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36 Syrian Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syria Clashes: Monitoring Group

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36 Syrian Soldiers, ISIS Terrorists Killed In Central Syria Clashes: Monitoring Group

Illustrative image.

A fierce battle between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS terrorists is taking place in the central region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on September 19.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, heavy clashes are taking place in the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle, north of the Homs desert. Hundreds of the terrorist group’s fighters and commander are taking shelter there.

Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces are reportedly supporting Syrian troops in the central region with close air support.

“Sixteen personnel of regime forces were killed in the past hours and days, while 20 members of the organization [ISIS] were killed by Russian airstrikes and clashes,” the SOHR said in its report.

The SAA deployed large reinforcements in the central region recently. Some of the elite units on Greater Idlib frontlines were moved to the region to confront ISIS cells.

ISIS terrorists launched dozens of attacks on government forces in eastern Homs, eastern Hama, southern Raqqa and western Deir Ezzor over the last few months. A day earlier, the bodies of six service members who were slaughtered by the terrorists were found in Deir Ezzor.

The SAA and its allies appear to be determined to contain ISIS’ growing presence in the central region. This will require immense effort.


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Jens Holm

If there are frontlines a map would be nice.

Servet Köseoğlu

isis and saa is killing each other and Atmosphere cleans itself more efficiently than ever.This is all you need to know now.

Jens Holm

I dont thonk thats enough. I want to know a timetable for, when ISIS are close to none.

Servet Köseoğlu

you want to know timetable for ısıs?anything else ketchup,mayonnaise?

Jens Holm

Yes, I want a countdown for ISIS. They are the reason for we in Nato are in Iraq.

Ketchup and myonnaise might help too.

Servet Köseoğlu

it will last too long bub…besides its very handy draining resources of saa..they are the tusken raiders of star-wars universe..comment image

Jens Holm

Yes too long. Its a kind of Starwars with very few stars and a lot of dark.

The Objective

That’ll be when the US leaves Syria


comment image
No wait, that’s the battle of St Vith in Dec of 44.
So sorry. :)


Silly you !
Like Jens was not capable to recognize “battle of St Vith in Dec of 44”?!
You think if he doesn’t show his knowledge in anything, that he is stupid?
All that is just part of his plan to surprise us one day !

Jens Holm

I have what Eisenhower wrote about it too. He was paid one million dollar to write his memories about his version of WW2. comment image comment image


This one is even better: conquest of Denmark in 5 minutes (or less).
comment image

Jens Holm

We hoped to be neutral and not in WW2 because Norway, Sweden and Denmark did that in WW1.

According defence we were in “Chamberlein mode”. We also had the best relations to the germans, because we only took danish parts back after WW1 even we could have taken as we wished. We were very good friends with the Germans but certainly not with the Nazis.

….And we had just seen them knock out Poand. Sure they used more then 5 minutes to take them.

Number one chosen here was to stay alive, and we did. We give nothing here for dead heroes dying for nothing.

I dont think the Danish Govermet should be blamed for keeping many 1000 extra danes alive. Maybee I wasnt here, if it was decided to defend us a few days.

Jens Holm

Not many amrican soldiers was alive there, but they did an exelent defence.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No frontline maps because there aren’t any front lines to map, but there are area of operations maps, this is the most accurate map by far and also the easiest to use, it has a timeline feature allowing you to look into past events and it’s updated very quickly.
It’s supposed to be independent but was first established to report on Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine, so it’s obviously not truly independent, but it is the best single source of map info bar none, and current events too.


Jens Holm

Thanks for updating mewoth the link. I kind of expected some kind of frontzone when or if so many are killed.

I see the 3 areas, which are grey. Its mountain.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The 2 northern areas they operate from are both in Iranian controlled southern Deir ez Zor, and the southernmost one is in Iranian controlled Homs, coincidence?

Small forces never have static troops just small highly mobile units, and they ALWAYS choose their targets wisely and never bite off more than they can chew [except for Al Sukhna a few months ago], and they ALWAYS hide before they even need to [local intelligence].
That’s the key to their success, they’re the ones picking the battles when and where they want to, the SAA can’t do that until they have the same access to intelligence that Isis already does.
And all the Isis commanders the US assassinated in Turkish held Idlib over the last 12 months also presents us with another possible cause for the Isis revival.

Jens Holm

Thats what I think can be a possibility too. In the other hand its very strange because ISIS attacks the Assads and Iran after all are helpers of Assads,

I dont think You are correct about ISIS in the Idlib zone. Its more as they are eroded a little by a little. In the other hand, they must get some supply from somewhere.

Its very difficult for me to see fx Britts from Cyprus help them.

I really need some with connections to tell more in detail. A wide theory could be manydont like any kind of Jihadists, so the pirpose are all those slowly get killed by the rest and by each other.

But will that solve anything. The result migt be many more dies and there is no solution.

I had hoped Assads cleaned the one side of the Eufrat and SDFs took the other side and Khabour, but Assads did political prestige moves and lost a lot of troops for nothing as well.

By that there could have been only 2 sides in that region which later could fight or negosiate a kind of final solution.

I dont know anough for the non ISIS side compared to that part, but as it is now there are too many groups fighting each other along Eufrat and those includes ISIS are not gone. Iran certainly are there in lack of Assads and then there are the Shammers as semi ISIS, “crime for supply by fx oil and extacy but no FSAa.

