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JUNE 2021

31 Turkish Soldiers Killed, 143 Injured In Operation Olive Branch – Turkish General Staff

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31 Turkish Soldiers Killed, 143 Injured In Operation Olive Branch - Turkish General Staff

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1,350 ‘terrorists’ [including unexisting ISIS members] have been neutralized by Turkish forces since the start of Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin, the Turkish General Staff said on February 12.

The statement added that 15 ‘terrorist’ targets, including weapons depots, was destroyed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) overnight on February 12. It further added that 103 ‘terrorists’ were neutralized on February 11.

The TAF released another statement saying that 31 service members have been killed and 143 other have been injured since the start of the operation.

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Michał Hunicz

Definitely more accurate than dutchnational’s claims.


So, what am I claiming then?

Please specify?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The number is generally easy to find out double and triple it then divide in half you will have their estimated of Turks dead and wounded. Turks seem to lie worse than the SDF does it gets pathetic, they get it from the US.


War needs practice. That’s why USA is practicing non-stop since 300 years.

Turks are not born killers like Americans and Germans.
Maybe engage some Germans. XD.

Templar Battalion

Turks are born savages and barbarians. Look to their history of hundreds of years. How much genocides they have behind their name?


Americans have genocided far more people. Spaniards destroyed Amerindians culture.

Americans are born killers and fanatics. Turks and Spaniards are not born killers. Germans are born killers.


there is not such thing as Americans…..their nation has little history….they are a mixture of Europeans. So the only genocide they have done is the one of Indians. not minor but the only one….on the other hand Spain has its share of genocide as they have ,made sure all of Latin America’s civilization vanished from the earth. Compared to Americans they are an ancient nation…..Turks……are sooo deep in genocide blood……..they can only be compared with japans masacre of chinese people but they are much ‘better’…….Germans ….you can credit them for WWII but they paid a big price……..from all things you mentioned i can only agree that the most savage people are turks….Syria will suffer a lot …..


Greek and Armenians still exist. Spaniards have totally destroyed one whole continent culture. They burned all maya books and left only 4.

Americans destroyed completly amerindian culture and race at large scale.

I’m sorry, you absolutely can’t compare what Americans and Spaniards did vs Turks.


Agree about the genocide of native Americans…but lets not compare the ‘dark ages’ with what happened some decades ago…..


The “dark ages” ?? XD. No dark ages. Spaniards were fanatic christians just like Americans. Priests burned all maya books. The fathers founders in USA were fanatic christians.

Turks are also muslim fanatics.

But, like I said so many times, once you follow Abraham, you are a terrorist. So, I’m not suprised that those involved in terrorism are fanatics jews, christians and muslims.

But, if you want to compare who wins in terms of terrorism and destroying of cultures it’s christians by far. I know that some people tries to say “Oh look muslims did that or that”. But, it’s useless, Christians have done so much worst that Christians will never have a last word.


Truth be told – the vast majority of “Indians” in S/C America died from diseases. The founding fathers were -freemasons, almost all of them (some of them very anti-Christian btw), and american ‘christian’ settlers were mostly different sects and ‘heretics’.


Of course. Also the maya books have burned by themselfs. XD.

Well, Americans and Spaniards have done evil on earth. Of course, for people that worship Satan, it’s quite obvious.

But, most people on Earth love Americans because most people are just shit.


Well, they (*roman catholics) have a long tradition of burning books… and burning people…….


well even if its so…..the amount of deaths of the past doesnt justify the killing of children by terrorists now…..that is the way of the jungle…chaos will prevail….as you said…to me its doesnt matter what is the fanatics-lunatics religion…..

Templar Battalion

Ask the Armenians, Kurds and Assyrians what they did with them. Some of them can still tell the stories of bloodthirsty Turks.


Kurds were involved in armenian genocide with Turks.

Go ask Iraqis and Vietnamese, they have stories to tell you about Americans.


my point exactly….put the Greeks there as well…..we are talking about millions of people and thats only a couple of decades ago…..not centuries ago…..back then life didnt matter that much….not that this is an alibi

Templar Battalion

Not only Greek and Armenians were killed by the Turks. Maltese, Italians, Russians, Georgians and many more countries and civilizations. The Ottoman empire and the empires before were bloodthirsty. This you see now coming again. If it was Erdogan he would take Syria, big parts of Greece, some parts of Eastern Europe and Armenia and Israel.


Well. Turkey is very little now to have done all that. And if you don’t count kurds in Turkey, it’s even less.

And not all people in the empire Ottoman where colonized. Some muslims people ask for Turks to help them because they where attacked by Spaniards, … Don’t forget that the Ottoman empire was like a caliphat.


Please do tell which muslim people were attacked by Spain. Spanish peninsula was attacked and colonised by muslims for 7 centuries and even after raided for three centuries more by barbary pirates on slave raids.


North Africa.

Templar Battalion

Erdogan is quickly becoming the sick man of Europe and the Middle East. He wants to start his own caliphate, that’s why he and his family supports ISIS. The Turks that oppose him end up in jail or disappear. Democracy has cease to exist in Turkey. The country has become braindeath and is being ruled by goats and puppets.


Can’t be worse than AngloZionists.


To be honest, your name suggests everything about you and what you would ever type in your comments.

I could have guessed everything you said before you even wrote anything.


Slave hunting raids by turks in southern Russia and Ukraine took some 3 million over some 4 centuries and killed many more, depopulating whole regions.


Jews and native Americans also, still exist. So your reasoning is null and void.


jews are not a people, they are a mix race invented in a book.

