40 FSA Militants From US-controlled Base In Al-Tanaf Surrender To Syrian Army


On October 11, 40 fighters of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group, Ahmad al-Abdo Forces, surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Damascus desert, according to Syrian opposition sources. The sources added that, Abu Dujana, a commander of Ahmad al-Abdo Forces was among the surrendered fighters.

According to the opposition sources, the Ahmad al-Abdo Forces members handed over US made weapons to the SAA as a part of the surrender deal. Moreover, the deal included providing the SAA with information about the US-led coalition forces deployed at the al-Tana base near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

40 FSA Militants From US-controlled Base In Al-Tanaf Surrender To Syrian Army

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In turn, the SAA released all the fighters after they were interrogated, and allowed them to go to Jayrud town in the Eastern Qalamun region that’s under the control of the FSA. This is considered the first case in which the SAA allowed US-backed FSA fighters from the al-Tanf base to move to other FSA-held areas in Syria.

Similar agreements between the US-backed FSA and the SAA will likely take place in the near future. Such agreement could force the US-led coalition to abandon the al-Tanf base that has almost no value what so ever after the SAA reached the Syrian-Iraqi border, and Deir Ezzor city.



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  • jade villaceran

    Maybe food supplies doesnt reach them, military pressure is not the case since there is no clashes in that area, hope that they chose to side in the government after the surrender

    • John Wallace

      They are being transferred too another FSA area in the Eastern Qalamun region so NO they are not siding with SAA.

      • Admiral_Moorer_believed

        But they are in a more concentrated Kill Zone. . .

        • Wahid Algiers

          Yes and that means the deal was good.

          • Ronald

            The intel , must have good value .

    • Wahid Algiers

      They are brought to another FSA region. Would you trust them? Not me.

  • MD Ranix

    they will not regret their decision though … with US made weapons … the majority of the world will realise sooner or later who their main funders of terrorism are for other terrorist groups there too

    • RTA (Bob or Al)

      Whilst I agree with you and at first I smiled, almost cheered; the FSA are mostly bribed and paid defectors, paid by the Turks and continually funded by the Turks. Whilst it is good news, they should be sent straight out to fight their old colleagues.

      Not only traitors, they turned on their own.

    • dutchnational

      Yes, a country starting with I……..

  • Wahid Algiers

    Betrayed by the US they woken up.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      Maybe they became Syrian patriots and realised that the American soldiers there are just Illegal Combatants who have invaded Syria. . . Just like the foreign ISIL fighters. . .

      • RTA (Bob or Al)

        They were Syrian patriots (in the military forces) before they defected.

        • Wahid Algiers

          I won’ t trust them anymore. Now they are in a better reachable zone. A killing zone. The deal is over and was fair.

          • RTA (Bob or Al)

            Yep. Eliminate them all.

      • Wahid Algiers

        I won’ t trust them. Now they are in a better reachable zone. A killing zone. The deal is over and was fair.

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    Given that the Americans are in Syria illegally, that makes them Illegal Combatants or Paid Mercenaries.

    That gives the Syrian military and it’s allies the right to order or drive them out or Kill them.

    Just as America would have those same rights if Illegal Combatants entered America from Mexico. . .

    • Babylon30

      United Snakes of America = HYPOCRITES

  • dutchnational

    Another “deal”.

    I wonder about FSA being US backed. Some units are or were. Most of them are hardcore islamists now and are funded by Turkey, partly under the name Euphrates shield.

    • Wahid Algiers

      But not the US-led FSA units in the south. They always were supported by the US and Israel.

      • dutchnational

        For these units, agreed as to support from US (and KSA, Jordan). As far as I know there is/are just one or two small FSA units on a small scale supported by Israel in the south, near the Israeli border. This has also been reported about by SF, a few weeks or so ago

        • Wahid Algiers

          Right. Two small FSA units are supported by Israel and one ISIS unit.

    • RTA (Bob or Al)

      Turkish backed, but I assume it is the same thing.

  • Mickey Dee

    Why didn’t the US support them with air strikes against the SAA? – Again…..

    • Game is over. No one wants to back a loser.

  • George King

    On September 5, representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in the Eastern Qalamoun region signed an agreement with Syrian and Russian officials to establish a new de-escalation zone in the Eastern Qalamoun region in the Rif Dimashq Governorate (the “Governorate of the Countryside of Damascus”).

    The agreement was approved by the Following FSA groups:
    -Liwa al-Sanaded – Ahmad al-Abdo Forces– Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya-Liwa Shuhda’a al-Qaryaten-Ahrar al-Sham -Jaish al-Islam-Faylaq al – Rahamn

    The new de-escalation zone includes al-Dumayr and al-Ruhaybah towns; Jayrud, al- Mansoura, al- Nasiriyah villages, as well as Mansoura and al-Mughr mountain areas.

    From its side, the FSA operation room in Euphrates Shield (ES) areas “Ahl Adar” announced that FSA didn’t approve the de-escalation agreement. Furthermore, Ahl Adar said that FSA groups would continue its military operation in this area.

    However, the FSA will have to obey the agreement because it has been apparently approved by Turkey, the FSA only sponsor in the northern Aleppo countryside.

    Also maps here https://southfront.org/two-new-de-escalation-zones-eastern-qalamoun-afrin/

  • Would have been better to send them to Illdibstain where they could fight HTS and Daesh!

  • zman

    “the al-Tanf base that has almost no value what so ever after the SAA reached the Syrian-Iraqi border, and Deir Ezzor city.” Except for using it for a distribution point for ISIS. The Russian MOD called it a ‘black hole’ that ISIS wells from. The US said months ago they were going to abandon the base, but have yet to do so…I’ll take the Russian MOD assessment.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      texas is great!