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4 More Villages Fall Into Hands Of Syrian Army In Southwestern Aleppo (Map Update)

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4 More Villages Fall Into Hands Of Syrian Army In Southwestern Aleppo (Map Update)

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While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is crying foul threatening Syria with military actions, his dear al-Qaeda-linked Idlib militants are losing more and more areas to the Syrian Army.

On February 12, government forces once again attacked the militant-held town of Khan Nuran, and liberated the villages of Arnaz, Sheikh Ali, Aradah and Dhahra Sheikh Ali in southwestern Aleppo.

The Syrian Army is now advancing on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups in Radhwan and nearby areas.


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Louis IX

What are the short term objetives of SAA ?
Securing M5 by pushing djihadists 10km away from it ?
Surround Idlib City ?
Cutting the M45 road between Turkey and Idlib City ?
Something Else ?

Tim Williams

Push the rats at least 15 km away from M5 HIGHWAY in order for the Russian to move their observation posts along the M5.

Secure all the areas west and north of ALLEPO CITY to deny the rats the ability to fire rockets into it.

Secure the main highway north of ALLEPO CITY.


I assume they are cutting the northern access to Idlib, which would make resupplying from the north impossible for Turkey. This would leave only one supply road, which will also have to carry all other traffic from and to Turkey. Logistic stroke so to say.

Tim Williams



Circled area is where the main battling is going on now

Joe Doe

SAA needs to cut Turkey supply line between Hazzanu and Batabu or continue towards Zardana, Ram Hamdan. The same time if SAA can move towards Urma al Kubra. After than SAA should concentrate to move along M4 west to close the packet. Closing the packet will shorten SAA front line drastically. This will provide SAA additional units and military hardware to fight Turkey.

Tim Williams
Tim Williams
Tim Williams
Joe Doe

If Putin is not coward, than should unleash Air Strike on Turkey positions, like USA will do to protect its allies and send strong message. Unfortunately, Putin is that strong has and will sit quet. Put simply, Putin created mess in Idlib and now he saying to Syria you on your own against Turkey. Putin is the one who invited Turkey to Syria with his fool plan, which Erdogan never had will to implemented

Harry Smith

Yes indeed! Like USA protected SDF and destroyed a lot of Turkish tanks and killed hundreds of Turkish personnel!


Putin is playing a weak hand admirably well; he has defied the 4th Reich but not given American Caesar suffiecient provocation for war.


You can ask the British army how well the US protects its allies. In both Gulf War the British lost more men to US aircraft then the Iraqi army.


This antiputin propaganda is getting so obvious.. Anyone who doesnt have a peanuts for a brain can compare maps from 2015/16 and from today – it show exactly how “week” and “treacherous” and “wrong” Putin is :)) Take that primitive propaganda to a mental asylum house..


Did it ever came to your mind, that Putin is playing with NATO/US through Turkey? Now as Turkey as a NATO member, supported by US in every media, is facing a defeat, this is also having devastating effects on NATO reputation. It covers areas as cooperation, strategy, leadership, moral as well as weaponry, which all is seen as inferior. The blow NATO and US is getting through this, combined with worldwide perception of the wrong cause, is something, NATO and US will feel for years.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

^THIS is the answer.

Bill Wilson

Nah. Putin is doing NATO a favor by making life difficult for Erdogan even after signing economic deals with him. That made Erdogan look like a chump and Putin a leader that can’t be trusted.


Music to our ears! Thank You SouthFront!


Tactical masterclass from SAA. The constant creation of salients threatens to form pockets where the jihadists would be forever trapped or killed, which forces the rats to consider immediate abandonment of positions. Most of them run of course, and SAA just keeps rolling. The constant rout is demoralising the jihadist positions and their leadership is now in real danger of being taken out by their own commanders.

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