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38 ISIS Terrorists Neutralized In Russian Airstrikes On Central Syria During November: Monitoring Group

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38 ISIS Terrorists Neutralized In Russian Airstrikes On Central Syria During November: Monitoring Group

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft take off from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) carried out more than 610 airstrikes on ISIS cells and their hideouts in Syria’s central region during November, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on November 30.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the airstrikes claimed the lives of 15 ISIS terrorists and wounded at least 23 others.

The Russian airstrikes on central Syria were carried out in support of Syrian government forces and their allies, who conducted several combing operations in different parts of the region in November.

The most recent wave of airstrikes targeted hideouts of ISIS cells located near the strategic Ithriyah-Khanasir highway, which links Hama with Aleppo.

Despite sustaining heavy losses as a result of Russian airstrikes and Syrian combing operations, ISIS cells in the central region will likely go on with their insurgency. Hundreds of the group’s terrorists are still taking shelter in the heart of the region, the Homs desert.

ISIS terrorists in central Syria have been reportedly surviving off supplies provided by US-backed fighters base in the southeastern area of al-Tanf.


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Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators. May they rest in pieces…


They will be pig slurry by now,which is good,it can be turned into fertilizer pellets saving Syrian farmers money.

jens holm

Syria has no money. Even Hesbollah use dollars.


I still dont understand how this group still able to survive when their place are literally barren land with little to no cover and small abandoned village with located 10 km away with each other unless they create lot of underground network or they move back and forth to at tanf base, they can be detected by thermal easily when its open like that and get bombed

jens holm

You have to learn what the socalled Homs deserts are. These are litteraly not barren land. Very much actually is steppe. It has big wadis and mountains, where You can find water.

Some people has always lived there and not as beduins. They are widespread in dots in villages or sometimes a poor farm or twoo.

Many actually has left because urbanized or has emmigrated because it was too poor. Fx in 2008, there were no rain at all. They hardly was helped by Assads. No new jobs were created. Here and there the only one lefts are very old people and their grandchildren, which still try to remain with an almost dry garden and sheep and goats. But the rest lives in towns.

If You really want to, You should learn about the terrain by maps. Its not as You write. In Syria You many places can grow fx barley og wheat from the wintertime to befoe summer. It looks fertile. After that its almost total dry and look as You expect with some gras and bushes here and there, which makes food almost only for the animals.

You can try old Michelin maps and go in details. You can see roads and where the houses are. Where there are houses and roads to them – even many are ruins today – there will be water at least for people with no lifestock.

jens holm

By the propganda its always ignored those people do have support and many actually are Syrians. By that they are supported some. The rest they take as robbers and the Assad socalled soldiers is a very good source too, when they blindfolded again and again are send there as spendables.

jens holm

Third thing is learning about what guerilla warfare is in detail. Here ISIS are among the best inthe world according mobile infantery guerilla.

You can find exact the same methods in other dry areas. Number one is hide. When the ussians or others are bombarding them, they dont bombarde them a all. They often are deep below ground resting, eating, making a cup of tea, inspect their weapons and makes good plans.

Good plans are knowing the terrain for any kind of traps and ambushes.

They laugh when they hear the bombardments. They oprate in very small groups up to 10 persons, which if needed can spread out and find each other again. They can consentrate as many as they have as well by good communication.

The center is they by that has many smal 10 person leaders and mainly are opportunists deciding YES and NO by themself.

Compared to that Assads are like big elefants moving around with closed eays and Leaders often far away knowing not even where the ISIS are. Its a matter of culture which is ME, but ISIS is not army but independent small flexible units.

I hope You understand at least some of it.

You can read a lot about that too even it can be hard to find.

Guerilla always makes themself to a part of the landscape. Number one forgotten by Assads and others is KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

At thois site most people deny to learn. By that they make themself weak and still blame others outside for their own NO CHANGE.

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