons, but nothing extra.

Joe Dirt

They must have went into the local Home Depot and ordered 40 tons of chemical weapons.

chris chuba

Fair enough, they should be more specific.

Even more sinister word games were played against the Syrian / Korean govts saying that a ‘illegal N. Korean shipments were intercepted to a company in Syria that makes chemical weapons with an inventory that can be used to make chemical weapons.’ Common industrial supplies were being sold to Syria, not chemical weapons but they were trying to spin it to make it sound as sinister as possible. It was illegal only because N. Korea is under embargo, not because of the content. Syria is also under U.S. sanctions and does not have a lot of options to buy basic items.

Feudalism Victory

Get a big rt press conference put up the vids on rts own servers win!


HEY….. Anyone Seen Emanuelle Macaroni…? Haven’t heard of Mister Jupiter for quite a while….


He is probably waterboarding Sarkozi :)


I bet he’s parler tête à tête avec his communications and PR officer at the moment…

Richard M

Maricon is not allowed out to play unless Grandma okays it.


I think he got grounded for selling all her toilet cleaner….


The BBC sill has not reported that the US Coalition proxy terrorists in Ghouta were making chemical weapons.

Perhaps they will tomorrow :)


Or the day after tomorrow…. or maybe next year…. who knows


This is a surprising development, it seems this would have been the works long before the bombardment of Gouta so the staged chemical attacks were more than a propaganda move it was to form a pretext for their own use of chemical weapons.


The British fund the White Helmets and ex-M16 officer runs the whole show. Presumably the British well knew this discovery was coming when militants started collapsing in East Ghouta. Ergo the hollow British ‘Russian chemical assassination’ performance of last weeks – to get their chemical smear campaign in first and take any public attention away from these NATO sponsored criminal activities in Syria.


whats ironic is that the USA sold CW to their CIA asset Sadam and he used it against the Kurds! Now the USA supports the Kurds and the Kurds accept it! The USA also supported and allied with Al-Quieda in Afghanistan! then they became enemies and now they are a proxy of the USA! USA says that Al-Quieda doesn’t like Assad nor Ghaddafi! These Americans,…. can we even imagine a nation as scummy as this one! They are rats! they actually think they are good people! lol.

Joe Dirt

“The Syrian Foreign Ministry pointed out that more than 40 tons of poisonous substances were found on the territories, liberated from terrorists,” Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces, said on March 21 ——————– just a statement? this should be big news, right? at least show some fake pictures! :D

neil barron

They have been showing them for weeks now every time the capture an area or there is a surrender they eventually find weapons manufacturing places and what they believe may be chemical labs. I take pictures and then read the labels and do a search lots of interesting thing you can find. The most sorrowful thing I’m came across when they showed a room full of hospital equipment that the terrorist had stolen there machines that where roughly handled and I finally realized I was looking at 3 MRI machines so I blew the picture and took down the name on it , it was British manufacture of these machines in UK. What bothered me is that these terrorist who are going to save the country had stolen these machines and denied the Syrian people the use of their machines for their health and well being. Kill all the terrorist.

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