30 Dead In Intense Fighting In Myanmar-China Border Town


30 Dead In Intense Fighting In Myanmar-China Border Town

Militants of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army. Image: Reuters

At least 30 people were killed in a militant raid a town on Myanmar’s border with China on March 6.

Militants from the Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) dressed in police uniforms and launched a surprise raid, AFP reported citing local authorities.

“According to initial information, many innocent civilians including a primary school teacher… were killed because of attacks by the MNDAA armed group,” the State Counsellor’s Office said in a statement.

Reports appear that the fighting is still ongoing with the usage of artillery and small arms in the town of Laukkai, a main town in the Kokang region at the Myanmar-China border.

This is the most violent incident in the region since the “Kokang offensive” in 2015 when the the Myanmar Army was conducting a military operation against the MNDAA.



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  • Ronald

    National Democratic Alliance , ironic , the democratic government just took over from the army a year ago , communists or a war lord ?