Another questions might be how many there acrually knows what they fight for or against.

I have written it many times. The SDF kurds would never have taken more then Raqqa at both sides and certainly not the area from Maadan to DEZ and Hajin to Abu Kamal. Actually its a big triangle, where norrth is south of Hasaka, which more or less was defeated, where Iraqi and SDF troops helped each other (and it must be a kind of empty now)

But important for me is, that the SDFs are the only ones even having some plan for the future. The rest only see the military solution and dont care about, whats next…

NB: Its also difficult for me to see Israel helping any in the Idlib province.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you read and understand UN resolution 2254 you’ll better understand the real story, because nothing is as it seems in Syria, everyone’s hiding something, and truly understanding what resolution 2254 actually means for Syria, helps explain quite a lot.


Looks like they have located the mother load of RATS,now burn the bastards.

The Objective

Burn the bastards only for America to unleash another wave. In the meantime you’re taking heavy casualties while the Americans watch from afar laughing. No American is dying right now – only regime forces and Russian soldiers. Must be a sweet war for America.


And you Ali? invading other countries despite the fact most of them are Sunnis and they don’t want you there. Back to Persia, and take your dirty Afghanis / Pakistanis too.


Shameless zionist cunt talking about invading other countries…


In case English isn’t your first language, there’s a difference between invading without permission, like Israel does on a daily basis, and deploying with permission, like Iran does. One is a crime, the other is providing a helping hand.

Jens Holm

The longbeard in Qaum think he is Octopussy or is it James Bond ?

The Objective

Creating proxy soldiers is worse than invading a country. Proxy soldiers are parmanent invasions.


The militias were created in response to Jew invasions, not the other way around.

The Objective

Jew invasion of Iran? Must the militias be overwhelmingly Shiite even though Shiites constitute just 30% of Lebanon? Must they operate as a separate army with independent command and control structure? Should they be collecting taxes at sea ports for themselves?

These are more than a militia – It’s a state within a state. For those who know the history of Shiites, this is no surprise. My only reminder to the Shiites pushing the Middle East to the brink of war is that they should keep in mind we are in the nuclear age.

Unlike previous fights with Sunnis (where we have been very kind and humane), the present enemies you face have no compassion like the Sunnis you have been fighting for long. Your new enemies (U.S., Israel) are nuclear armed, ruthless, inhumane in war, and won’t hesitate to annihilate much of your populations particularly in Iran. You are attempting to light a fire (the militias) that will burn the entire region.


Jew invasions of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Jewmerica in Iraq, Jew world order terrorists in Syria, and Israel in Lebanon.

Jens Holm

They dnt invade. Its more like they come back. Many left in 1967:)


No one asked them to come to Lebanon or Iraq. They created militias and political powers to “invite” them. They have no right to be there, they belong to Central Asia.


That’s true about Israel, but not about Lebanon and Iraq.

Half of the Muslims in Lebanon are Shia. 75% of Muslims in Iraq are Shia. Nobody created them. They were there long before Israel existed with an ongoing history of relations with Iran.

Shias are 1% of the population of Syria. So obviously Iran got invited without “creating” anything. Other than helping people that needed it to protect themselves from Jew world order terrorists run by Mossad, the CIA, MI6, and Gulf miscreants.

Israel created Hezbollah with it’s 82 invasion, not the other way around. And Jewmerica created the Iranian backed militias in Iraq with the gulf wars. In both cases the Lebanese and Iraqis asked for help from Iran to defend themselves from Jewish war crimes and aggression.


That was your best time, but after that you got kicked out from every country you have invaded. What makes you think it won’t happen again?

Fog of War

This is beyond pitiful. Isolated ISIS is still managing to inflict numerous casualties on the SAA. ISIS has no airforce, no logistical supply lines, no drones, no tanks, no field hospitals, etc , etc. They must be the greatest fighting force in all of human history. Where are the Russian drones, where are the close air support planes ? The Hinds ? This war is being dragged out in purpose, mark my words.


They have manpads it is too dangerous for chopper close support.
If they are well camouflaged and dispersed they are not easy targets for jets either.
If they are well dug in and have good western equipment with war experience and are not afraid to die, they don’t have to be the “greatest fighting force”.
But they are most definitively good enough to create lots of problems even to much better trained and motivated army than SAA regular army is.
You might not agree but I didn’t expect you to agree, I was more talking to some other person than to you.

Jens Holm

They are all hardheaded veterans in guerilla-infantery mode. Only veteran YPGs which converted from PKK can or could match that. I am sure YPG has some(now few) experts of that kaliber too.

ISIS is a very good example for that clever, well educated and well motivated can defeat well equipped for something else and bad educated and as a minimum give them a hard time.

Try to let a friend throw Your housekey ransom on a football field, when You dont look and listen – and find it – thats how I see deserts and ships crossing oceans.


“ISIS is a very good example for that clever, well educated”
ISIS clever? Well educated?????? Clever and well educated – like you…

“Try to let a friend throw Your housekey ransom on a football field, when You dont look and listen – and find it – thats how I see deserts and ships crossing oceans.”
Wise words. Wise and well educated ?

Jens Holm

Its a version of “finding a needle in a haystack.

