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40 Secondary Schools In U.K. Banning Skirts In Favor Of ‘Gender Neutral’ Options

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40 Secondary Schools In U.K. Banning Skirts In Favor Of 'Gender Neutral' Options

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At least 40 secondary schools in the UK have banned girls from wearing skirts in favor of “gender neutral” options, the British media says citing an analysis of uniform policies across the country.

According to the UK media, further schools are now considering to impose “gender-neutral” uniforms, which are more inclusive of transgender pupils.

“One of the schools to have made the move last year is Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex, after pupils questioned why boys and girls should have to wear different clothing and stressed the importance of ensuring transgender students feel comfortable.

At Copleston High School in Ipswich, skirts feature on a list of unacceptable items of clothing alongside “skinny jeans and facial piercings,” the Sunday Times reports. All pupils at the school must wear “plain grey trousers.”

Meanwhile, at Woodhey High School in Bury, skirts have been banned because they can be “undignified and embarrassing” for staff and visitors when girls sit on the floor in assemblies and drama classes.

Eight secondary schools in Ipswich now ban skirts, meaning that the majority of girls attend “trouser-only” schools.

There are also bans in schools in Leeds, Grimsby and Bradford, where some schools with a high proportion of Muslim pupils do not allow skirts for modesty reasons,” The Independent says.

The Daily Mail provides a quote of Tony Smith, head of Priory School, from last year:

‘The reason for the uniform change initially is about equality, and decency.

Our students will all now wear the same uniform. ‘It is a much more decent uniform and it is far less likely to lead to abuse.

‘It is a gender neutral uniform, and we’ve thought carefully about that, ensuring that is was gender neutral.

‘We have transgender students in the school and we have an increasing number of students who are at that crossroads of understanding around their gender.”

According to Diane Burdaky, whose daughter Annabelle is in Year 8, also quoted by The Daily Mail, parents were never consulted about the changes.

“There was no letter or email. No word or consultation from the school at all.”

“My problem is why this has happened. I can’t think of any reason why girls shouldn’t wear them. For years girls have rolled their skirts up as soon as they’ve left the house. We all used to do it.”

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Jan Lavicka

the west = mentally inferior coward herd of slaves

Gary Sellars

50 generations of endless Bread and Circuses breeds an idiot race…

Tudor Miron

“Men become women and women become men”(c)


Britain is always said to be a few years behind US trends and the ‘ no skirts ‘ edicts are just another example of the collective insanity creeping in from the USA.

Would I be welcome in Russia , Tudor :)

Daniel Castro

Back in my school years here schools always had neutral uniforms (the word gender was never used outisde gramatics class), the reason was the rule was all uniforms should be equal, period.

The end result, girls would buy tight pants which made us crazy, as the summer was very hot their mothers cut these tiny pants into shorts… it was hard to hide the boner, many times I held my bag in front of me…

Well, in the schools without uniforms it was even worse because of the miniskirts which were fashion in the early 90s…

The real problem s brainwashing by socialist teachers in the classroom nowadays.

Tudor Miron

You know you are. As I said, within 10-15 years we’ll see sane people relocating from rotting US and geyropa (sorry guys) to Mother Russia. Lots of them.

paul ( original )

I want to move now. I doubt Russia will want many of us but I have seriously thought about it. I am more serious than you might think. A few years ago I went to live in a remote part of Slovenia. I came back here because I did not quite succeed due to the difficulty of the winter.

Tudor Miron

What was difficult? Cold?

paul ( original )

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but essentially it was the cold. It had a psychological effect that I had not anticipated . I used to look out of my window and saw icebergs floating down the river Drava. Being so exposed can make a person feel a bit vulnerable and confused.

Tudor Miron

Winter is great. I didn’t like it much till I was 40 or something. Than I realized that winter has its place and grew to love it. It’s beautiful.

Daniel Castro


I have a friend studying in Nijney Novgorod (correct me if I’m wrong), he says Russia is amazing country, very organized, developed, great salary, great hospitality, very educated people, however the cold is very hard to bear for someone who was raised in Brazil.

Tudor Miron

Yeah…Brasil is different in this terms :) I love winter. Here’s a joke – only Brasil’s national hockey team understands the feelings of Russia’s national football team.


A lot of other eastern Europe if too is a good place to live. Kazakhstan in example.

You can call me Al

Well tell that to the Scottish which may have their kilts banned.

I wonder what they are going to do with the Muslims in their dresses ?.

