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3,000 More Militants Enter Northern Syria from Turkey – Reports


3,000 More Militants Enter Northern Syria from Turkey - Reports

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Over 3,000 more Turkish-backed militants have entered northern Syria from the Turkish territory in order to take part in the Turkish-led military operation in the country. Reports say the group of militants entered Syria through the Turkish town of Qaqamshi.

Now, the number of Turkish-backed militants involved in the Operation Euphrates Shield are about 5,000.

Earlier today the Turkish-led forces have reached the the Sajur River, capturing a number of villages from the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and are continuing to advance southwest of Jarabulus.



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  • Death to Imperialism, freedom

    From where the hell do they draw their manpower from?It looks endless.
    If they took men from Idlib and nearby regions, it should weaken their positions a bit(maybe even a lot), considering that 3k men isn’t no small amount

    • Keep it Real

      turkish army, just a different unifor!

    • hhabana

      Muslims have a lot of kids. They don’t worry about feeding them. Allah takes care of it.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Who are these ‘Turkish backed militants’? From where are they from and what’s their ideology? Are they jihadis? Turks? Mercenaries?

    • Pave Way IV

      They’re the ISIS guys that ran away from the SDF and Manbij a couple of weeks ago. They get a free shave, a fresh Turkish army uniform, an al Nusra/al Zinki ID card and a U.S. paycheck. Then it’s right back to killing Kurds (or recruiting more of their ‘brothers’ in the next town). The others are Turkmen head-choppers looking for a free house/farm in the Turkish Corridor. Erdogan promised them, “If you liberate it, you own it”

      • Gabriel Hollows


        • Jens Holm

          Its direct from Pavement Away and IV instead of VIP.

          The Turkish Corridor is in his house payd by USA.

          • Spunkyhunk

            You’re a worthless propagandist for the greatest evil empire ever known on earth, you worthless keyboard cowboy.

        • Spunkyhunk

          Source is your mama, cunt.

    • The FSA from what I read.
      Ideology?Islamism, “Democracy”, and so on, basically the ideology FSA had before, I don’t think it changed.

      Turks?Backed by them with planes and tanks, and probably men, but I don’t know if there are Turks themselves in FSA itself, but it’s a possibility.

  • Jens Holm

    Well Richard the Slav. If this news is true at all – I have to guesses.

    1) ISIS or Nusra recruits are refugees couldnt get a job in Turkey and now they have on or 2) Turks has only closed jarablus temporary and are now letting the waiting list in.

    • Spunkyhunk

      How much they paying you for your trolling?

      • Jens Holm

        We send money to feed You so you also can effort to kill each other. A lot of the – money and weapon. Its a hobby.

        Dont gaid paid or laid for it. No need.

        I tryed to get a guess about where the socalled fighters come from. Thats trolling. Where do You think they are comming from – heaven no more virgins left.

        It no trolling, trying to find facts compared to be hooligan not solving anything for years.

        • Spunkyhunk

          STFU and stop embarrassing yourself, idiot…

          “We send money to feed You so you also can effort to kill each other”

          Hahhahhah, that’s funny! Where’s all the money you’ve sent me, man? I haven’t seen any of that. Did you get my bank account# wrong, or something?

  • Spunkyhunk

    Why is this website allowing CIA trolls and jihadi propagandists to post mocking comments?