Native americans don’t exist anymore nor inca culture, maya culture, …. Armenians and greek culture still exist. If Turks were as ruthless as Americans and Spaniards, there will be no Greece and no Armenia. Greeks and Armenians will speak turkish.


Arguably, there is no such thing as “Turks” either: they are a fake nation created by Ataturk from different islamized people. The real turkish tribes were from Mongolia, these modern Turks certainly don’t look like Mongols, they are a mixture of Arabs and different nations from Asia Minor and Balkans. Also, Americans committed more than one genocide – Vietnam for example, or Iraq, Madeleine Albright said 500.000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it”…..


i agree…

Promitheas Apollonious

no they are born jerk offs and cowards.


Basically, Americans are Germans with no moraility and British are Germans with sense of humour.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think americans don’t know who they are – why are where they are and where they going. For you to categorize them so easily as germans…….. They are such a mixed race most of them even dont know who their father is as the mother is hardf to miss as is only one. Take example the jews who are the ones who set the standard for the americans also only know who the mother is. Same mixed clones as the americans.


I think that 15% of Americans are Germans. I read once that Germans are the first ethnic population in USA. They are even more than English. Even Trump is half german.

White Americans are English, Irish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Scottish, …

The fact that they are mixed and have no values make them easy target for jews to use.

Americans will rule the world and jews will take it from them at the end.

Promitheas Apollonious

in WW1 the majority of the army fight against the germans was of german origins brought into america from the british as mercenary army and then they stay in US. Same in WW2 much of the US army was italians and germans.

Personally I dont think in which ever country I go, I forget my roots or ever fight against my motherland. I may fight against what is ruling them, but against my motherland, I will never fight against, or agree foreigners to come and kill my own people with me helping them. Americans did just that this is the reason I could never respect that breed.


German Americans should move back to Germany to repopulate their country instead of fighting against their own interest.

Promitheas Apollonious

why you focus on germans is it any one in amerkkka that belongs there?


On the other hand, if you emigrate to another country to make a living there, your old country for all intents and purposes ceases to be your motherland. You take the plunge and say for better or for worse America is now my home country. Otherwise you might as just as well have stayed where you were born. To refuse to take up arms against your birth country because you still consider it your motherland basically turns you from an immigrant into a temporary guest worker.

I reckon in those days it was also easier to give up your old roots, as there was no satellite TV and internet to still connect you daily to your old country. It probably plays no small part as to why Turks and Moroccans are so ill adjusted into Western Europe. They’ve never really cut the umbilical cord that still ties them to those countries.

Promitheas Apollonious

Is a matter of opinion. And I would not know how an employee looking for a better future will feel, or behave, never been one. And I travel all over the world for my business, but never been confused as to what my ID is or where my roots are from.

If you need satellite TV and internet to know who you are I truly feel sorry for you.


Turks knows how to kill “alaturka”, truly mastering genocide of civilians.

Shylo Duffy

Truth be told they should all go home. Leave the Syrian people alone…I’ve often wondered what would happen if all these fighters went to the US and fought they’re dirty war there.I for one wouldn’t mind seeing that…What a rotten Country they never stop pounding to death this whole planet.it’s not just the world’s people they kill it’s everything else as well. Go home Yanks you’re house is on firel


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maga muricaaaa

those must be the isis members the bbc reported being brought out of raqqa after its defeat. they were radical kurds that were released on condition to fight NATO Turkey.

Eskandar Black

So that means 93 dead 429 wounded.

Hide Behind

Born killers?
90 % OF EUROPEANS are part of US killing machinery, US military pull out of all nations they are in, especially the lazy herds of European nations would fall on fat asses.
Where does the natural gas pipelines come from and while American visually do the killing lots of Euros sell everything from guns. Fuel, foods, cheap pussy that protects those energy sources.
Germany Austria and Euro banks tried t financially Bully old Yugoslavia nation for years; failing that they need up partnered with US military.
And today the Balkans ad part of Trumps and American sh..holes, but Europe got Afghan and above Central Asian piped oil and gas Through dirt bag Albania.
EUROPEAN AND BRIT theft of Africa’s resources is only possible today because of Combined Euro and US military action pon that Continent.
Those who hink thisSyria war is a big deal ,unless you actually live there then it’s a big deal, live in deliberate ignorance.
As to Turk invasion in Act in area, SA A and Assad should be happy it is irks fighting this mainly Kurd allied group , tha wanted an even operate place. Instead of Syrians.
It from very angle is one hell of a lot largger battle front by Turk against a well equipped and trained force than anything SA A has found, and that most likely wuld of kicked SAA ass.


Now step it up or call home since mounting casualties will keep stacked up higher and faster as the Kurds consolidated their position, learn weakness, adapt their tactics, etc.
Turkey should just do the NATO mainstream strategy without any ground troops and only proxies supported by Air forces. At the rate of this going they have to either step up their bombing campaign using fast high flying aircraft or called home altogether. I see that the Turkey mostly blind of the Kurdish militias repositioning, concentration, hardware and supply lines to run an effective air campaign.
They won’t make it without killing a lot of Syrian civilians in afrin.

Other than that they can pick up vital YPG sites such as depot, station, and other high value sites that’s it’s surrounding civilian population sparse to minimize Syrian animosity. However such site may also crawled by US and co slithering creatures.

All in all they have to step up their intel works before actually throwing soldiers at their end goals.


The US build up is continue in Eastern Syria. Its look like US wants heavy attack on Eastern Syria. Putin could bring an effective air defence missile systems along with enough army strength to counter US terrorism threat.


This involves Turkish numerous commando’s killed – apparently 10th Commando Brigade particularly:


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