My Country has become INSANE… the thing is, the vast majority just laughs at all this BS.


Thinking the same.

paul ( original )

And we all become pissed off!

Wise Gandalf

Million, million, alichrot.

Pave Way IV

This seems pretty inconsequential – the US/UK ban on critical thinking over the last couple of decades was a bit more significant.


Your comment was so funny that I just opened a ‘disqus’ account to say it. :)

More seriously, this kind of events show how the largest part of human kind does not have a cue about life, and will never have.


Kali Yuga


Men wore skirts up until recent times?
Try and tell a highlander he’s a woman.

Jan Tjarks

A uniform makes people uniform, not free.

Daniel Castro

Children need standards, I have studied in my childhood in scools with and without uniforms, with uniforms was better.

Jan Tjarks

Sad to hear you are uniformed without even understanding it. You are not brilliant anymore, as you have been when you entered the world. Now, you are just a standard. I’m sorry for you, as you have the potential to be brillant in you.

You can call me Al

To an extent, he is right, although this banning of skirts is an absolute nonsense.

In The NL, most school kids dont wear uniforms, if any at all, so if you have 1 or a few rich kids in the school with all the fashionable gear and new toys, it causes havoc.

Jan Tjarks

Uniforms are nonsense, as they are made to make us all the same. However, it is diversity that makes life strong, not standards, as the lesson of survival of the fittest already thaught us.

Children need the diversity of knowledge to find out which talents they possess. School standards can’t deliver this, they are the exact opposite. Thus followers of standards are made, not brilliant minds like Albert Einstein who create the world they are living in.


Yes children need standards, because when you join an organized group, the interaction is all about standards and agreed-upon behavior. Humans do not live any more in the wilderness. This does not imply that everybody will become automats devoid of initiative.

Jan Tjarks

Why do you mistake responsible behavior with a standard? Social standards are a complete different matter. If kids come to school as murders then something very serious went wrong at home, don’t you think?

Daniel Castro

We have plenty of diversity here,perhaps whereyou live everyone looks the same, but not here.

Plenty of diveristy of thought too.

Jan Tjarks

It has nothing to do with looks and materialism, thank you for proving my point. The diversity is about liberty, free speach and people who think different, not the same.

At least in the last sentence you managed to turn around a little, putting your believe as an argument. =)

Daniel Castro

It has always to do with looks and materialism and you know it.

Kids need to study, to have fun, to play sports, let the stupid fashion debate to shallow adults.

Jan Tjarks

Well, it seems that those kids studying, having fun and sports turn into shallow adults talking about stupid fashion debates.

Thanks for proving my point again.

Btw., only because you believe that ‘you know it’s all about materialism’, doesn’t mean that I agree with your believe. That you want to force it on me again only shows you are talking standard, without realizing it.

Anyway, you seems to be hopelessly driven into standards so deep, that you don’t even notice it anymore. Thus no point in taking it any further.

Have a nice day and all the best.

Daniel Castro

Of course kids turn to shallow adults, children are superior beings, society corrupt us. You want to give them adult problems, to corrupt them by materialist society very early… well, indeed happens, but at least o school we were free from the endless competition, we didn’t need to worry about clothes and would just be ourselves.

You are not your indumentary.

You are just as driven by standards as me, tons of delusions, and you are the one who don’t notice. Everyone is born naked, we don’t need clothes to be who we are, and kids need to know this.

Jan Tjarks

You got an F for that reply, next time you will have to prepare better for school! Your parents will be very upset, you learn for your future and for your career here!

So much for the ‘no pressure’ part. =)

Depending on the country the pressure often is very different, nevertheless it’s at the core of the school systems.

In fact I’m with you in regards to clothing. It is said that clothes make people (see uniforms again), but it is those who are naked who are the most human instead.

An intersting thought in the end.

Daniel Castro

In the end there are tons of practical reason to give uniforms to kids in school, perhaps you are in a country with little social problems and that’s why you don’t know this.

I will give you the main reason. If you have a problem of violence and crimes in society, if you have some students of your school skiping class, leaving school early and even engaging in criminal activitis like gangs, streetights, robbery, even prostitution, the uniform is one of the few ways to identify kids when they are not in school when they were supposed, and to know exactly from what school they are.

And this is just one of the reasons, there are many others.

Of course in the perfect world uniforms won’t be needed, and neither schools or clothing… too bad the perfect world do not exist.

Jan Tjarks

It is indeed the case. The sad thing is, the kids have to get uniforms in order not to get involved in social issues a society has.