We use that way of explanation for filling a harddisk. The data comes in random and the ones comming it in always can find it. But the data can be anywhere.

Before that the harddisk was divided into smaller units, where You sector for sector could find everything, but the price was it became hot and slow.

If ISIS wasnt well educated and clver they were dead, and unfortunatly they are not.

You are one of those typical persons, which dont know Your enemy. Thats the opposit of clever too.

Fog of War

You dont have a clue do you ?

Servet Köseoğlu

your lovely elite pkk veterans fleed like chickens when they first met with ısıs..they cried and wait the coalition air-forces. Isis is multi-layered organisation its striking,suicide members called as ”ingimasi” especially with chechen origin members destroyed 30% ıraoq elite force at battle of musul. These terminators after listening nasheed (A song, often Islamic, consisting of vocals) goes to war with a smile in their face as if they go to shopping.Battle under intense air-strike is something you have to calculate at first,pkk or ypg without air-support is a joke in syria.

Servet Köseoğlu

just give me time Ali..ı am busy with stupid greeks..

Servet Köseoğlu

Alawites in Turkey are more faithful,intelligent than sunnis and they dont love erdogan(erdogan means nothing to me as well)…not only alawites but the majority of turks really doesnt give to shit war in syria..you know our relations were never good with them..pkk issue-water issue..jokes aside grabbing lands which doesnt have oil,gas is useless,meaningless and in fact it brings loss in long term(you have to feed them,supply electricity)..ı am non believer and my blood-bro is alawi(he and his father was telling me a lot about seven imams etc) finally yes our elite business men,generals are generally alawites and ı can assure you they love Turkey not erdogan..there is a big difference..

Servet Köseoğlu

Sercan his name and he is hard-core anti-usa…

Jens Holm

Thats old songs, which by kept traditions of cours partly are true. You have areas in Turkey partly being like that, but You also can find them in Iran of today and here You should add the million of kurds in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and partly Syria.

I allow me to add those many from the diasporas, which in millions are refugees anywhere else being political and ecomic refugees or actually has jobs sending money to their old homes as well as about 50% dont fit in here – too :(

And it is a fact that Erdogans only has 49% support. But is it about Alawitisme. Well only partly, so I dont think You should be that selective and instead support a better sekularisme, which also is even more needed in Iran.

This is all about including people or randomizing. As part of the 100% or more sekular part of the world I can only say Iran systematicly has isolated itself and UK and Americans only could take over that much fx by a new Shah system because so much was very bad in Iran.

Its the same today. Spreading out Your indluence zone by making those contrasts is doing what the Turks do too.

Here the winners of WW1 and WW2 as well as Russia players, which partly has taken over or try to.

But they are able to because of Yourself too again telling Yourself, You never has atatcked any country – But You just did.

Jens Holm

What happend there is already well descriebed and I followed it as well as I could.

If any was chickens there it was the Turks not letting some few PKKs bring with them their museum weapons.

When You talk down people as You do number one result is underestimating Your enemy.

You have done one clever thing by having Israel as teachers for anti guerilla warfare. Before that Turks in that dicipline was very low.

And I will remind You that PKK and YPG helped by PKK were upgraded very much in infantery warfare and much better logistics and by that are – as ISIS – guerilla infantery.

Of course they needed help. They were not organized to fight ISIS but Your kind and used to be in small groups.

Servet Köseoğlu

lol..teachers is funny word lets use instructors for anti guerilla warfare are americans not israel in 1990’s..none is underestimating but pkk’s incompetency is legendary but the terrain where they are operating is the most badass terrain in the world worse than afghanistan..they were upgraded by usa which is supplying weapons,intelligent etc. finally in pkk vs ısıs debate ı am supporting ısıs allla-akbar..they are really handy..comes out nowhhere and chopping-off 3-4 ppk and disappearing..ps:after the uavs our ratio increased to 1/9 even 1/10…yes ı talk down and will continue talk down because they are simple terrorist and drug dealers..they can rot in hell with those who has sympathy for them.

Jens Holm

I remembered it as Israel instructors because of Your tank upgrades from them.

…And I always use “soldiers” for anyone fighting as well as “Persian Gulf”. Kobani is a town in Syria. Ras el Ain is an old place for farmers giving water to their animals and not a city based on a railroad.

Servet Köseoğlu

Sofie Gråbøl is perfect actress..

The Objective

You post intelligent comments, only you need to work on your English so people understand you better. Most times I have a hard time getting your point.

Jens Holm

I will never learn, what You name as proper english.

3 years ago I have not been writing a single line in english since highschool long time ago.

By that my english is a mix of spoken and dayli english here, where fast is important. Its no lawuers or doctors english.

And Yes, You sometimes dont understand, what I write. I dont know which home language You have, but if You think in Turkish, Farsi, urdu or arabic thiose languages are very simple and by that Your english is a perfect simplified lawyers and doctors english.

In those languages and its context a lot is much more just black and white. When socalled well speaking from ME comes here to Denmark they dont get the context and not even has a language for it.

By thats so many being socalled perfect in English as well as Danish cant become Leaders. They dont understan Denmark. Many many are like that.

