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30.08.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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Novorossian battalion ‘Vikings’ captured the flag of Ukrainian marines Belaya Kamenka. ‘Vikings’ hold positions at the point contact of the Telmanovo, Starobeshevskiy, Volnovakha districts of DPR. Pro-Kiev militants have been attempting to advance on the area defended by Viking since last week. Kiev’s side uses MLRS Grad, MLRS Tornado, howitzers and other kinds of military equipment and artillery there.

A day earlier, a battalion of Ukrainian Armed Forces heroically fled from a battleground at the Stroganovka-Balaya Kamenka, dropping military equipment. According to confirmed reports, Ukrainian heroes lost 20 militants killed, 30 injured and 1 self-propelled artillery gun.

DPR intelligence reports a restoration of clashes is possible at the Staromihailovka-Krasnogorovka sector. Kiev’s side prepared for the usage artillery positions at Gornyak and Kurahovka. The artillery is established in the residential areas of the settlements.

Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Telmanovo, Oktyabrskiy, Shevchenko, Staromarievka, Staromihailovka, Stila, Tavricheskoe, Spartak, Belaya Kamenka came under fire of pro-Kiev militants. Ukrainian military haven’t pull out high caliber artillery units from the contact line. There is no any progress in exercising of the military part of the Minsk.

2 pro-Kiev militants have been blown up at an improvised explosive device at the settlement Krimskoe in the LPR-controlled area. What did 2 peaceful soldiers want in LPR territory and who has established an explosive device is unknown.

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