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JUNE 2021

35 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In Houthi Missile Strike In Yemen’s Ta’izz Province – Report

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35 Saudi-Backed Fighters Killed In Houthi Missile Strike In Yemen's Ta’izz Province - Report

Qaher 2-M missile

Over 35 members of forces loyal to Saudi-backed President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi were killed and over 20 others were injured in a missile strike at their military site in al-Khayami in the Yemeni province of Ta’izz on January 20, the pro-Houthi TV network al-Masirah reported. According to al-Masirah, the Houthis used a Qaher 2-M ballistic missile in this attack.

Pro-Saudi sources claimed that al-Masirah overestimated the casualties of Saudi-backed forces and said that only about 10 people were killed in the attack.

The incident allegedly took place during a military inspection. A deputy interior minister of the Hadi government, Naser Lakhshaa, was attending it. The official survived the attack.

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Zainab Ali

zio satanic moron wahabbis kill innocent civilians while houthis resistance defends by shelling the saudi coalition/mercenaries – the useless slaved u.n. must be blind, deaf and mute to understand and differentiate the war mongerers and the resistance fighters

northerntruthseeker .

Congratulations to the brave Houthi fighters in their war to free their nation from the evil and sick Jew controlled Saudis….

Lets hope the Houthis have more victories like this one….


Well, at least Yemenis always target military and combatants. No doubt Saudis will retaliate by murdering some defenceless women and children.

News is, UAE and Saudis have disagreements. I hope that is serious.
Apparently Hadi fired the leader of a UAE backed group some times ago and this group now announces they’ll fight Hadi and the groups loyal to him in order to kick him out..

PressTV link:

You can call me Al

The Saudi camel breeders (Fokker in Dutch) ……. are showing their true abilities, capabilities and mental instability in The Yemen and diplomatically ie. crap, stupid, inbred, evil, useless retards.

Astar Roth

Yeah. Wahabie retards.


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Pave Way IV

The UAE was going along with the Saudi’s Yemeni plan for a while, but has determined that 1) Hadi and cronies are way too corrupt to ever have a place in any Yemeni government, and 2) Saudi-led troops are mostly worthless in Yemen – it’s the UAE that is providing all the boots on the ground for Yemen’s eventual occupation.

The UAE has few Emerati troops in Yemen – they are mostly mercs from R2 – a UAE-based spinoff from Blackwater/Academi headed by their founder Erik Prince. Basically, the CIA proxy army for use anywhere CENTCOM


Yemen Resistance Watch also reports that the Ansarullah Movement now has declared that they have the capability to keep Saudi coalition planes out of Sanaa skies. If true it is as astonishing as welcome.


Great hit!

Assad must stay

haahahah so nice :))) i hope the saudis enjoyed the missile party :)))

Astar Roth

Yeah, I hope that too! It was Hell of a party. ? ? ?.

Cheryl Brandon

Great news;Well done Houthis fighters.


The Turkey attacked Afrin area because US delivered MANPAD to SDF.

The liberation of Abu Ad Duhur military airbase, the town of Abu Ad Duhur and a big chunk of land are the significant achievements of the Syrian and its allied forces. Syria is in the final stages of a battle against Zionist terrorists. Now the war against Zionist terrorists will be accelerated.


ISIS and its allies defeated or facing defeat in Syria, many questions arise. What justification exists with the US to maintain military forces there? Does Washington want Syria partitioned and if so, why?

Astar Roth

Now, many of those Isis being relocated to fight against Yemen.


I’m curious – how do you know how many people died in a missile strike? Spies on the ground? Drone surveillance of the site as it’s being hit? I’m always dubious of the numbers… fog of war, the truth being the first casualty etc.

Cheryl Brandon

Great news.DIE RATS DIE.

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