They dont understand Our high tax. and we can be wealthy even we pay that much. They dont understand Our economic system even ir see it works well compared to other systems. They dont undertstand that more freedom is hard connected to learn much higher responsability and think by that democrasy and our version of parlamentarisme is anarchy.

Right here its also almost impossible to make a sober political or military oppinion for all countries and what pwople do inside and outside the countries.

I have just commented, that ISIS are doing well because thos and that – And next I an ISIS fan. But I just commented why ISIS are not defeated. If their own military forces was so much better as well, why have they not won yet.

Another thing is the difference in culture. A lot cant even be written about as fx vomen and equal rights seemes haram and more far away then contacting Pluto.

And if You dont understand my writings and ask, I will try again. Even first class journalists do that:)

I do try to improve my spelling, but I have to read a lot every day to follow, what I follow and my comments has to be as well as they can. Thats how it will be. I am not better then that.

There are no schools here for “half old people” like me and I can t fond any on the internet, which is in my very mixted level.

The Objective

Okay, I’ll try harder to understand you better

The Objective

Yes, the war is dragged out by Russia. Putin won’t admit defeat. From the moment America captured Syria’s oil resources I knew the Russians lost. It was their greatest mistake to let oil fall into America’s hands. Now the sanction the Assad regime, breed terrorists like ISIS, and occupy about 30% of Syria. Yet their war to overthrow Assad rages on.
I foresee Russia losing big time in Syria very soon. Any democracy in Syria will result in a Syrian government hostile to Russia. 80% are Sunnis and they won’t forget the thousands of their fighter Russia slayed to keep Assad in power. Perhaps that’s why Russia is reluctant to allow democracy in Syria.
This is a lost cause already for Russia

Fog of War

I suspect there are other reasons then that. Do you like theater ?

The Objective

I don’t understand your question.

There’s just one problem for Russia about Syria. Russia cannot continue to waste resources indefinitely in Syria. Russia wants Assad to take back the whole of Syria. The US and Turkey refuse and seem willing to fight Russia over Syria.
If Russia agrees on a political settlement the resulting Sunni dominant government will be hostile to Russia and even ask them to leave. On the other hand, Russia cannot militarily reinstate Assad. So Putin is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Fog of War

Fair assesment, although I disagree.

” The US and Turkey refuse and seem willing to fight Russia over Syria. ”

If ZioAmerica is willing to fight Russia over a relatively minor issue like Syria, then they will be more then willing to fight Russia over more important things ( i.e. Belarus, Donbas, the Iranian embargo, Russia’s pipelines ) , so the problem is if Russia backs down in Syria will they also back down on those other issues ?

Although, I still suspect the world’s population is being played by all the sides.

The Objective

The killing of nearly 300 Russians by America should be an eye-opener regarding America’s redlines in Syria. Since then, Russian forces never dared challenge America’s occupation of NE Syria.

If Russia were to attack U.S forces, you can bet your month’s salary the U.S will respond with overwhelming force. Putin isn’t about to take on NATO.

I repeat that the U.S. is willing to fight Russia in Syria should American forces come under attack. Even now, there is hardly any Russian airstrikes in NE Syria despite the fact that that is where more Syrian soldiers are dying recently and where ISIS is strongest.

Fog of War

Not just Syria, the ZioAmericans will keep acheiving their objectives through the game of ” chicken ” because they want war, the only other result they will accept is total submission. Its amazing to me that people dont understand that.

Addtionally, I dont see any other countries laying out their ” redlines ” because they know they will get be challenged on them. This applies to Russia, Iran, and China. I suspect they are scared of something or someone. They wont even form a military coaltion together to stand up to the Zios . Why not ? Does anyone think those 3 cant take on the US together, of course they could, so why the fear ? In fact China just bent over to the US on the whole Tic Tac ordeal and I’m sure they wont retaliate in kind against US companies there.

It doesnt make any sense, the Soviets werent afraid to shoot down US planes ? Why is today’s Russia any different ? The threat of Nuclear conflict was present in the past as it today.

Personally, I think there is something else going on and I think Putin is in on it, which would explain his passive behaviour in the face of constant abuse ( i.e . shut down planes, dead generals, dead ambassadors and so forth ) .

This might also explain China’s subservient behaviour in the face of ZioAmerican threats as they probably realize Russia wont help them in a conflict. Ultimately, I believe it has alot to do with a certain ” untouchable ” tribal group. It amazes me that no one, except Iran, will stand up to them.

The Objective

I don’t think the Jews are the main reason Russia is avoiding a fight with America. We are talking about a nuclear-armed super power backed by a 28-country military alliance and ruthless in waging war.

Russia knows it won’t stand a chance against NATO in any armed confrontations. The U.S. alone outguns Russia several time in terms of war machines and soldiers. Suggesting that Putin wages war against the U.S. in Syria is a suicidal idea for both Assad and Putin. Not only will the U.S. and NATO bomb Assad’s forces to non-existent, but also they’ll succeed in militarily expelling Russia from Syria – a double defeat.

You need to assess the war equipment America has deployed in proximity to Syria. Do the same for Russia and you’ll note how hopelessly outgunned Russia is.

I think the best way Putin can play this game to a less destructive end for Russia is to negotiate a political settlement for Syria. There are two other options aside from this: Putin can convince the GCC to back Assad after he agrees to sever ties with Iran or at least prevent weapons transfer through Syria to Hezbollah. That is the only way the GCC can help Assad. But I can’t see Assad breaking with Iran.

