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JUNE 2021

Over 30 Killed In ISIS Attack In Iraqi City Of Tikrit

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Over 30 Killed In ISIS Attack In Iraqi City Of Tikrit


At least 31 civilians were killed and 40 others wounded as a result of an ISIS attack in the Iraqi city of Tikrit last night, Reuters reported, citing Iraqi security sources and medics.

“The militants wore police uniforms and used a police vehicle to enter the city, 175 km (110 miles) north of Baghdad, police colonel Khalid Mahmoud told Reuters. He said there were around 10 attackers, including two suicide bombers.

Islamic State’s Amaq news agency said seven suicide fighters attacked a police position and the home of the head of the city’s counter-terrorism service, who was killed. The assailants blew themselves up when they ran out of ammunition, it said.

The attacks targeted a police checkpoint and the house of a police colonel, who was killed with four members of his family, officers said.

Two suicide attackers detonated their vests when surrounded by police, and three others were killed in separate clashes,” Reuter’s article reads.

ISIS terrorists captured Tikrit in June 2014. Iraqi security forces liberated the city from ISIS terroirsts in September 2015.

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