However, the uniform is just addressing the symptoms of the social issues, not the cause. Hopefully more people will understand that the cause should be addressed properly. But worst is, it usually is known where the core of the issues is, but societies wait for people in uniforms to take car of it, instead of taking care of it themselves (peacefully).

Daniel Castro

If school principals could solve the problems of society it would be good, but for I’ve seen they can’t even solve the problems inside their own schools…

If I had to guess I would say they are enforcing this single uniform policy in UK because there are trangender stundents crossdressing, and this probably is giving such a huge headache to the school that they though it would just be easier to make everyone use the same clothing.

Still, gay students will buy tigh clothes and change them, transgression always finds its way.

Jan Tjarks

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the three dozen gender types we create in our media nowadays … =)

Good that I lived in times were something like this was a non topic, we were just kids, that’s what it was back then. But today we have to pretend that every kid can have its own gender or something like that. Current day ideology demanded by some obscure political correctness.

As if being human is not already challenging enough.

Daniel Castro

As you see, reality always pose us a chalenge.

Here in Brazil it was single uniform (no skirts) in schools in my time because of the oversexualization of young girls in our society, it was thought as a way to protect the girls from the bombardment of oversexualized media back in the 80s and 90s. In schools without uniforms there were such tiny minikirts and tops they were half naked.

Jan Tjarks

Indeed, that’s why I said before, neutral clothes, thats it. As such a simple dress code would suffice. The first line: No clothes from brands.

The over sexualization is not coming from the kids however. It is pushed on our societies world wide. It’s the same in Europe or North America and even Japan and other Asian countries. There is a lot of interest behind that it seems.

Daniel Castro

“Indeed, that’s why I said before, neutral clothes, thats it. As such a simple dress code would suffice. The first line: No clothes from brands.”

Easier said than done, teachers won’t be able to fiscalize this, they barely can stop the spoiled brat to hear almost pornografic funk music on the speakers during class (my girlfriend is a teacher), they will never be able to tell them what to wear. I went though this, they tried to make a liberal public school, the end result was such a huge chaos the school council elected the most backward teacher from the military dictatorship to save the school from the chaos.

Jan Tjarks

I’m sorry for your girlfriend, who gets all the wrong doings from society pushed into her school and class room. It is a tough job.

Some teachers I talked with said, they wouldn’t send their kids to their own school, but they can’t afford that, as they would get fired questioning the system they are working for. It’s a sad state of affairs.

The schools can’t fix what is going wrong in the societies, they were never designed for that anyway. The fixing has to come from the societies themselves, nowhere else will it come from. Politicians are useless, electing a new hope every election since decades didn’t change anything, only made it worse.

If we think of schools in the USA, they effectively are caged in already (don’t know for Brasil). Knowing that schools reflect the core of our societies, then we already know what the result will be, an even bigger mess. Europe isn’t that bad yet, but they are tumbling down since years too already.

And yes, the most backward teachers sometimes have to deal with the mess then, not a preferable situation, but the only solution at hand. Which actually shows the state of affairs and how bad it really is.

Daniel Castro

Here it is so bad that I argue we could pretty much abolish public education beyond basic read and write and arithmethics, even teachers acknowledge their real function is to be warden of children.

It is beyond sad, it is postapocalyptic dystopia.

Jan Tjarks

With other words, like it currently happens all around the world. Sad story, but it is in our hands as societies to change the situation.

Artificial interlectual poverty what I call it. It seems there is a lot of interest in this somehow.


“The reason for the uniform change is initially about equality and decency”.
Tony Smith, head of Priority School.
“Over sexualization”, “decency” and “equality”, are all just excuses to keep women from knowing and using their sexual power.
The so called religious, are controlled by male “authorities” who make the rules. They use sexual rules and guilt to keep women under male control. In some Islamic cultures they go as far as removing the clit from the female at puberty,
Sexual education is fought against by both Christian and Islamic conservatives.
Nothing is more powerful than a happy woman, and that is their greatest fear.

Daniel Castro

“”Over sexualization”, “decency” and “equality”, are all just excuses to keep women from knowing and using their sexual power.”

I don’t think anyone should be allowed to use sexual power openly in society. We men always have to keep our violent nature under control, women also should hold their horses.

“They use sexual rules and guilt to keep women under male control.”

It’s more like keeping women from controliing the males through sexual means.

Call me sexist if you wish, that’s my opinion.