The GCC are opposed to Turkey, and if not for Israel, they would have backed Assad more forcefully in this war. The third option is for Russia to fight and win militarily – a very unlikely outcome.


You can’t be serious. Any war with Russia with anyone is a losing proposition, the US in particular. Russia is the only nation on earth capable of obliterating the US in 30 minutes. That the US is incapable of preventing.

Your 28 nation alliance would turn Europe into a glass parking lot before the first NATO tank crossed Russian borders. The Russians have said that they will never fight another war on their territory. I’d take that statement seriously.

The US and Russia have both made underground preparations for their citizens in the case of a nuclear war. In Russia it’s a well stocked civil defense shelter. In the US it’s a grave.

Fog of War

” I don’t think the Jews are the main reason Russia is avoiding a fight with America. We are talking about a nuclear-armed super power backed by a 28-country military alliance and ruthless in waging war. ”

This was the same case during Soviet times yet the Soviets werent afraid of confrontation. What has changed ?

” I think the best way Putin can play this game to a less destructive end for Russia is to negotiate a political settlement for Syria ”

The problem with this scenario is that once Syria is settled the ZioAmericans will move on to the next goal, once again daring Russia to something. Its not going to stop with Syria.

The Objective

There’s a difference between the Soviet Union and Russia. Russia is just one country and cannot defeat NATO by force of arms.
You think an American president will be crazy enough to seek war with Russia? We’re talking about a country the can practically annihilate America ten times over.

Fog of War

Even with its huge army, the Soviets were going to use Nukes in the case of conflict. I don’t see any difference between that and what Russia will have to do. In that case, Army size doesn’t matter much.

The Objective

If you don’t see any difference between Russia and the Soviet Union, then consider the number of Soldiers in both. Also consider the equipment like Tanks, naval ships, and others. You need to look at Logistics too – military bases, supply lines, etc. Also consider the landmass that NATO would have had to fight across – too vast for an easy defeat.
Simply, the Soviet Union war far more confident than today’s Russia due to the differences I pointed above and more.
Russia fighting NATO is suicide even conventionally.

Fog of War

” Russia fighting NATO is suicide even conventionally. ”
Then its game over already.
However, I keep saying its unforgivable that China, Russia and others declare united military front to offset this dilemma. I blame China for this as it seems money is more important to them then survival. They have been blinded by Capitalism .

The Objective

You’re damn right about China. The greediest people on Earth. Far greedier than the West.


China doesn’t want to lose the US market while it still exists. Russia is already winning, they don’t need to engage in a pissing contest. It’s the US going down the tubes with one last gasp of $20 trillion to $30 trillion in printed money to prop up it’s financial markets, and pay it’s bills, including it’s debt, that it can’t pay from revenue. Before it implodes with up to 80% unemployment according to some qualified analysts.

Fog of War

Russia is not winning and the US will not go down untill the Zios / Rothschilds are done with them. This is a false hope. As far as China is concerned, they are a bunch sniffling self serving cowards. If they think ZioAmerica is going to allow them to waltz in unchallenged to become the next super power they are gravely mistaken.


Russia is winning on Israel’s doorstep. Denying the truth only shows that you hate it and don’t want to deal with reality.
comment image

Fog of War

We’ll see what Russia does when Iran is attacked.


That’s a dodge from someone who doesn’t want to deal with facts and is an intellectual coward afraid to debate the issues.

Fog of War

Dodge from what fool ? You dont debate reality but theories. You’ve stated your opinion /theory and I’ve stated mine. Whats left to ” debate ” ?

Addtionally, why is everything a damn debate with you ‘merikans ? Cant intelligent people just have conversations ? Obviously you havent noticed that no one wins debates on the Internet as neither side ever admits defeat. Go debate someone else.


All that the Chinese have to do is watch the US self destruct and avoid doing the same thing themselves. Russia has a 10% national debt to GDP ratio, $1/2 trillion in gold and foreign reserves, and arguably the most advanced military on the planet.

The US is well on it’s way to systemic economic collapse with up to 80% unemployment. Which the Jews are responsible for and are incapable of preventing. The US needs to be dejudified so that it’s Jew free. Jews and Israel are Americas greatest enemy and number 1 national security threat.

China has 50% national debt to GDP and $4 trillion in gold and foreign currency reserves. With an economy growing at 5 times the rate of the US before it committed economic suicide.

The US has $129 billion in foreign currency reserves, gold that it’s questionable if it’s still there, and a 130% national debt to GDP ratio that is rapidly climbing as it implodes. It’s one more lesson of what happens when you allow wide spread Jew infestation. A mistake that China isn’t going to make, and that Russia learned it’s lesson the hard way. Before it got rid of 95% of it’s Jews.

