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3 US Service Members And Military Contractor Killed In Taliban Attack Near Bagram Airbase

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3 US Service Members And Military Contractor Killed In Taliban Attack Near Bagram Airbase

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Three US service members and one contractor were killed as well as 3 US service members were injured on April 8 when a car bomb explosion hit their convoy near Bagram Airbase in the province of Parwan.

NATO’s Resolute Support mission confirmed casualties in an official statement.

According to local sources, the incident happened near the third gate of the Bagram Airfield.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack saying that the “suicide attacker destroyed two tanks and killed over 10 US military servicemen”.


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I pity the poor sods who joined their armed forces out of a sense of patriotism and whose lives have been pissed away by the Empire. The contractor on the other hand knew what he was getting into.


the poor sods most likely undereducated redneck hillbillies from the fly over states and had not a chance to get a half way decent job anywhere near where they hailed from except ‘join the army’ since uncle sam needs you for nothing.

in the old days, sort of vietnam era, the soldiers were conscripts whose mothers raised hell when they came back in body bags so the corrupt and criminally insane junta in washington dc, who saw war as a lucrative business for the state to engage in, turned the military into a professional institution with paid up soldiers whose mothers really couldn’t cry foul when the boys come home in bodybags. and given the way moronistan (aka usa) has evolved, it is guaranteed there will be no shortage of undereductaed redneck hillbillies from fly over states.


Well said Werner.. Those poor bastards are not the true enemy, just pawns. So anyone who is happy that some poor human pawns are killed, know that that only helps the empire and their propaganda. Every dead soldier is just an oppurtunity for the US to say they need to take revenge on the evil evil Taliban..
Only the negotiations (with Russia+China in background) will have a chance to end this hell.

Promitheas Apollonious

if you call the pay cheque, patriotic reason, then you not thinking base on reality but try to excuse american soldiers who go to other people countries and commit all the atrocities and genocides they do. only a brain dead in today’s realities and information on the net dont know what he or her is signing for and where he get into.

I pity no one that serve the globalists governments and their agendas and definitely, I dont give them the benefit of the doubt based that they dont know what they doing. They know exactly what they get into and why they get into and that is money. Same reason mercenaries as they, joining any armies. Global companies employees are the scum of this earth that have to be erased.


its the money. its the promise of “education.” its the promise of a job where there are no jobs.

listen to some interviews of the “young” idiots that join.
i doubt of many of them can spell the word.

Hasbara Hunter

These No Brainers are Psychopathic Demons useless entities, they’ve Sold their Souls to the Devil and paid the Price…May these Kidkillers Burn in Hell…The more Bodybags are send Back to AngloZionazi-Territory the better…Yangeese better Go Home or Perish in Foreign Lands…

Jan Lavicka

we dont cry for the uSSSS terrorists or any other terrorists/mercenaries


no worries.

Hasbara Hunter


Zionism = EVIL

The Bagram occupation base is large and sprawling with hills all around and would make a perfect and easy target if the Afghan resistance had longer range missiles, It is time for the resistance to get better arms and inflict crippling losses on Americunt losers and the NATO faggots who have brought so much death and destruction to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the region. Perhaps China should start arming the resistance forces and inflict the Confucian death of thousand cuts. The Americunts killed 13,700 Soviets in the 1980’s by arming the headchoppers and now is the ideal time for payback.

Hasbara Hunter

The Cabal will be Attacked on all Fronts….Conflicts & Wildfires will start Worldwide…as People will Realise The Emperor is Nothing….the Enemy is Weak & Will become Weaker & Weaker as Time passes….We are watching The Roman Empire in its Final Days….

Give all Nations back to its People

John Whitehot

why when it’s yanks they are called “contractors” while when it’s russians they’re called “mercenaries”??

Hasbara Hunter

Because the Yangeese already got their Headchopper-Mercenaries….gets kinda confusing if they are all called Mercenaries I guess…

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