“Keeping women from controlling the males through sexual means”, they do openly but most often subtly.
Spanish women are generally given a lot of latitude or “power”.
Have you ever been to a Sunni nation, there are no women on the street or in public generally. The men with no controlling female presence behave like animals, pissing anywhere at any time, and that’s just one example.
But you are correct, all power must be kept under Self Control, be it physical or sexual power, that is why sex education is so important.
But banning skirts on females in schools is just one more Islamic cultural move, trying to impede and control western culture.

Daniel Castro

It was banned in many brazilian schools a long time ago, and we don’t keep our women under burka.

Also, Rio de Janeiro smells like piss, men behaving like animals happens because this behavior encouraged in society. You don’t see men pissing everywhere in military bases where there are almost no women.

But I agree we shouldn’t have KSA as a whole model regarding women.

Daniel Castro

That’s what happens, instead of make you free, no uniforms in school makes everyone a fashion slave.

Even with uniforms there was competition because of shoes, shoes were not regulated, so rich kids would buy very expensive shit for show… However it wouldn’t last long because we would step over their new shoes until they were all dirty.

Daniel Castro

You’re really sad person if you think the way you dresses will determine the way you think.


The clothes you wear does not change how you think, but it does change how other people treat you.


There’s two different view about it. In Asia it’s to rid the rich – poor family outfit disparity in favor of uniformity. Thus their classical simple design. Asian favor their culture and collectively accusing Asian as being oppressive or oppressed is very arrogant.

Jan Tjarks

That indeed is true, this is the reason why many schools already demand neutral clothing, in order to cover the gap between rich and poor people. But it can only span and cover the gap, it can’t remove it, sadly.

Gary Sellars

This is how Rome collapsed…

Wise Gandalf

Rome collapsed beacuse of several other reasons.

Gary Sellars

Fuck off, I wasn’t talking to a Russophobe cunt like you…

Wise Gandalf


Roham Pasha

Too many German pigs pouring over the border


Rome collapsed for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which was an inability of the Roman economy to support the massive army. The Late Roman emperors enacted a policy that turned Rome into a giant war economy whose sole purpose was to support the army. Sound familiar? Another giant problem was the imperial succession. Without a clear means on how to decide who would become emperor there was never of shortage of ambitious generals abandoning the frontier to march onto Rome or Constantinople to become emperor instead. In the end the Eastern Roman empire weathered the storm of the 5th century better and survived for another thousand years as the Byzantine empire, whereas the West Roman empire just could no longer maintain itself economically and militarily, upon which the invading Germanic tribes dissolved it and set up shop instead.

Gender neutral school outfits had nothing to do with. Nor did the moral degeneracy that Roman writers always cited. If Britons don’t like this gender neutral bullshit they should vote for politicians who will do something about it. But then again this PC crap serves as a good distraction from the real problems that your politicians don’t want you to know. How they are screwing you over in favor of the big banks and corporations. Until, just like Rome, your economy can no longer handle the yoke that its politicians have placed on it. Because the middle class that still has to pay taxes, no longer exists.


Because the Roman army wore skirts?


Will this clothing change help with real problems…like for instance… gang rape by migrants?


No that’s out of context. The real problem is whether they can get rid of what’s physiologically and biologically identified as gender just with these make believe.

Rob Centros

The world is officially insane.


If there’s some people that act crazy and want to be crazy i should concede as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else it’s their freedom to do so.
NOT SO MUCH however if these crazy people were actively trying to force others to be as crazy ! What’s with the west ? Freedom of speech or thought no longer apply outside of these dumbfucks circle ? Honestly What the Fuck ?


Burqahs for everybody!


I know this is silly and definitely newsworthy right alongside some school banning Three Little Pigs for “offending Muslims,” but why put this on a site dedicated towards world conflicts?


Feel sad about kids. This indoctrinated generation will never be free of discovering its true sexual identity. How much exciting it was in the past, when “a neighbour´s girl suddenly grew to a passion”. This was, how nature worked outside of social media and its selfy-culture.

Steave Makar

Yes, I heard this news from my colleague with https://homeworkneeded.com, the decision was made on the basis of the statistics of the Gender Identity Clinic at the NHS Tavistok & Portman trust, according to which over 2000 people consulted in the matter of sex change last year under the age of eighteen. Gender stereotypes begin to persecute children from diapers: from dividing clothes into color schemes to the haunting phrase “you’re a girl” or “you’re a boy”. They often deprive children of additional resources and prevent them from pursuing havoc in their favorite business.

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