Dejudification 1945 to 2010:
comment image

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Coordination between the 3 parties involved may be part of the problem, Russia has some of the 5th army corps here now, the regular SAA is here too, some NDF forces that are backed by Iran, some NDF forces backed by Russia, and some NDF forces that are backed by the Syrian Government, and then we have the regular Iranian troops, Hezbollah, and a few other Iranian backed foreign militias as well, so if you’re wondering why it’s so hard for the SAA to get a handle on Isis, I suggest it’s possibly a lack of coordination between the allied forces that has probably become the biggest obstacle for their success.
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

The Objective

I think it’s not a lack of coordination that’s troubling pro regime forces. I think they must tackle ISIS from the source. But that’ll mean a war with the US

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I have a different opinion concerning Isis and it’s true source of power, and I’m not aware of any US assistance to them since Trump took power, I do concede however that under the Obama administration Isis was definitely a tool for the western powers, but not anymore.
The Arab League are the ones I listen to when it comes to understanding Isis and their political structure, and they should know what the truth is, they helped the US organize most of Isis’s military activities pre 2017, and they have continuously said Isis is actually the military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and they also say Erdogan’s the secret leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he has been for a decade, so I point the finger at Turkey when it comes to complicity.
The US assassinated Baghdadi and many other Isis commanders in Turkish occupied Idlib last year, what was Isis doing there, the Isis commanders weren’t in HTS or SAA occupied/controlled territory, they were just holidaying in Turkish occupied territory, and the reason they were is because Erdogan provides the Muslim brotherhood and Isis with safe haven in Turkey and Turkish occupied Idlib/Aleppo.
SF has had many articles covering the recruitment of Isis fighters into the Turkish backed SNA and NFL, they provide photos of new SNA/NFL recruits still wearing Isis emblems on their new Turkish supplied uniforms and carrying Isis flags, there should be no doubt the Turks are helping the Muslim Brotherhood and their Isis soldiers.

The Objective

Which part of Syria has more concentration of ISIS? Is that part controlled by Turkey or the U.S? How friendly have the GCC been towards the Muslim Brotherhood over the years? Which between Assad and the Muslim Brotherhood will GCC prefer to rule Syria? What do you know abou the Muslim Brotherhood concerning their position on the use violence? I want you to dig their history. Almost every article or report you’ll find tells you the Muslim Brotherhood traditionally adopts non-violent means of taking power. I’ll post some links at the end of this post that totally negate your claims.
When was the Muslim Brotherhood formed. Then when was ISIS formed? Where did the Muslim Brotherhood originate, and where did ISIS originate? How strong is the presence of ISIS in Egypt and why are there more ISIS in Syria and Iraq? If ISIS is the military wing of Muslim brotherhood are they not supposed to concentrate their fight more in Egypt where they won and were denied to rule?
So many questions that makes me wonder if you think I’m some idiot you can feed propaganda.



Willing Conscience (The Truths

The highest concentration of Isis fighters in Syria now are located in the areas that Iran controls, southern Deir ez Zor and eastern Homs, both areas that Iran and Hezbollah control independent from the Syrian Government and SAA, at least they did right up until the latest operation by the SAA and Russia, now I’m not so sure who controls what.
The question you should’ve asked is, where do Isis feel the safest, and who do they have the best relations with, the answer to the first question would be, Turkish occupied Syria, and the answer to the second question would be, the Turkish backed terrorists and the Turkish backed moderate opposition.
HTS slaughters Muslim Brotherhood and Isis on the spot if they’re caught in HTS territory, and the SAA do the same, but Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood have a good relationship with each other, mmm.
So even though Isis is mostly concentrated in the areas Iran controls and do most of their fighting there, they actually enjoy safe haven in the Turkish occupied areas of Syria.
I know you wanted me to say they’re most highly concentrated in northern Deir ez Zor where the US controls the show, but that’s not true.

The GCC are at total odds with the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s only Qatar that panders to them, and the GCC/Arab league want Assad to remain in power and also want the Turks and Muslim Brotherhood to get out of Syria altogether, they also want them out of Libya, Yemen and Iraq.
SF had several articles telling us the Arab League Nations were lining up at the Syrian embassy re-establishing diplomatic relations with Syria, and if you care to check you’ll find they’re all anti Muslim Brotherhood nations.
I suggest you google search for Assad’s opinion on the Muslim Brotherhood, he actually claims they’re Syria’s biggest threat, and while you’re doing it find out what the Arab league have to say about the Muslim Brotherhood.

You asked a lot of questions that can easily be answered with simple google searches, I suggest you do just that.

The Muslim Brotherhood is behind 95% of all the Sunni terrorist organizations in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, the Mujahideen and Taliban in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, Boko Horan, Al Nusra Front, Isis, they’re even behind the UN recognised GNA in Libya, they even support the Houthis in Yemen, so I don’t blame you for being confused.

I do think you’re being fed propaganda but it’s not me feeding it to you.

And no I’m not pro US, or pro Israel, or even pro western hegemony, or even anti Russian [Gorbachev was my hero, Putin was too until 2018], but I will admit to being totally anti Turkish Government, and for the last 2 years totally unsympathetic towards the Iranian Government, possibly even anti Iranian Government, but I do have a positive bias towards Syria, so if you think I’m feeding you propaganda I hope it’s working, Syria needs all the help it can get.

The Objective

You haven’t answered the most important question: What is the ideology of the Muslim brotherhood regarding the use of violence to remove oppressive governments?
Please read these sources and look for more on the MB’s core values and mission. You won’t find any history of violence in their 100 years of activism. I challenge you to provide evidences of your assertion.

