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36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours – Reports

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22 displaced civilians from Palmyra city were killed in Raqqa city by an US-led collation airstrike yesterday, according to opposition sources. 14 women and 4 children allegedly were among the victims.

A list of the killed displaced civilians:

36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours - Reports

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Meanwhile, the ISIS-linked News Agency Amaq claimed that 14 civilians were killed and 35 others were wounded in Raqqa city also as a result of the US airstrikes during the last 24 hours.

From its side, pro-Kurdish sources claimed that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have captured 60% of Raqqa city so far. The SDF reportedly killed 17 ISIS fighters during the last 24 hours.

The SDF also announced that 200 new fighters will participate in the Raqqa battle after completing their military training at the Feisal Abu Leila Academy.

36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours - Reports 36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours - Reports 36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours - Reports 36 Civilians Killed By US-led Coalition In Raqqa City During Last 48 Hours - Reports

According to a report of the Washington Post SDF Spokesman Mustafa Bali said that “The battle for Raqqa is completely different from anything we have fought before. ISIS is defending its capital now.”

He added that the previous battles ended with the withdrawal of ISIS fighters”to conserve manpower ahead of more consequential battles” but Raqqa battle is different because it “is completely surrounded” and ISIS fighters “are fighting to the death”.

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Genocide. Of course, USA and kurds didn’t give a f… about killing Arabs. They do like it. And Arabs help thjem.

Jens Holm


Leonardo Watch

Nah kurds are not like turks or arabs who love genocide.



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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You are right they are worse than Turks and Arabs much like Israelis in using others in their place and both of them adore and even go crazy happy with genocide of others.

Dustil schmit

Sure the arabs that make ISIS up that slaughter Christians are angels

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israeli IDF does the same thing in killing Christians and Muslims but you don’t have the courage to call them out on it. Go back to your mama’s teat little baby.


Poor sods. They just finished basic training and they’re already being thrown into the meatgrinder of urban combat. Why do I envision scenes of those poor Russian soldiers in Enemy at the Gates, herded of the boat, half of them given a rifle, and then thrown straight at the German lines?

Most of these guys are probably dead or wounded within a month.


As a general rule new recruits are spread out to existing units to learn from others, and they will not be bunched together as a green unit.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This doesn’t happen in the SDF since they no longer work with the more experienced Arab fighters which now work with the SAA and not the Kurds.

Jens Holm

Only retards and evil enemies can comment like this or be illiterate so much that they dont know most part of armies are not even combat soldiers.

Here You should add many,many guards in taken areas as well as refugees in many 1000 in and outside that perimeter.

And the fighters as well as the not direct fighters has to haveeverything in as well as out.

You ignore it well known for most others that SDF loose relative few soldiers, because their politic about it is to draw back soldiers – and then they can fight again. They cant if they are used as meat grain.

ISIS is more like that in its finest hours. Here it a politic soldiers are being ingkilled – if its for something.

Justin Ryan

I agree but disagree also!

SDF fighters are WITHOUT DOUBTS canon fodder for US and Israel hegemonic ambitions!

However, I do agree that most wars rely on young recruits to join and fight without much experience!

Even the US did this in Vietnam, recruiting people in a draft, training them for a short time and throwing them into battle! These idiots would wear perfume, smoke cigarettes and sing songs whilst out on patrol! Enemy VC could smell them and track them easily and set ambushes!

Yet professional soldiers are much more disciplined and tactical!

Therefore, if the supporting nation needs to recruit fresh youngsters to fight with just basic training, then for sure they can be labeled as “canon fodder”!
Because we all know the USA could have its own rangers or marines fight this war but cannot due to costs and internal politics!

This KIDS are being used!
You know it and I know it!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They were forcibly conscripted and they are thrown out in the fight right away and they keep Kurds at the rear. Can’t stand the fact you know so little about the way the YPG works, even Kurds don’t want to fight for this small segment of communist Kurds known as the YPG. They violated the Syrian Constitution and have no respect for laws by forcing them to join at the point of the gun. This will just be another black mark against these terrorist YPG Kurds, the US will have a hard time explaining this activity of enforced conscription so they can become fodder.


I bow down to your superior and extremely polite debating skills, good sir, you’ve won an internet.

Justin Ryan

Yet thats why the Russian’s won! because “Quantity is a quality all on its own”!


Only when they started to handle that quality well. From 1943 onward. From 1941 to 1942, or during the Finnish winter war for that matter, all the Russian generals managed to do was get millions of their soldiers killed or captured. History is full of examples of numerically superior forces getting their asses kicked by better led and trained smaller forces. And people keep forgetting that the quality of Russian commanders and strategic handling increased massively in the 2nd half of WWII. Just examine offensives like Bagration and August Storm, which are text book perfect. In no small part because after WWII Western historians only had access to German historical sources, and they would rather blame Russian numbers for their defeat (and Hitler of course) then themselves. Plus it played into the Cold War Western narrative to demonize the Russians as inhuman and uncaring, who would use only massive human wave attacks. God forbid that they had to admit that Soviet commanders could actually use those greater numbers very well.

The same happened in Korea, where the Americans got their asses handed to them by the Chinese, and they too heavily played up the human wave attacks as reasons for their defeats, rather then admit that they got out generalled and out maneuvered by a superior enemy that used superior small arms tactics and infiltration to counter US fire and airpower.


Stalin’s purges resulted in Red Army losing large number of good officers in short time, and the results are obvious. Once that got fixed, tides of war changed a bit.

Justin Ryan

Yes I’m not arguing ur points, I’m simply stating that Numbers won!
But strategy and home territory advantage also!
We’ve all learned the stories of this war!

The Russians slowed the Blitzkrieg for the first time with anti-tank trenches, relocating all of its factories to the east, counter producing a superior tank, holding off the Germans long enough for winter to kick in. Having fighters more suited to these freezing and muddy conditions and utilising the benefits Russia has enjoyed for Centuries, killing off logistical lines of any invading enemy (benefits of a large country).

The Germans were superior in tech, soldiering etc etc! But a man with a rifle is a Man U must kill and a Man U must avoid being killed by!

Even if 3 Russians were worth that of 1 German, it worked, they won!

I made my point and history tells us this is correct!
U are not arguing my point u are agreeing with it whilst enjoying ur little story telling!

Tudor Miron

Within a month??? It’s all much much shorter than that. Wounded (but alive) is considered lucky – it’s over for him until his wounds are healed and he’s thrown back in that bloody mess.

Justin Ryan

DutchNational will come and say “Fake News”!
Or her will say the civilian casualties numbers are exaggerated or whatever!

That guy is a total piece of shit!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These civilians like many of them are targeted even though there is no presence ISIS in the vicinity, generally killed by Willy Pete the homicidal US maniac . May their souls rest in peace, Ameen.

Langaniso Mhlobo

All USA=UN=NATO wars have killed millions of Civilians and display billions.Syrian infrastructure damages were cause by created and armed terrorist presence and sabotage.How Foolish is Russian and China to support North Korean starvation sanctions because of North Korean military success.

Tudor Miron

Those boys on the picture. How old are they? Are they even Kurds? Hopefuly they don’t send them storming Raqqa streets/buildings…

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