What you are telling me is that the MB changed its core values of non-violence and created a highly deadly terror group overnight. Yet that Muslim Brotherhood army is not concentrating its fight on the Egyptian dictator who overthrew their elected government, murdered the president, killed thousands and jailed thousands more of brotherhood supporter, and force them to exile. Instead, that MB army concentrate on Iraq and Syria. Does that make any sense to you?

What you are doing is drumming up support for an attack on Idlib – some kind of a justification. Because clearly, both Russia and Assad are desperate to take back Idlib as Turkey is a weaker enemy. How true their assumptions about Turkey’s determination remains to be seen – probably when an all-out war breaks out between them in Idlib.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Take a look at what’s happened to Syria and what’s still happening to Syria, then you’ll see exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood operates.
Russia designated them a terrorist organization ages ago, Trump wants them designated as terrorists too, China hasn’t designated them terrorists yet but they’re peeved off with Erdogan/AKP/Turkey/Muslim Brotherhood for their support of the Uighurs, and as I claimed Erdogan is the head of the Muslim brotherhood since his ruling AK Party and the Muslim brotherhood are practically conjoined twins.

Here’s an article that may help you understand their real ideology and how they really operate, not what they tell you and want you to believe.
Muslim Brotherhood [MB] political policy and Erdogan’s AK Party policy doesn’t have much difference and look at the way Turkey operates now.
Nearly all Sunni terror groups are started by the MB, they all want Sharia Law as the top tier of a democratic government, exactly the same sort of government the Iranians now have, except the MB run governments will be Sunni instead of Shia, but that’s about the only difference there’ll be.

“Over time, the Brotherhood began cooperating with other opposition groups, some of which were also signatories of the Damascus Declaration. It set up and directed organizations that represented it or were identified with it, including the National Union of Free Syria Students, the Levant Ulema League, the Independent Islamic Democratic Current and the Arab Orient Center. In this way, the Brotherhood found a place, even if not overt and official, in the broader movement of opposition to the Assad regime, especially, as we shall see below, the Syrian National Council (SNC), and became the dominant organization there. The Brotherhood also developed close connections with deserters from the Syrian armed forces, especially high-ranking officers, of whom the best known is Riad al-Assad, commander of the Free Syrian Army.38

As the protests in Syria grew more intense and developed into violent clashes between the military and security forces, on the one hand, and armed rebel militias, on the other, Assad increasingly accused the Muslim Brotherhood of engaging in terrorist activity inside the country. But now, some 18 months after the disturb­ances began, the claim was probably justified; despite the Brotherhood’s declarations that it had abandoned the path of violent struggle, its leadership did not take steps to curtail the violence. Instead, the escalation and descent into full civil war had roused the Brotherhood’s old hopes that perhaps this time it might be possible to overthrow the Baath regime. Directly or indirectly, the Brotherhood had come around to supporting the armed resistance to Assad.

Proof of this active support was provided by Molham al-Droubi, Brotherhood spokesman and a member of the SNC, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat in early August 2012. Al-Droubi revealed that armed units formed by the Brotherhood had been active in Syria for the preceding three months, engaged “in tasks of self-defense and guarding and protecting the oppressed.” He added that “this is a legitimate right and a religious obligation that respects the majority,” and that the armed units were under the command of and coordinating activities with the Free Syrian Army.39

In late September 2012, a month after this revelation, the founding video of a new rebel alliance of a number of organizations, known as the Commission of the Revolution’s Shields (CRS), was posted on the internet.40 Then, on December 21, the organization was formally launched in Istanbul, with the participation of al-Assad (the commander of the Free Syrian Army) and al-Shaqfeh (the supreme guide of the Brotherhood). In a propaganda film dated January 3, 2013, the CRS presented its political platform, boasted of the successful military operations it had carried out, and listed the names of its 43 member organizations. Although both the group’s Facebook page and al-Shaqfeh’s Istanbul declaration maintained that the CRS was independent and not the military wing of the Brotherhood, there is certainly a connection and even collaboration between the two. This can also be deduced from the interview with al-Droubi, from other videos the CRS has posted, and from additional testimonies and studies, as well as from the similarity between the organization’s logo and that of the Brotherhood.


The Objective

I’ll take time read your comment then reply later

Jens Holm

Religion and sekularisme cant be taken out of context. Looking behind it makes no sense to compare as You try to.

Syria and Egypt always has been very different places. By that people also find different versions of solutions.

Its very tempting for me to compare with EU. That started by trying to unify Europe after WW2, which we made by Ourself. As a minimum trade was needed and the start was a coal and steel union.

It was succes and a little by little others joined. BUT we voted for memebership by our parlaments and after hard discussions. Even many might be worried we do keep our own ID but also devellop for all.

So we all are in a very string but also very lose system and ven many are worried, we have chosen that way because we have nothing better. And I do allow me to say, that we are quite succesfull compared to many others – according Our kind of hopes and expectations.

When people say we are a fiasco we do know we sometimes are like a too thick and slow elephant. But people shoud be happy about it. What about Germany, UK, France and others united agains You and we solved our problems with muslims comming here and even helping Trump with his Mexicans – and you were the indians.

Yui is mist things insist in being Your worst enemies and less productive then any beduin or indian of the kind our relatives has killed in America. Slaves is same thing. Turks Co Osmans stopped slavery in 1923 in the Lausanne treaty. And when did we in Europe and USA stop slavery.

So be some kind of happy and make extremists be reduced, so You dont need to debate if ISIS, the Brotherhood are connected.

They are. They are a result of very bad Governess. in Emirate structure systems making good as well as bad Dictators, but even Your own part of the world are much bigger countries, where Leadership You not even can remove by voting, cant or wont see the corners.

Apart from education and equal right for all, You – according to me – has 2 solutions: 1) Making many small countries and name them as Emirates or 2) Making infrastructures for more local influence and with local selfrule 50% of the tax income included. In this You deny to understand Our high tax is given back and only a small part is like Yours.

And we do keep extremists in the open. By elections we and they actually can see how few they are because their ideas are unrealistic and barking mad. They cant say we keep them down and by that has many more supporters then they have.

Some are still there, but they have the correct seize.

I am sorry for interrupting in Your debate. I felt for it and are feeling better now:)

Jens Holm

I dont believe in Your try for unification. They are the same kind of people based on religion and politics but with different methods.

For me Its tempting to compare with socialisme. When it was develloped soon after they split up in a communist and a socialdemocratic version, where the social democratic version kind of accepted the Kapitalisme but was a important adding to it by reforms helping the poor – by rights as well as education and money.

That version has a high succes rate in western europe – and by the way USA.

But the communists also split up after that. There is the one trying to join semilar people and by that make a socilistic direction in a slow but more safe way.

The other one is known as Stalinisme. Stalinisme has its worst enemies in the compromize. Those affiliates should not decide any direction. The Kapitalist whatever they are liberal or konservative are the easy ones. They has to be re-indoctrinated and kept down, where they are – and of vouse as spendable objects.

Sorry for my short version.

But thats what I see. Those fanatics want tthe same and the methods are not the same. And the final result is very much about commas.

The best known fiasco for the blind Brotherhood was Egypt. They won by hope, which was gone by Mubarrak and others.

But they thougt taking over by majority also meant majority rule and wanted a constitution, where milluons and millions of Egyptions could not live in their own country anymore.

They showed no respect using a majority rule as 51% could do anything to the 49% as they wish. Thats a FATAL ERROR. All anytime should be protected by the constitution – which in west is visible as a good try by human rights.

The state cant just say: Go anywhere else or be killed. The state has to make space for all and should not be able to define crime random by reading fx the Holy Choran as it wish.

And its tempting to see that Islam are in many versions. You should repsect that. Its also about Chritians and Jews. A minumum might be they are allowed t be and join as long as they are not riots.

But thats where I see ISIS being killing anyone by some local semi 100 years old Sharia telling that they dont need tomatoes and only potatoes even mpst people know we need both and they even are family.

My own conclusions are those versions of Islam is not only versions of Islam, but they are grown because of bad Governess by the rulers. If a Goverment dont listen and join and even are violent against an opposition, it creates extremists.

And thats the same all over the world and not a muslim thing. But the Islam extremists has no solution for improvements which enough people actually will buy.

So You might have systems for advanced production for improvements as well as including all. Thats why Social democratisme in several local versions has been succesfull.

It makes people work harder and better, because they and we are rewarded here and not only in heaven afterwards. People are given hope, because we also has systems, which tx the rich ones hard too.

Some might understand Adam with no riibbs better – hard to breathe and vital not to breathe.

But the conclusion anytime is making Islam productive by letting more parts being sekular uniting people. People have use for extra religion and commas, when they are treated bad and gets more graves to put flowers one.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Muslim Brotherhood may seem to be a socialist organization but they’re deceiving, as you pointed out in Egypt we got to see just what sort of government you get when religious extremists are in charge, it’s everything their way or hit the highway Jack.
If you want a working model of the type of government the Muslim Brotherhood/Erdogan/AKP want to install just look at the Government the Iranians have, there’ll be very little difference between the Iranian Government and any government the Muslim Brotherhood runs, Sharia Law is the top of the triangle for their type of government.
Sadly the world turns a blind eye to what’s going on in Egypt now, you can skin a Muslim Brotherhood [MB] follower alive in Egypt and get away with it scott free, and as much as I don’t like the MB I still can’t condone that sort of behaviour, the same rules should apply to everyone, but the west sits back and lets the savage barbarians do all the dirty work as usual, which makes them falsely believe they’re less savage than the barbarians doing the dirty work.


Without proof, coming from the SOHR, there’s a good chance that it’s not true.

Jens Holm

Syria live UA says there is a large conflict – It was 2 days ago. On their map its 40 km WNW of DEZ

The Objective

The thing is you’re not looking at it critically. America breeds and incubates ISIS in Syria and other regions. As long as the US is in Syria Assad and Russia cannot defeat ISIS. America gives ISIS protection. When you finish killing the ones fighting you right now America simply unleashes another wave of ISIS fighters recruited throughout the middle East. And see how many soldiers ISIS is killing and maiming.
The only way to end this war is negotiate with the US. It’s a bitter option, but there’s no better one.


I think many of the SAA casualties are due to the quality of the regular army conscription forces, I’m guessing undisciplined and with low moral. ISIS is likely battle-hardened drifters or radicalized locals with nothing to lose, either a most dangerous sort. It will take Tiger Forces to cleanse the area.

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